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  1. FOR 1.07 RETAIL ONLY!


    If you have an old version of the noBlur installed, always delete it's modfolder before installing the new one. Delete old versions completely, do not overwrite.

    ---------- Post added at 10:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:07 PM ----------

    does this also contain a no-bloom only addon? cause I hate the bloom' date=' but i like the blur.[/quote']

    No I stopped supporting noBlur. The purpose is narrowed to alleviate the performance issues/sickness caused by the blur.

  2. rgr...

    Sorry for the silly questions but who is providing the distortion (i.e. mixing in the noise or lowering bandwidth) ? You or Teamspeak. It sounds almost like the audio quality in TS3 has been turned back to some ridiculously low bandwidth setting. If you are providing the white noise you could always have it reduce with signal strength (adjust the mixing algorithm) just to try and stop that bug and tweak reception quality a little...but I am probably teaching you how to suck eggs..so just tell me to pull my head in..:D.. good luck and thanks for the effort..:bounce3:

    This just made me realize all the people with a wide range of crappy mics, and how they are going to sound, lol. Really crappy, even when the signal is perfect. They will have to improve their setup for the sanity of others.

  3. I bet it's because these users have uninstalled beta patches.

    I don't think Beta patches are relevant in this situation.

    If you look in the RPT file someone posted above, they ran the game with the stock 1.07 exe, and without a modline at all. That means no beta whatsoever, neither beta binary or beta 'modfolder'.

    == "F:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2.exe" -nosplash -world=empty

    ================================================== ===================

    In any case, all that needs to happen is for the mission to be resaved out I bet. ACE has had similar issues when moving/inheriting classes.

  4. Sent you a PM with the info. If there is a big interest in it and with the MODS permission I will post a link to download it.

    You are welcome to release edited Domination maps, Xeno has encouraged it many times throughout this thread. Be sure to start a new thread in this forum instead of using this official thread, otherwise things get really confusing with bug reports and stuff.


  5. It seems the problem was not caused by Arma 2 TS, but Teamspeak 3 itself. Some kind of directsound channel overflow i think. Switching from Dsound to wave output seemed to have solved it.

    The only issue I've encountered is (both 32+64) sometimes when transmitting, instead of going over the radio, it goes over the 'direct/voice chat'. So you think you are transmitting over the radio net, but in reality nobody can hear you unless they are close by. It's like using a radio with a intermittently broken PTT button.

    Other thoughts:

    When in the lobby, alt-tabbed, or not in game, if you have the plugin loaded in TS, it doesn't allow you to communicate in TS at all. The TS TX light comes on, but nobody can hear you. This is by design, since the way you are supposed to transmit is via the ACRE PTT key of course. But it breaks TS as a versatile any-time communications tool, and it's a bit misleading to a user that does not understand what is 'wrong' with their TS. (actually all that is wrong is they have the ACRE TS3 plugin loaded and are not using ACRE in game) In order to disable the plugin, a restart of TS3 was necessary in my case. In other words, when you have the plugin loaded, your TS3 is essentially a slave to ACRE in all voice-chat applicable ways.

    Perhaps in a future version after release, a way to make this a bit more obvious/easy to use for the player in this situation, some of the following could be thought about:

    • Mute their microphone if the A2 ACRE pipe is down. (via TS3 API) If they have Text to Speech enabled, it gives a notification that the mic is muted. But most importantly, if you attempt to talk when you have your mic muted, TS3 beeps at you to signal that you can't be heard.
      Example Code:
      unsigned int error;
      bool shouldTalk;
      shouldTalk = isPushToTalkButtonPressed(); // Your key detection implementation
      if((error = ts3client_setClientSelfVariableAsInt(scHandlerID, CLIENT_INPUT_DEACTIVATED,
      shouldTalk ? INPUT_ACTIVE : INPUT_DEACTIVATED)) != ERROR_ok) {
      	char* errorMsg;
      	if(ts3client_getErrorMessage(error, &errorMsg) != ERROR_ok) {
      		printf("Error toggling microphone: %s\n", errorMsg);

