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  1. For beta 70644 ONLY http://www.506th-pir.org/scripts/oktane/noblur/@okt_noBlur_1.5.70644.7z
  2. Hey that's cool, thanks for pointing that out.
  3. Are you on a dedicated server? Running game locally is not supported. Personally, I use "[_this] spawn ace_sys_bi_arty_fnc_SadarmDeploy;" to call the sadarms with the ace version. The sadarm warheads target all vehicles that are alive within 200m. Here is the code for that, if you are interested in how they work. If they can't find a target, they do nothing. They do not know the difference between friend or foe.:
  4. All I'm going to say is it's up to the players how they want to play. To emphasize on infantry tactics, armor should be set to 'less' and skill on 'high'. Then armor is not an issue to infantry.. There isn't really a way to 'train' the people that think respawn is acceptable. If you punish them with long respawn times, they just leave. Which is okay, probably preferable, unless you are trying to populate a server. Normally, a bunch of guys on TS will get together to do a mission or town, coordinated. We don't respawn, we don't teleport, none of that nonsense. It's self discipline, you aren't going to get it out of people that don't care about it. So galzohar, this incessant complaining about this and that in this mission which does not suit your desired tactics, well I think you should find some mates to have fun with on voice comms, preferably with OFP experience. :D As in, people who take things slow and methodically, and have considerable shame of dying in game while playing 'realistically' with friends. If we have an overwhelming obstacle, there are many assets which are available to us. (arty, coordinated air attacks) However, 'instill virtue of patience into pubber' isn't one of features you can add to the map and still have it be popular. (then again, maybe you don't care about player count, but it makes it more fun when there is more action going on.. even if there are people doing totally stupid shit.. just stay away from them and play realistically with your mates) Do not expect the mission to enforce professionalism or realism. That task lies in the players, who have the choice of choosing not to use unnecessary arcade features. This retains the missions flexibility and popularity with the arcade-liking population which are the majority.
  5. Yeah it replaces the old ones temporarily. You just drop it in the arma directory, it provides noblur for the beta it was made for. If you want to use 1.05 you have to use the old 'released' one.
  6. Noticed there was another beta today.. they didn't change anything except they added back in the 3 extra shader shdc files that they removed in 70256.. No idea why. (the one we patch here for the blur is shaders_defPP) But regardless, here's another temporary version updated: http://www.506th-pir.org/scripts/oktane/noblur/@okt_noBlur_1.5.70313.7z Cheers
  7. Yeah so what I do now is depbo the BIS bin.pbo, patch the shaders, and repbo it with a new name. I don't touch the config.bin. To do the version thing, I'd have to un-binarize the BIS config.bin, grep and update the version line, re-binarize, repbo. I'll see if that will work out. But I'm thinking the version thing only checks if its X version or higher, which wont work in our case. (people would still be able to use old config.bin with new beta exe)
  8. Yep, they are the same guys. I use HashCheck shell extension to check CRC's on the config.bin. Size is not a good way to check because they can change a character and it will be the same size. Also, almost every time the PBO file is not the same, but the contents inside may be the same. Its because they repack the PBO every time for the new beta. (there's some date info in there I think) So to check, what I do is (it's easy): -When installing new beta, rename old beta folder to betaxxxxx first, where x is the version. -Depbo old and new bin.pbo from betas. (i use cpbo.exe, just click extract in RMB menu) -RMB Click properties on extracted config.bin's, see checksum tabs. (install HashCheck to see this) -If the CRC's match, it's okay to use old version. The biggest problem is that config.bin being outdated, could cause problems for you, or even other people you play with online. (make their game crash in rare cases) Because of this, I think I need to change the wording to something more strict since it is used online often. IE: Old versions of the noBlur shouldn't be used with newer betas. (unless it's verified config.bin is identical) Prehaps I can look into settings the minimumVersion in the config.bin, but that would require editing and re-binarizing it. :/
  9. Sounds pretty on topic.. Find all instances of 'addAction ["Save gear layout"' (use Find in Files as mentioned previously in this thread) Add an additional action menu item (copy paste, edit) for the boxes you wish to affect. You probably wouldn't want to do it for in-the-field boxes. Or create a timer check to prevent repeated abuse refilling. (spamming javelins from the box on a hill outside of town for example) Make the action item call x_script\x_loadlayout.sqf or whatever you'd like. Copy and paste all of the code from x_playerspawn.sqf into your new file, then delete the unneeded stuff that doesn't have to do with specifically giving the player weapons/mags from d_custom_layout/d_custom_backpack(if ACE, d_custom_ruckbkw, d_custom_ruckmag, d_custom_ruckwep too) I'm not going to write it for you though, it's dependent on your own initiative to make the feature. The code is already done for you though, you just have to copy and paste xeno's code (that gets run when you respawn) into something new so you manually activate it. :)
  10. oktane

    Why is this game not more popular?

