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  1. im late on the last two betas guys, i am rearranging everything and the computer is discon. get to it asap. cheers
  2. petition the game devs to add the option to enable/disable the blur. indeed it may be because of loading first/last. It used to work with the in game thingy, that's why I made the icon and the addon.cpp file so that it has the information in there. But I dont doubt that they broke it or it stopped working. Most mods are not made like this one is, overriding the bin.pbo/shaders is not a normal thing. (sometimes, a total conversion will) Hence the need for developer support, then all this would be unnecessary. But really, can you contact the author to get him to pass command line paramaters? You cannot be the only person with this issue here. Cheers
  3. Hey guys, 1.62 is up. Give it a shot? http://506.jestservers.com/scripts/oktane/noblur/okt_noBlur_OA_retail_1.62.7z I do notice I am behind one for arma2 (not oa), I tried to run the script today and it went pear shaped, I'll fix the a2 version when I get a chance. And add on that new signature file stuff, does anyone even use that? ---------- Post added at 13:32 ---------- Previous post was at 13:26 ----------
  4. okay fixed for now.. had to toss array, restore from 2 month old backup. one of the drives was going click, click. :) 4x 10k RPM raid array replaced by old ide drive, LOL. last two are updated cheers
  5. That's nice dear. Please use your voice to petition BIS, not mod makers about blur options. Normally, yes, you could encourage the community to fix this or that, make this or that addon that is missing/wrong in the game, all because the devs support modding and have built tools to make these mods. The game is centered around modding. But if you had read the FAQ in the first post, you might notice that modding the shaders is NOT supported, and was only possible via several crude hacks, and major limitations exist such as requiring me to make a new fucking mod pack every beta! It was never meant to be done. (But that doesn't stop a drug addled hacker with unlimited patience, it's only a juicy challenge) It is not required for you to have the post processing on very high, it's not a pissing contest. :) All the setting does is enable more shaders as you put it higher. So set it to the highest setting where you don't have DOF. (a few years ago, that's all that the upper settings did anyways, enable mid and high dof, but I think they added more now) The idiotic running blur is used by other effects unfortunately. It can be disabled, but it causes those effects to not work anymore (close bullet/shell shock, grenade blast) AND most importantly for me, requires me to release even more mods, which I have to update every beta. It's the same with the glow, some people hate that too. All of this is solved by BIS putting individual shader options in the INI file or the GUI. The GUI is more work, but we'll settle for the INI too. Plus if they use the INI, there is more space to list every shader so it can be enabled/disabled. I don't care how they do it, as long as they do a decent job that addresses the issues, and not in a half assed way. People have been complaining about the shaders for 4 years, BIS doesn't get it. Yell louder, because I'm not going to. I lost the will to work with them anymore, I did all the proper channels, a lot of improper channels, it isn't a priority for them. For years it's been one of the topmost requests in the CIT. They want the game to look like a console-platform petroleum jelly smeared turd. Too much pride. I don't play the game anymore, I have little interest in improving this when the mod shouldn't have to exist in the first place. ALMOST ALL TRIPLE-A CLASS FPS GAMES HAVE INDIVIDUAL CONTROLS FOR GPU INTENSIVE AND 'PERSONAL PREFERENCE' SHADERS. And I tire of retyping this explanation repeatedly over the course so many years now, that is why I am probably rude about it. They ignore my bug about the FPS being low and the blur shader malfunctioning to a smeared mess, close ticket. It's easy to repro, play the game on a machine with a slow fucking cpu or video card. Bug got closed, was NEVER even looked at by a dev, in all the years it was open. You guys take up the fight, because I wore out my patience with them, and probably my welcome too. Also entitlement gets on my nerves. If you want something, work to do it yourself. This community is a do-ocracy. I happen to be good at hacking around and making things do what I want them to, and you might be good at talking to BIS and organizing a community to bring attention to the issue. I would not be, because I want to leave a flaming bag of shit on their front steps at this point. ;) ---------- Post added at 18:10 ---------- Previous post was at 18:02 ---------- Thanks for helping out domo! Also: There should never be a hit in performance because the mod actually increases performance, decreasing hundreds of shader instructions to 1 or 2. (detailed in faq) I know there is a new beta out guys, but guess what?! RAID drives failed again.. I need to rid of these 4 WD Raptor turds and get an SSD or something. And tired of Intel Matrix joke of a raid system. But it's what I get for using old recycled drives anyways I guess.. I'll work on that tonight, try to rebuild raid metadata again.. but I think one drive has many corrupted sectors or the head has failed. Anyways, I will figure it out and get the new beta mod done, probably tonight. Sorry for the delay as usual. Remember the glory days when it was all automatic and magical, hrrrrrmmmph. (and I worked for the game studio and made lots of money, now I sleep on a couch and cannot buy nice computer parts anymore. But these are my choices, noone elses! :) ) ---------- Post added at 18:14 ---------- Previous post was at 18:10 ---------- Thanks dude, I'm glad it works for you and it's made you happy. When you see a thread complaining about Blur or Glow or shaders, please voice your opinion that there should be options for these shaders in the game by default, so this crude mod does not have to exist! Also: I would probably get fired, too late for me.. my BIS fanboy flame has long been extinguished. :( Prague is very nice though I've heard. I hardly play games anymore though. (If I were, they would be Arma or an RTS) A decade of OFP/ArmA fun and bugs, supporting people for issues that needn't be there, it all got sad and frustrating. Had a ton of fun though, especially OFP and ArmA1 days! Cheers!
  6. Damn it. The subscription digest on this forum only work when it wants, every time I come and visit this thread there are new posts that I haven't seen. I saw the new beta email today and just processed it. It seems important considering the RPT write slowdowns. (Although, shouldn't they make their debug RPT output subroutine a little less blocking or less performance loss?? I know, talking to air here. :P) Here it is: http://506.jestservers.com/scripts/oktane/noblur/for_OA_beta_builds/okt_noBlur_OA_beta_92209.7z Changelog: [92071] Changed: Observer RPT messages now once per 60 sec, https://dev-heaven.net/issues/29985 [92061] Fixed: AtoC on nVidia for CSAA [92059] PPAA pars tweak & SMAA use color edge detection method [91173] New: Registry driven mod can contain list of required mods in its REQUIRE string value (the same syntax as for LOADAFTER). Moreover, the reg.value CANDISABLE="0" can be used to make the Disable button disabled. I'm taking a break from my life, so to say, going to go be a bum in socal for a bit. (currently a techno-vagrant in the midwest) There I hope to turn the old beta RSS feed scraper into a google cloud application, which will require no server. But I will have to brush up on python. It would be nice to turn the fairly complex machine that is the 'automatic noBlur maker machine' (give it beta number, it spits out noblur) into a cloud app too, thereby releasing my machine from being powered on, or having to remote control it.. but it relies on many 3rd party tools. A free cloud server doesn't run windows. I can't put the directx SDK on it. I don't have the source code to all those 3rd party tools, and rewriting them in a language like java or python, neither of which I know, It's all a bit of a snag there. Like jumping into a thorny bush. (just looking at it drops your fps)
  7. oktane