    • (not as good, but provides meta 'away message') Set them away, with a custom away message like 'Unable to transmit, A2 ACRE not running' Example Code:
      //first do ts3client_setClientSelfVariableAsInt(scHandlerID, CLIENT_AWAY, AWAY_MODE) to actually set away
      if(ts3client_setClientSelfVariableAsString(scHandlerID, CLIENT_AWAY_MESSAGE,"Unable to transmit, A2 ACRE not running") != ERROR_ok) {
      printf("Error setting away message\n");
      /* then flush changes as usual*/

    • Provide a toolbar button to disable ACRE (afaik, this is impossible, TS3 SDK exposes no UI classes), or make the plugin able to cleanly unload without restarting TS. (if this unload issue is caused by the plugin in the first place, otherwise perhaps it's simply a limitation in TS3.)

    Concerning the user without plugin exploit problem, here's an idea that may or may not be viable:

    • ACRE collects all ACRE enabled TS3 client ids (via backchannel check? can you set client meta-info that another client can query? Like 'I have acre!')
    • Programmatically create and update a whisper list of all users with ACRE. When clients transmit, they aren't transmitting to the channel but rather the group whisper list. Therefore, non ACRE clients cannot hear them at all.
    • This actually fixes the previously mentioned issue of not being able to talk while out of game. If you were out of game, you could talk in the channel. (However it would be annoying to ACRE users in that channel)
    • With a whisper list setup like this, ACRE users could conceivably enter a special 'moderated' channel (ACRE Only) in which nobody has channel speaking rights, solving the above annoyance of non-acre client talk-over. Channels would be essentially irrelevant with whisper lists.

    This probably has a few holes I haven't thought of, and it's complicated (the dynamic whisper list), but maybe it is feasible..

    Installer Issues: I don't know if it's possible but maybe the installer can check for the file @CBA\.version.txt which would imply that Six is handling that folder, and not bash it. Or check the version value and only copy CBA if older. (likely non-trivial) It's a very minor thing, but if a person previously updates via SIX, then installs ACRE sometime after, they may be confused why their CBA is out of date now. Let me know if you want CIT tickets for any of this stuff.

    It's looking great guys, cheers.

  6. After seeing the latest ARMA2-OA movies, blur could be a major problem for peoples first impression.

    I couldn't even finish watching them as they were making me sick.

    It totally looked like a lag fest, but I knew it was blur...lessinformed people won't know what to make of it.

    Just saying people might want to disable blur before making promotional vids.

    Well they mentioned that OA will have more fine grained control of those effects. If BIS thinks they look good enough to be enabled by default, there is really nothing we can do. It looks passable when the framerate is really great, but often that is not the case. When coupled with video compression, the results aren't pretty. Not quite sure what you mean about lag fest, lag and blur are very different problems. Lag is evidenced by people warping around in MP, blur happens continuously when you move your view.

    You may also have an issue with the overdone headbob, but that is easily turned down.

    As far as promo videos, they must think it looks great or something.. I think it looks like a shiny console game. At least we know there's solid gameplay behind all those crappy effects.

  7. Go for it. I would love to see this setup technique applied to that hardware.

    Try it in the vertical setup first. before you switch to horizontal.

    Well I did end up calculating a correct ratio, I think. Also I doubled it to compare what that would look like. See these animated gifs:

    Huey Cockpit


    First Person


    SU Cockpit


    In the end, I used:



    (I did have to change the horiz/left number because the screens don't conform to a known aspect in my configuration.)

    At this setting, there wasn't too much of a difference, but it does feel more immersive. The gun is 'real' size, I can see the part of it I would expect to see if I looked thru a window the size of my monitor, etc.