    I am at like page 70 of this, I can't read any more been up too long (playing A2 mp of course, all night/morning) My opinion is very simple, oh wait for the 500 bullet points in no particular order, see last paragraph for jist: Anyways this is long enough. I hope you'll all vote on any of the CIT issues (see sig + list below) with the core vision in mind, the same as this thread, to make it more popular so that we can all have a better time. Even if you do not agree with every tiny detail, the consequences are far worse, like not having enough players for a good ol game of blowing shit up. New players would benefit all parts of our community ecosystem, except possibly the patience of the forum mods. :D I'm not going to subscribe to this thread because it's kind of hopeless to me, sadly. Instead I want to enjoy the fun while it lasts. http://dev-heaven.net/issues/5523 http://dev-heaven.net/issues/5520 http://dev-heaven.net/issues/5795 http://dev-heaven.net/issues/6258 Cheers and much respect, oktane (really really sorry for wall-o-text)
  11. I think that maybe some extra features have been added over time (weapon limiting, gear loadout save, etc) and you may be taking them as if they were all written at once with some grand cohesive plan in mind, but I don't think that was the case.. it simply evolved over time and as such, not everything makes perfect sense without starting over from scratch, which I trust you do not expect him to do. Regardless of the reasons, why not just edit it? It's simple to edit the ammo counts in the box to fit your needs. (see x_weaponcargo.sqf) You can also easily add an ammo box action item that will reload your saved ammo loadout to solve your RTB rearm hassle problem. An observation: I'm curious if you go to other peoples mission threads and say how such and such doesn't make sense, or if only Xeno gets this stellar treatment because he made a popular map, and is now somehow forever indebted to provide support and upgrades on it, making sure everything is cohesive and perfect with each release and feature added. Wtf? It's a complicated system, I'm sure you'll agree it's pushed the envelope of dynamic mission design. With 2000 posts here, I assume you have picked up enough information to make the simple changes to suit your desires? I think this may be where the attitude stems from.
  12. Look.. A large burden lies in the players themselves I like your idea of ranked enemies, that would be a really cool thing to have. Balancing the game though, it's difficult if the player count and skill varies(most important thing that changes), the AI skill varies, you don't have enough beta testers, they file inaccurate bugs based on assumptions or incorrect correlations, just overall it's a real chore with such a complicated mission. Then again, I think that almost any plausible problem you encounter in this game vs AI has a solution in which you come out on top, you just have to find it. Therefore, balancing is less important than having good players who can lead others to victory. (and luck) I have experienced many times where there was no way we could survive or succeed, and we ended up doing just that. Cheers
  13. Indeed, when coordinating with ground forces they are truly spectacular and helpful. Infantry only is absolutely not what I am saying, we use all kinds of assets. It isn't bad at all with dedicated pilots or regulars that know what they are doing and respect what the ground people wish to get from the game. But I was specifically referring to the mass of people that come and go server to server, get in an attack aircraft and rambo around, especially when there are not enough ground units in the town to effectively take the camps. And our ACE players seem to like when they encounter a light tank or two on the ground, instead of them all smoking within 5 minutes of the town spawning..(armor is on light) the point is simply to emphasize teamwork, too often it's an anti-social dude in the aircraft that doesn't care to work with anyone else or cease operations when they aren't needed. I'm sure if you were inclined, that you could make an all-pilot version of Domination with much more armor, no completion restrictions, I bet it would be pretty popular too. I think Xeno made a similar mission called AirCav with multiple targets. But on ours, we try to emphasize on ground teamwork, where it's much more likely to happen. The aircraft are still there, but the admins control them when they aren't suitable for use. Edit: I'm starting to regret saying anything and this debate probably does not belong here. It's up to the mission maker or server, lets leave it at that. Anyone that has initiative can edit it to suit their needs, very easily.