    1.60 fxaa

    Dwarden, This is off topic but concerns shaders and the control method this particular addition uses. TL;DR please add shader control variables for blur and bloom in arma2.cfg similar to how the new shader additions are controlled. Lately many options for shaders have been added to arma2.cfg, similar to as was suggested 2+ years ago by many people, in tickets and forum threads, to address the individual blur and bloom shaders. The complaints started as soon as the game came out and added the smear when you turn feature. It was addressed by top devs a few times but nothing was ever done about it, a whole expansion later, still here we are. The only thing that was done once was the addition of a 'very low' PP gui setting, which didn't address the issue, since most enjoy the higher shaders. Very low turns most of them off. You don't have to make GUI options, anything is better than nothing. Hell we the community can make a little graphic tweaker app for the cfg if one doesn't already exist. But PLEASE, the level of shader control is far too course, and remains so after endless requests. The RV engines current shader loading programming is not made for community shader modifications either, it was never meant to be edited by anyone but those at BIS, since the whole game config.bin needs to go with it. Do not cite technical limitations, because I've spent man-weeks reversing how it works to make a very less than ideal 'hack' mod to remove some which has to be updated every single beta. In the end, the game does not offer any ideal way to disable the 'highly political' shaders like blur and bloom, as you do with these nice new ones. Thank you
  8. oktane