    Some notes: The IGUIScale cannot seem to go lower than (Very Small) .55000001, it is just ignored. At high resolutions, the GUI is still way larger than it needs to be. When Triplehead=1 is set in the profile ini, the GUI is forced onto the middle screen. If you have a huge resolution like me, the GUI is unusable in that mode since it is too big and now elements overlap each other. Same situation when you set the uiTop/uiBottom values to attempt to put the gui in the middle. (I think this is all the Triplehead bool does actually) So heads up on a few minor GUI issues with very high resolutions.

  8. This looks promising (taken from Ask Bohemia about A2OA on the Biki):

    "Very important, have the post processing effects been sorted? You have received a ton of complaints regarding the post processing system forcing Blur effects on the user which in their current form have massive performance issues. Is Blur able to be disabled separately, IE are there more fine grained GFX options in either the UI or INI? http://dev-heaven.net/issues/5932

    It is now possible to select more levels of post process to scale better with performance and also to cater to various personal preferences better in OA. Some future improvements are considered as well. " :yay:

    Yes, I was surprised I was the first one to ask that. Not many people asked about glaring bugs or broken features.

    ---------- Post added at 01:55 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:54 PM ----------

    I expect oktane will release a build 71548 version of the noblur mod soon, but if you can't wait, bin.pbo has not changed. Okay to use the build 71382 version of the mod with the new build 71548.

    Yep, here it is:

    FOR BETA 71548 ONLY!


  9. The only time I've seen that problem was when running it with the beta enabled. Turning off the beta resolved the issue entirely.

    I thought jayarmalib didn't work with the beta anyways? (because of the complexities of shifting memory locations in each new binary version)

    It does work now? It used to have an error about 'version mismatch' yadda 1.05 only.

    Edit, Nevermind, I just found this: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/11234 Playing catchup with sometimes tri-weekly betas is frustrating. (I have to do it with my noBlur also, but I have automated it. Unfortunately, unless Jay used some code to ID the new memory locations dynamically(difficult), it would be too time consuming for him to do every beta. And even if he could dynamically find the memory locations, there's no guarantee he wouldn't have to keep 'fixing' it if BIS changes the code operation.

    Keep in mind that many people sync the beta via six updater too.

    Instead of supporting a beta, the time is probably better spent on ACRE itself, or other features of jayArmaLib such as sqllite support.

  10. That's awesome oktane. I bet it's tons of fun! What size are the screen? I might buy 3 x 23.5 inch widescreen monitors, since I own a computer biz, I get them dead cheap. Whate are your recommendations if any?

    *Edit* Well I just checked and I can get a little smaller in size, but 3 x 21.5 widescreen monitors with backlight LED's for £300 total. I would love to get these now but I've got so much outgoing that I will have to wait. I'll be able to research in the meantime anyway and find out what works best.

    OT About Eyefinity:

    They are 24inch Dell 2408's (but they have no cases and there's bits of wires hanging about, never mind that)

    Recommendations: Read and understand the limitations of the hardware.

    There are 2 DVI, 1 HDMI, and 1 DisplayPort jacks on the cards. (4 outputs total) If you want to run 3 monitors, the first two can be any combination of HDMI or DVI. The third monitor has to be driven by native DisplayPort signals. Whether it's directly, or via an adapter. (DP->VGA, DP-DVI, but the DVI version must be 'active', not just a voltage converter)

    This is because the card only has two RAMDAC's. Displayport spec doesn't use a ramdac since it talks directly to the panel. I repeat, you cannot run 3 screens using DVI1 + DVI2 + HDMI, one monitor has to use the DP jack. I used a DP->VGA adapter hacked together from an Apple product.

    So if you don't want a headache with adapters, you could try to find a display port monitor.

    Also, you may want to research Nvidia's cards. 3d driver support is a plus for their offerings. I don't know anything about how their eyefinity-like system works, I imagine similar. Past few years I have become pretty critical of their marketing practices, die rebranding, price/performance ratio, and the horrible power consumption in their new line.)