  14. BETA 70184 noBlur Download: http://www.506th-pir.org/scripts/oktane/noblur/@okt_noBlur_1.5.70184.7z Hmm, many, many hours later and I have an automated solution that takes about 15 seconds to patch any version, written in powershell language. (which is a pain in the ass at first but pretty powerful compared to batch files) Auto detects version via exe metadata, depbo's, deshdc's, patches custom compiled ASM shaders, repackages it back up, all named correctly, signed, proper pbo prefix of 'bin', everything. But it is not yet done, I still have to automate the end packaging, easy-to-use install scripts, and updates changelog so that it poops out the *final* 7z file ready to upload or updates a web host automatically. Here is just the beta pbo for people that need it: http://www.506th-pir.org/scripts/oktane/noblur/@okt_noBlur_1.5.70184.7z completely generated from script, cept I had to create the @okt_NoBlur\dta folder structure. :D No sense in mirroring that, just hold off until I get done with the self update scripts that fetch the latest from the web. Then I'll only have to release here when there's a major revision. (final patch)
  15. Yep, all mission targets which employ things like a building, or vehicle that must be destroyed use XCheckSMHardTarget/XCheckMTHardTarget.. which will not allow an object to take damage until a person has been very close (20m) to the target object. After a person has been within 20m, the damage handler is removed and anything can destroy it. The XCheckSMHardTarget variant is an FSM now. Afaik, 'men' do not use this system. Men actually use XKilledSMTargetNormal it appears. (for side mission) And no check is done for that distance thing. You could, I suppose, make a similar type of function for the man, but it's distance would have to probably be over 1000m so a sniper could get him. [rant to players who want things 'easy' & 'right now', not directed you guys] People who complain about this feature are incredibly impatient, and perhaps they haven't yet experienced their effort at team play ruined by rambo pubbers with high powered attack aircraft, spamming the town with munitions... [/rant]
  16. Ok I will work on the newer version now. Mostly on automating it for faster beta updating. If there are 3 beta's a week I cannot do this manually anymore, it simply takes too long.
  17. Indeed, but BIS is unlikely to read this. And if you're talking to me, you're preaching to the choir. :D http://dev-heaven.net/issues/3718 http://dev-heaven.net/issues/5932 Vote on it.
  18. No its hard coded in the exe, what each level is and what shaders it uses. You could buy a book on reverse engineering EXE files.. Chris Eagle, Vlad Pirogov, and Eldad Eilam are good authors on the subject. ---------- Post added at 01:58 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:55 AM ---------- Who cares about radial blur? The point is to remove the rotational blur. The radial blur only occurs a tiny bit on the edges of the screen when you run fast, it doesn't make your performance dive like rotBlur. Since it works for everyone else, then you must have an issue with your configuration. As stated multiple times, using the beta version of noBlur may have bad effects with a newer beta. (because it contains the whole bin.pbo) So use 1.05 final. If you already are, I don't know what to tell you. :confused: ---------- Post added at 02:18 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:58 AM ---------- To all asking about more beta noBlurs, I have to ask.. do you need it signed? If you do not, then I can put together something that can make you a noBlur which is unsigned, and you can update it yourself. When you get the new beta, you just run some batch file (complicated, which is yet to be written) and it patches the correct shaders. Otherwise I think i need to make some more infrastructure and an updating script batch that uses wget to fetch some files I host, signed versions. And I need to automate the creation of them, ie, tie them into six updater or something so when a new beta arrives the noblur is generated and uploaded automatically. Either path is a lot of work. One overlaps the other too.
  19. You mean the 'depth of field' (DOF) where it blurs the stuff close to you in 3d? No I haven't messed with any of that stuff. In order to have that work, many more shaders would have to be disabled that work by itself on the higher PP settings. Maybe some day.