    CRcti Proman

    Ah yes, I should still have those addons! We did play some crCTI 1.0 not too long ago in OFP, just a few months before I found your version this year. I have so many old addons for OFP, I only barely recall which modfolder it would be under. Yugo mod had the quite silly horse you could ride and giant hovercraft, BW all the nicely done german stuff with the tornado (and bomblets!) FDF or FFUR had quite amazing weapons, jungles, and dense shanty slums. My best guess is that it is made by DVD himself, it was for sure a custom object. And it must have come in a @DVD pack, which he would release some times when updates were needed, otherwise he would just put the missions on the dyndns site. I will find them for you somehow, or we can make some new ones. When it's dead it needs to twist and look like polygon crumpled paper though, lol. About the mission, fear not, it was and still is just me making little edits for our lan play, the missions were never released or played in public. If I write/resurrect something of quality or utility, I will send it your way though, for your team to use if you want it. Now that hellfires lock onto laser targets (great fun addition by BIS), I must think of things to put laser designators on. For covert work, something like the old OA58 designation dome to paint enemy base. Huey from ArmA2 has proper sensor dome already, but no east counterpart has the dome. 2 yrs ago I filed a bug to get laser fixed on ground vehicles, and it's finally been fixed, so we can sneak around hills with stryker (w/ laser on commander) or add it to higher end vehicles like T90/M1A2Tusk. Nobody remembers to bring around the SOFLAM in their gear, but on their tank or car, maybe that would inspire more teamwork between team ground and air forces. Sorry just thinking aloud, I will play around with these things next time we play. Cheers man
  9. oktane