  11. And yes, consideration should be taken to maybe only affect when killed by enemy fire. Timer could be variable. Say from 20 seconds to i.e. 300 seconds (5 minutes). Every time you are killed, the timer doubles or adds another 20. But, it will decrease with time if you stay alive. Team killers would double or quadruple their timer. The one getting TK'ed on the other hand, could get a bonus, either instant or halfed timer.[/Quote]

    RE: TK's, I wonder if there's a bit of code floating around that detects accidental TK's (vehicle crashes) vs seemingly intentional. (bullets)

    The reward for not dying is simple, you get to play. :)

    Exponential increases are a bit much though. (doubling) Just because it grows so fast. I am just afraid that your dragnet will get someone who wasn't doing anything wrong and he'll get some massive punishment for it.

    If it decays with time, a person could just idle to bring it down again. (go get some tacos, leave arma running :)) May not be a good idea for someone to get a bonus for being TK'd.. maybe just 'exempt' him from the delay when he respawns. (perhaps someone would abuse that? dunno)

    No need for a dialog(although it does help by stopping user input), I was just integrating that explanation with the warfare dialog instance.. (it shows the map to pick respawn and the view is blurred red) Instead you could just show a camera over the target town, and a titletext or hint that counts down the # of seconds left.

    There have been a few times in this thread where we have talked about mission design forcing players to play a certain way. Ultimately, the best solution imo was always to have disciplined people with self-restraint.. they don't want to use the arcady warp/respawn features. But they do use them if something went wrong (heli crash), to regroup with others, or just as needed.. always sparingly however.

    Are you keeping track of the scores for the contest?

    If you were, maybe you could consider the 'death' count to factor in as a part of the final score?

    This is some chunks of old code, and it won't work as is. (missing parts, needs town vars to be updated for the new domi, etc) But the general jist is that it would try to find a friendly player closest to the center in the current target town and slowly zooms in on him, hopefully he is battling it out and makes for a good show. If it can't find a player, it just uses the town.

    _use_town = false;
    _closestplayer = objNull;
    waitUntil {!isNil "current_target_index"};
    waitUntil {current_target_index != -1};
    _dummy = target_names select current_target_index;
    _current_target_pos = _dummy select 0;
    _current_target_radius = _dummy select 2;
    _mindistance = _current_target_radius;
    	if (isPlayer _x && alive _x) then {
    		_ply_dist = _current_target_pos distance _x;
    		if (_ply_dist < _mindistance) then {
    			_mindistance = _ply_dist;
    			_closestplayer = _x;
    } foreach nearestObjects [_current_target_pos, ["Car","Tank","Man","StaticWeapon"], _current_target_radius];
    if (!isNull _closestplayer) then {
    	_use_town = true;
    	_camstart = "HeliHEmpty" createvehiclelocal [0,0,0];
    	_camstart setdir round(random 360);
    	_dir = round(random 360);
    	_x = (_current_target_pos select 0)+((_current_target_radius + 300) * sin(_dir));
    	_y = (_current_target_pos select 1)+((_current_target_radius + 300) * cos(_dir));
    	_camstart setpos [_x, _y, 0];
    	_camend = "HeliHEmpty" createvehicleLocal [0,0,0];
    	_camend setdir round(random 360);
    	_camend setpos _current_target_pos;
    _camera = "camera" camCreate [(position _camstart select 0), (position _camstart select 1) + 1, 120];
    _camera camSetTarget [(position _camend select 0), (position _camend select 1) + 1, 20];
    _camera camSetFov 0.7;
    _camera cameraEffect ["INTERNAL", "Back"];
    _camera camCommit 1;
    waitUntil {camCommitted _camera};
    if (_use_town) then {
    _camera camSetTarget _closestplayer;
    } else {
    _camera camSetTarget player;
    _camera camSetPos [(position _camend select 0), (position _camend select 1) + 1, 8];
    _camera camCommit _whatever_delay_you_want;
    sleep 10;
    cutText ["","BLACK OUT"];
    waitUntil {camCommitted _camera};
    player cameraEffect ["terminate","back"];
    camDestroy _camera;

  12. ;1650207']Stupid idea..