  20. Ace has a nifty classname browser here http://browser.dev-heaven.net/ (ACE_6Rnd_CS_M32) and the is file \x_client\x_weaponcargo_ace.sqf if you don't already know. Speaking of this, I was thinking of writing a bit of code to automatically populate ammo boxes without hardcoded lists. I thought I could look up the weapon/mag cargo for each of the ace crate types. But a limitation is that for it to work, the ACE team must have put it in their ACE boxes, and you can no longer pick how many items to put in the crate. :/ But hey, you'd always have the latest and greatest weapons. This was an old problem in MFCTI or CRCTI for OpFlash too, later on an item was added to either a dialog or vehicle action menu (cant remember) that cleaned up a few hundred meters around it. It wasn't automatic though, but it worked well when the fps got low. Maybe a very low refresh rate 'lawn mower' around the mhq running at all times would work, it's just crunching through those huge nearObjects arrays may cause a little studder. :D I wonder if the gear is still local after being dropped? The main issue is there is no event for a player dropping gear, it would likely have to be polled, meaning more loops or fsm's running.
  21. Thanks! There are definitely some bugs and inconsistencies in the BIS particle system! old: new: (They are about the same size, it's just hard to take a picture of them. 0.08 is the size.) Oh so it was you who was digging in there. I noticed I had to use ACE_ prefixed ammo types now, and I was just about to post a bug about the BIS arty targeting not working in ACE as of Friday. Now it all makes sense, needed to swap BIS->New ACE arty module, glad I didn't post that bug! :p Thanks for fixing that dreaded task icon error. I was really close to the point of turning the manual targeting system into a mission side script so it could be improved, out of utter frustration. Hopefully the targeting map can someday be full screen and arty units turn speed reduced for easier fine control. (or fine move directional buttons?) I never got why someone would make the map tiny and the rest of the screen is a guy sitting in a mortar or blank sky in 1st person... Now I'm going to go diff out what you did in the module.. Glad to see ACE team improving the Arty module that BIS forgot about. Cheers!
  22. The snow is kind of boogered up, the particle array is referencing an invalid grid divisor and it results in the snow being 1/4 of a circle, ie it has a square edge. Here's a fix Xeno.. took forever to figure out this undocumented crap! (the anim array must be 1000 when referencing a single frame, try to find that in the wiki! :D): _snow = "#particlesource" createVehicleLocal _pos; _snow setParticleParams [["\ca\Data\ParticleEffects\Universal\Universal",16,12,13,0],"","Billboard",1,7,[0, 0, 20.0],[0, 0, -0.35],1.0,0.000001,0.0,0.4,[0.08,0.05],[[1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0],[0.94,0.94,0.96,1.0],[1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0]],[1000],0,0.01,"","",(vehicle player)]; _snow setParticleRandom [2,[35, 35, 10],[0.0, 0.0, -0.1],0.001,0.05,[0.01, 0.01, 0.01, 0.02],0.002,360]; _snow setParticleCircle [0,[0.0, 0.0, -0.1]]; _snow setDropInterval .01; Also it's too bad it can't rotate, it seems the rotation velocity param is ignored unless you are using multiple frames. So I used a round effect from Universal, which is loaded in memory all of the time anyways. I haven't yet figured out what param is causing the really fast moving snow that is warping all around (it did this before too, I didn't touch it) but eh, it's not that noticeable. From far away it kind of looks like interference on a TV. :D Cheers ---------- Post added at 08:09 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:49 AM ---------- /sigh There's no artillery system yet in ACE. You can use the BIS manual system that ACE edited (get in a arty piece, choose target artillery) or you can use Xeno's one (as you found). If you find the ACE documentation lacking, I bet you're welcome to contribute to it. However, as a contributor, be prepared to meet folks who find your work to be inadequate and expect more. And considering the majority of people don't read it at all, and keeping it up to date is a massive chore with daily code changes, maybe you'd rather add meat and potatoes gameplay features rather than endlessly work on documentation. :)
  23. Identical my friends.. so no update needed. 69645's bin.pbo is identical to 69782's bin.pbo.
  24. Did you see the instructions in the first post? The things that need to be done are: Config: Run one of the batch files to configure the mod, for you it is the beta ones. Choose one, I prefer to leave the glow on, it looks nice. Shortcut: -mod=beta;@okt_noBlur (beta must always be first btw) Game: Turn PP to Low, High isn't required. If you go from 1.05<->beta, you still have to reconfigure the mod with the batch files inside the mod directory, every time you go back and forth between 1.05->beta or beta->1.05.