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  1. I have the issue where it freezes for 30+ seconds and sometimes goes crazy (white, scrambled textures, tree or bush texture repeating 4 times)

    I have XP32, 4gb Ram, E6600.

    The issue seems to be the video card. If I have a 7950 in it, it doesn't happen, solid as a rock. (can play for hours) If I put in a 8800GTX or 9800GT, the problem occurs. (30-60mins) I think its either Nvidia drivers or some compatibility issue with the latest GPU architecture.

    If I press alt-tab while its locked up, and wait like 60 seconds, sometimes it will go back to windows ok and then I can get back in the game. But once it occurs it seems to get worse and more frequent. Also, after I have exited ARMA, even my 3d pipes screensaver is locked up if it comes on. So to me, that would imply a problem with the latest drivers. A reboot is required to 'right' the video card again, before it will run anything 3d correctly. Not even ARMA should cause anything like this effect.

    I thought it was my power supply not giving enough juice for the larger card, but upgrading that didn't help. Crappy ass NVidia drivers.. banghead.gif

  2. ----SCROLL DOWN FOR FIX----

    I see. Thank you for testing. But can you try to assign next target to another key on the keyboard? I bet you it wont work. biggrin_o.gif

    Concerning my test, I have a simple setup on Rahmadi. 2 Shilka's with empty ammo, and a MOVE waypoint so they activate RED on the radar. I am hovering 200 meters from them in an AH6. We have line of sight, as we are aligned to the runway. Tab will cycle through the targets.. any key I assign to Next Target will not cycle, except the defaults. Even removing tab from Next Target will still cycle!

    I have solved this myself by messing with my .ArmaProfile although there is indeed a big fat bug. I will explain it the best I can...

    In the configure controls listing, there is a entry called Next Target. In OFP, this command cycled through the RED targets on the vehicle radar, if you had a compatible weapon selected. (like an AT missile) It worked fine in OFP. In Arma, changing this setting (its default is TAB(15) and Stick Btn 2(131073)) causes the entry keyLockTargets[]={15,131073}; to change in your arma profile. However, this command keyLockTargets does *nothing* in the actual game as far as I can tell. It will not cycle any targets at all!

    To Prove:

    Set your Next Target to no keys at all. This will make keyLockTargets[]={}; and then Tab and Stick Btn 2 should not work to cycle target anymore. But it does... This is because there is another command called keyVehLockTargets[]={15, 131073}; and it is set to the same defaults... This keyVehLockTargets does not show up in the configure controls listing at all, so you cannot assign or change keys to it. icon_rolleyes.gif Unless you manually edit your armaconfig, you cannot remap the keyVehLockTargets command. That is the command that actually cycles the targets properly. If you edit your file and make keyVehLockTargets blank {}, you will see that cycling no longer works.

    So riddle solved for me, just a little bug for BIS. Can you verify that is the case? If someone has a BugTrack acct, could they verify this is reported so it doesn't wind up in Arma2?


    To fix, set the Next Target command the way you want it. (I want it to be 'Home' key, 199) Then exit the game and open your .armaProfile in a text editor.

    Find the line keyLockTargets[]{....} highlight all the numbers inside the {} on that line and copy them to the clipboard. (ctrl-c)

    Mine looked like this: keyLockTargets[]={15,131073,199};

    Then find the line keyVehLockTargets[]{....} you will see that bastard is still set to its defaults.. highlight all the numbers inside the {}'s on that line and then paste. (ctrl-v)

    Before: keyVehLockTargets[]={15,131073};

    After: keyVehLockTargets[]={15,131073,199};

    Save the file and then launch Arma. You can now cycle your targets with the key of YOUR choosing! You'll have to do this every time you want to change it though.

    BIS please sanity check the Keyboard Dialog -> .armaprofile/engine key variable mappings. tounge2.gif


    oktane yay.gif

  3. Has anyone been able to reassign the 'Next Target' key and have it work successfully? Since Arma came out, I have had to use the default Tab key to cycle through targets, even though I use the arrow keys area to play. (old OFP style, nice having view controls on numpad within reach)

    I have tried on different computers, and I searched the forums a lot but didn't find anyone else that seems to have this problem.

    It's a serious bug to me since the free cursor has been taken out in vehicles, I am not able to lock targets unless I:

    -Point the aiming reticle at the target with the nose and manual lock it.

    -Reach over and press tab, not something I want to do in a dive.

    -Use a joystick with that key bound to a button(I think this might work, don't remember exactly)

    I am specifically talking about the 'Next Target' key assignment which used to work perfect in OFP, cycling through all 'active' (red) targets on the radar when you are using a AT missile in an aircraft or tank.

    Seems to be a simple bug in the keyboard handling code, or maybe there is some fudging I can do in the default game cfg files to set the default to be something else? (since obviously the default WORKS, nothing else does) Setting it via the in game gui does not seem to work.

    Any ideas? Are my systems all cursed?

    I have the Sprocket Version, and 2 German DVD versions, all are affected.