    Awesome attitude dude' date=' glad to have you as a part of the ArmA community! :D

    Nobody is forcing you to play it. It's a custom map they made for a magazine event and tournament, with prizes and such. Their map, their event & rules. Those that complain about the rules/gameplay design which enforces realistic and challenging play should probably just play somewhere else.

    The reasons you provide actually seem to [i']support[/i] respawn punishment. :D

  13. Hmm. This is relevant to my interests.

    I recently got a shiny new video card (rare, I hardly ever play the PC upgrade parts game, since if it plays arma - I'm happy.. but I wanted to check out eyefinity ) After a nightmare of display port adapter woes (which turned out to be resolved eventually by the drivers+card bios) my 5850 now pushes 3x old ass dell 24inch monitors @ 3600x1920+bezel waste.

    (these junk monitors had blown video/power boards, now repaired for this :yay:)

    Now when I first got it working, I was using them side by side in normal orientation.. this is rather ridiculous. (as in excessive..!!) (pics) As you can see in ultra-wide, the middle screen looks normal, but the L/R screens 'stretch' distortion is so bad that it's an almost unbearable waste of power/pixels to run them like this. Plus the screen is like 5ft across! So now I run in portrait like this (also seen in the other shots on the previous gallery):


    But after reading this thread, I think I may have another go at making it look nice with them all wide. I never messed with the ini settings, other than to fix the UI to one screen. (I love arma's flexibility here) I do hate to use windows with them like this. (the vertical space is great, but apps are somewhat horizontally squished unless they span over bezels) On the other hand, 5ft start menu/task bar is not fun either. More info on eyefinity/triplehead as well as a FOV calculator is here: http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/ At least the ATI drivers have become mature regarding the eyefinity features, way less problems now compared to the beginning of the year.

    Thanks for the info!

    (note: those silly lights in the pics are called 'AmbX, they change color to match the colors on the screen(to provide more immersion), but they were disabled during the video. Also, like 50% of the LED's are burned out because the thing is extremely cheaply made. I got it for free so I can't complain. When it works, it's pretty cool though.)

  14. The things you are proposing here are pretty harsh. But I understand the desire to attempt to instill 'importance of life' into folks.. it's fairly tricky area. (specifically for a public game with popular map) But I hope the system is robust. And what if it wasn't their fault? (heli crash for example) Do they still get punished? If you do this, hopefully you'll check what killed the person and only punish if it was enemy AI.

    In the past I have noticed people just leave when they get fed up with inane punishments. (something similar happened with Xeno's poor man revive punishment code in ace2.. man people whined about that.. and it was kind of mean, since there was no indication as to what happened) If it public, make sure people know what they are getting in to? Maybe a hintc would be suited after they join, to explain what happens if they die.

    +1 on never using disableuserinput. That command shouldn't exist.

    As far as the actual respawn mechanism, warfare BE has a dialog that appears after death+bis respawndelay which operates in an ideal way to facilitate this.

    1 Death

    2 BIS Respawn (to boot hill after like 3 sec, short respawn timelimit) After that, run your code.

    3 Show intermission dialog. (would be nice if you show something interesting, like a high camera of the town being attacked instead of a black screen... may prevent people from getting frustrated and quitting) Loading doesn't really matter because the people have no choice and cant move. :D

    4 When punishment elapsed, setpos player to base or wherever.

    Remember that very likely you will not be able to anticipate every single instance of how a person operates the game, and may end up inadvertently punishing innocent players, to which they will become very frustrated at.

    I come from the no-respawn OFP camp. But things have changed over 8 years.. especially with JIP.. for good and bad. Definitely less patience from the pubbers these days.

    I voted too, hopefully it gets added.

    Good luck.

  15. Thanks guys. I will have a look on that.

    There is an official project page available now:


    Please use the tracking system to report any bugs. Also do not hestitate to propose features for the future releases.


    Nit-pick: Why set up your own project system when we all use dev-heaven? Sickboy is happy to provide you space on there. http://dev-heaven.net/projects I have a little place on there for my noBlur that he granted me, as do a ton of other folks. It is also where the main ArmA2 bug tracker resides.

    I only mention this because it's redmine too, they are the same! :D And the source control systems are in place should it be chosen to go open source too. (SVN or GIT) :)

    Thanks for your efforts on the RCon Tool.

    ---------- Post added at 05:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:30 PM ----------

    The packer may be the authors attempt to obfuscate the source code. (dunno why.. maybe because it's .Net based) But more likely it is a false detection.

    Packers are normally not inherently bad themselves. They are sometimes used to lessen the size of the resulting EXE binary, or obfuscate the innards. (usually used in a pay-app rather than a free one)

    In any case a tool like this is optimally open source, since it involves the security of our servers. (so the code can be audited, etc)

    Does anyone want to assist in making a c# version, anyone familiar with windows sockets and a bit of threading? I can help, but in order to make it a robust and error free app, someone with experience designing a simple network tool like this would be a plus.

  16. _handle = [this, 120] execVM "x_scripts\x_vehirespawn2.sqf"

    It would be great if someone would be so kind enough to tell me the new code.

    Xeno broke stuff down into different folders, client and server, kinda nice. So it's moved to:

    _handle = [this, 120] execVM "x_server\x_vehirespawn2.sqf"

  17. How about RASIM? For radio simulation. I mean why "extended" or "advanced" if there hasn't been any before.

    A2T came before, from the Blackwater.fr guys, see the original post. (Nou has a separate dev team for the new version, for good or bad the thread is intertwined with discussion from the original and Nou's new rewrite)

    Advanced because it riffs off of ACE, which stands for Advanced Combat Environment. It's safe to say it's the 'advanced' version of A2T too. (regarding the original) Advanced can also mean realism, realistic, I think ACE may use it in this regard.

    Environment because it riffs off ACE again, but more importantly it encompasses everything (relevant) regarding radio simulation to this game. (or will in the future, I'm sure the devs have far reaching dreams :))

    Or, Environment could mean the environmental interaction the radio simulation has as one of it's primary features. (distortion, signal propagation based on terrain, etc)

    Since it interoperates with ACE, and it's codebase shares a lot of the same coding syntax/rules/macros/userconfig system (via CBA really), and developers themselves are intertwined, it isn't that much of a stretch. :)


  18. maybe ARE (Advanced Radio Environment) lol to make it all ACE sounding. :p

    Ha, ARE you receiving me? But seriously while the acronym is somewhat cheez, the meaning is good. Environment symbolizing the LOS simulation.

    If you are a farmer, you may like:

    ACRE Advanced Combat Radio Environment, which is easy to repeat but again kind of cheezy. :)

  19. We want to keep the a2ts3 prefix because thats what our code uses, and its annoying to have to change it...

    Lawl, comon now. http://www.powergrep.com/replace.html

    Disregarding any differences, if the original devs continue providing updates to the old version, wouldn't that make things somewhat confusing? New releases keep coming about, will they continue along after the new ver from Nou's team comes out? (I am guessing no, but you never know)

    To those that are annoyed by this in some way, or think who cares, so sorry! Even the OP for this thread suggested it. (you know, the guy that told you all about A2T in the first place!) A name is somewhat trivial, but I'm sure you'll be talking about it a lot in comms. And since the new version is a completely new thing, I bet there's not a bit of code from the old version, maybe it should differentiate itself with a slick name? (depends on if the new version supersedes the old one I guess)

    To clear up any confusion (darkhorse!):

    The original was sometimes called A2T (modfolder for addon, six repo) and sometimes ArmA2TS. (docs and stuff)

    The new one is going to be called A2TS3 per Nou's last post.