    Thanks banghead.gif

  4. Hmm, with the new version there are no default servers at all. Server admins, are you willing to paste your info here so we can enter it in? If we get enough perhaps we can make it the default in the program.

    This tool is great for downloading missions from servers, even if you just play them locally coop. Missions are small so I don't think I'm 'leeching' too much.

    Thank you for this tool.

    There are default servers in it!

    Just remove your previous installation and run the setup from scratch.

    That said it would be real cool if we had like hundreds of servers. Anyone that wants his server in the list just gimme a sign and i'll see to it that it's added.

    Yes, sorry after I ran your auto update then I indeed had the latest version and it had servers in it. (the normal 2)


    Prehaps if enough interest is generated from server admins, a serverlist.txt could be stored on your web page and your app could fetch it to populate more servers later.

    This tool is great people, please start using it and share your servers! yay.gif

  5. Another idea, this is totally optional mind you..

    I used to use armalauncher for everything. I have 3 computers here that we play coop's on, and keeping them all synchronized to my computer is a pain. The problem with arma launcher is that it uses the registry to store what mod folders you have, and if you export those keys and import them on the other machines it gets super confused and corrupts the list. So when I sync some new mod folders to the other computers, I have to have the guys manually enter in each folder etc.. I'd rather make it easy for them by just importing the settings but it doesn't work. (this isn't your problem)

    It would be great if all tools (including yours) just have INI or CFG files like the old days, that could be hand edited if needed. A program that doesn't need an installer is the best. It can be copied anywhere with its INI file and it's good to go. Alot of the old OFP tools were like this. I think this would help you with vista compatibility too. Did you know you can't write anything to program files without a UAC prompt? Vista is such a pain.

    Just an idea.

  6. Hmm, with the new version there are no default servers at all. Server admins, are you willing to paste your info here so we can enter it in? If we get enough perhaps we can make it the default in the program.

    This tool is great for downloading missions from servers, even if you just play them locally coop. Missions are small so I don't think I'm 'leeching' too much.

    Thank you for this tool.

  7. Quote[/b] ]There only is one big problem: it would require a full rename of all files on all servers that are using my app to .tmp instead of .zip :-)


    While the file is downloading, can you name it 'modname.pbo.part' and continually write to it like normal... until the download is complete, then the program renames the file back to .pbo

    This is what Firefox does, I believe.

    Thanks for the great app.

    Server admins, give your addon server URL's to Yoma so he can add them in!

  8. Hi everyone!

    Some people were asking about creating high quality microphones for cheap... I've made an instructable here http://www.instructables.com/id/EHNUD81F41RXKY0/?ALLSTEPS

    describing how to convert one for computer use.

    The advantages are you can wear this on your head and have your Teamspeak voices over the headset while your game sounds come out of your regular speakers. It also uses a quality microphone that does not pick up much ambient noise, so its ideal for voice activation instead of push to talk.

    Have fun playing tactically! pistols.gif

  9. Hello Gents

    This is exactly what I've been trying to to lately. I remember that old dirtbike from OFP with the turbo on it. rofl.gif And Karrilion had some nice scripts for nitrous using his PS input framework. I've looked at those oldies but...

    I've been trying to get it to work in Arma, but something is weird with how vehicle velocity is handled by the game engine. It would seem that there are two velocities, one that can be increased or decreased with the car engine, and another that can be set with the setVelocity command. I just want one velocity! If I make a car go 200kph for a few seconds, why doesn't its speed decay per the rules of the simulation. Instead it just stops flat. In other words, there doesn't seem to be a way to set the engine/trans speed of the car, just the velocity of the whole object, which the physics engine then sets back to 0 after you stop sending setVelocity commands.

    Does anyone think there can be a scripted workaround? I could 'simulate' the velocity decay in the script until the car was again going a reasonable tounge2.gif speed but thats not making use of the physics engine. Plus the timing in that script may vary from computer to computer...


    Any advice would be awesome!

    inlove.gif OFP/ARMA Community thumbs-up.gif

  10. In Road Rage, what about the server option for the civvies to have just 1 satchel bomb so they can choose to drive or try to ambush two or more people chasing each other? I'd figure most people would drive but some might set a trap. I don't know, maybe that would make it less fun since being killed by a satchel sucks. Might be fun if the satchel had a different model, like a clown or rabbit. IED Rabbits!

    Anyways, great job!

    Another idea.. what about a kind of racing/DM map with the spirit of Road Rage, but on the dirt track or larger area... A 'commander' could place ramps of various types anywhere similar to building structures in CTI/RTS. As some kind of points or money increases, you can outfit your vehicle with better weapons and take it onto the DM track! pistols.gif

  11. Does anyone else get an error while trying to use Kar's script?

    _dir = |#|Getdir _vcl;

    Error getdir: Type Array, expected Object (line 12 vrs.sqf)

    When you start the game.

    I'm hosting a game using the game client while testing this, is this ok, or do I need to PBO it and put it on a dedicated for it to work?