    Oh and some others:

    ARS is actually good, sim or sys.


    CNR - Combat Net Radio

    The one I thought had the most promise was JTRS (jit-ters) which is Joint Tactical Radio System irl (replacing SINCGARS), but could be Joint Teamspeak Radio Simulation. (but hopefully someone could think of a better replacement for J.. :))

  20. Beta 71382 out

    Thanks, I was waiting for it to be out on Six Updater.

    I am starting a new naming scheme here:

    FOR BETA 71382 ONLY!


    Due to some instabilities with the latest betas, I found myself switching between the 1.05/beta frequently.. which meant I had to swap the noBlur obviously. I normally did this by renaming the folder, I had two folders.. one with 1.05 noblur, the other with the latest beta noblur. I'd just rename whatever one I wanted to use to @okt_noblur. But this is silly, since I use separate shortcuts anyways. (they had identical modlines, other than the beta having 'beta' mod of course) But from now on, the noBlur's from the beta version shall live in @okt_noBlurBeta (new) and the non-beta will live in @okt_noBlur (as it did before).

    Summary: your beta shortcut will use the @okt_noBlurBeta mod, and your normal shortcut will use @okt_noBlur. If you use a mod launcher type app, well I hope this wont affect you much, you can just check whichever one you need. (don't run both obviously) And you can rename @okt_noBlur or @okt_noBlurBeta to whatever you want as always, (like to shorten it) just don't mix up whats inside.

    So when the next final patch comes out, I'll sort this all out and get rid of the config scripts and that useless junk. But for now, I'll continue releasing these beta's by themselves.



  21. This is indeed such a minor issue, but the issue does arise frequently in discussions.. Someone mentions A2T, the immediate question is which one. (original or 1.0 (aka ACE Dev version)) Perhaps it should also be considered due to the scope changes that occurred during development that have taken it on a slightly different direction than it's predecessor. (and this is by no means a negative thing!) What I thought of the two scopes, simply broken down was:

    • simple, optional, VOIP replacement for all, with a very small amount of depth (channels), entirely script based, semi-public server friendly
    • compared to
    • ultra-realistic, LOS modeled, radio objects/crates, RTO Roles, suited for highly organized teams and realism matches especially, may have required client addon to join (dunno yet).

    Regarding the incredible and overall, game enhancing portions of this addon could provide to the arma community: Hopefully the new A2T 1.0 devs are willing to let others use the TS3 plugin/jayarmalib portion as the basis of a basic, optional voip replacement for A2 (ideally included in ACE, enabled by default), should the OA expansion fail to make any improvements to the stock and useless VOIP. (and the two must not interfere of course, A2T would always take precedence if installed and enabled on the server) It's just a dream to have working voip that hooks into the game's existing GUI transparently, as well as features such as this. :vvv:

    This of little importance at this time, as you are busy getting ready for 1.0 release and all. But I hope you will consider it sometime.

    Cheers Guys

    (nice sig meek :))

  22. Thanks oktane. Did you also notice that your beta mirror appears to be down atm?

    Which one?

    Here you can see them all: http://www.506th-pir.org/scripts/oktane/noblur/ I can get to this site, is it giving you issues? I copied them here too for now, in case thats whats going on. http://506.jestservers.com/scripts/oktane/noblur

    Lol, for OA I hope it's an OPTION like it should be. :D

    When I get this completely automated I will try to rewrite the docs to simplfy them. Ideally an update script will be made that you can run and automagically get the latest noBlur beta. (for A2 beta users obviously)

  23. There is actually no change in the change log :)

    The email that gets sent shows the last 4 lines in the change log becuase the change logs are not consistent and BIS often change the top lines or rmove lines, hard to keep track of what the new changes are without a lot of work storing the changes (and then BIS delete or change old lines)


    There's this too, if you do RSS. My code greps the differences and tries to determine if it is the same. Works like 95% of the time :D