    CRcti Proman

    Use 'affinity' in task manager to allocate cpu cores to the server exe, or get a spare computer. I ran it on a local dedicated also, it isn't the greatest, but if you turn down the amount of towns and group size, it becomes okay. Since then I put together a peice of junk on the bench here just for the new crcti. It only has 2gb ram but it runs it fine. (here she is, who needs a case?) The tone of your message implies that the author(s) should make a special version or rewrite the code so that you can finally grace us all with your opinion about the mission. I mean, did you read what you wrote and how you wrote it? Perhaps Muecke and his team (Angry Insects) make this mission for themselves to have fun on along with the old crCTI fans. "I'd love to .. but (unless you rewrite the mission for me) .. I'll have to pass" Give me a break. Use an old computer, improvise, do something other than what you just did there, which just made you look like a jerk! I tried for 20 minutes to see your post from different perspectives and derive a non-condescending meaning out of it, it couldn't be done lol! And you blame the author for the problems! (my computer is more than capable, I assure you!) If the authors have been in this community long enough, they probably know not to try to bend to the demands of people that stroll in just to complain. Because after you do a ton of work for them, trying to make them happy, they have already moved on and don't appreciate it anyways. I gathered that crCTI was always meant to be run on a server, due to the games lasting hours and the complexity of the sim. (been this way since OFP, where I also ran a local dedicated out of the same game directory, just set CPU affinity+priority) Same for warfare, it's passable, but it runs like crap locally when a lot of towns are spawned. Regardless, cr is completely different than evo or warfare in the way it handles towns. Do yourself a favor and appreciate what the author has done so far instead of demanding huge code rewrites. (I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn't know that making the code run perfectly locally is a major pain in the ass for very little gain, since it runs better dedicated anyways, but that doesn't explain your condescending 'user knows best' message.) Please realize how many units are active in the sim at once, over 100-200 depending on town count + group size. Warfare + Evo does this crap where it spawns/despawns towns and it's a tad cheesy, I don't think this has that implemented yet to save cpu time. (personally I like them to actually be there, breaks immersion less) Authors: Thank you for the mission and the tons of other selfless people that have contributed to this very old code base. CleanRock, Squeeze, Kasterbier, DVD, Muecke, Zyklone, Jack Hammersmith, Gnat, Myke, sickboy/killswitch/tcp/xeno for CBA, and all the contributors/uploaders at the old cr-ofp.dyndns.org site which I used to visit every weekend back in the OFP days for new missions and islands. Muecke, congratulations on not punching your monitor, lol! ---------- Post added at 15:05 ---------- Previous post was at 14:38 ---------- I guessed that's why you would have changed it, because of ACE chutes. Do you know off hand if you have an old version of the map that still had paradropped towns, or was it still using sqs and not yet converted? If you have an old mission with sqf para, I can transpose the old code back into my edited version, otherwise I will rework the CO WP code to be on the town center and remake paradrops looking at old CR ofp code when I get the chance. Please don't get the impressions that I am asking for strange feature requests, I just wanted to see if anyone shared the excitement of enemies dropping on the towns like we did. (it's okay) Traditionally our CR group (only 2-3 guys) would get newest code base from cleanrock and reapply our edits and addon changes to suit our type of gameplay. (which is faster paced in the beginning, less building up from nothing, but more epic battles and burning wrecks everywhere, yet still takes us 4 hours to win!) Even though we don't have enough players to do PvP, we would make the AI commanders base structure strong so that it was very hard to get in there and destroy the enemy base. I am thinking of re-creating cleanrocks old fire spewing M2 tripod gun for base defense, remember that? I think it fired the shilka rounds, lol. I know it was silly and unrealistic, but it sure did kill things well. I think it was in @DVD, do you recall the stone towers with T55 turrets on them? Those were hilarious! Thank you for the new update, everyone is building tanks now and the multi-stage town upgrades is quite a good idea. I think I will edit one thing I noticed though, that you cannot get a support build menu from an enemy support truck, even after you have stolen it, yet you can repair/rearm fine, just not build objects. Please don't take offense to my edits, I neither intend to hound you with questions or take issue with your teams design decisions. We just don't have many players so we like to edit it a little bit, and we're capable of doing it without annoyance to you hopefully. Also I may port in some code that I wrote for old warfare which made extra variants of attack choppers/planes with different weapons on the pylons, but this might be a pain in the ass because it would require changing the rearm scripts too. (for example, AV8B with many hellfires instead of LGBs) What this does is add more selection to the choices to buy, yet does not require more addons. But since you include so many addons, I should be smart and just inherit AV8B obj class with different weapons, then not have to change any code, lol. I am still stuck in the mindset of trying not to include addons. (old habit of public server admin) Cheers Muecke!
  10. This place has turned into such a shithole, full of opinionated assholes who cling mercilessly to a flawed game while their community counts dwindle and the server lists are empty. Hey guys, remember when we used to play OFP multiplayer and it was fun? It didn't matter if it was a coop or pvp, we played whatever our favorite server was playing at the moment. We didn't have 'game mode' zealots. *sigh* I think this extremism is from frustration from not being able to understand or explain what's really wrong. Because consumers don't need to understand good design or usability, they just 'use it'. But people in this forum THINK they know that gamemode xyz is better or preferred. Domination or other dyn coops run because they run on the server 24/7 persistent mode, it started a bad habit where people don't join empty servers that don't have a mission running. All kinds of shitty design decisions affect the ever present problem of empty servers, regardless of game mode type. And this is exacerbated by the fact that BIS does not move fast enough to solve aforementioned issues before a mass exodus occurs, every game release cycle. I'm not going to rewrite what has been re-written endlessly by intelligent people who can see the bigger picture like PvPScene. Consumers arguing over shoddy products does not fix the products flawed design. One more thread dropped in the bucket that will affect nothing.
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    CRcti Proman

    Quite great sir! I can't wait to get some tank action on Chenarus. I quickly ported the map to Takistan, but I must say that it is not very interesting. Tank battles are pretty hairy in the vast open north (found some RES tanks), but terrain makes it dull in the valleys.. I know the AI has problems with these. And good luck finding a damn start position, everywhere is rocky or a cliff. I need to optimize the AI commander to use more infantry+transport choppers than normal, as this is the most optimal method of taking towns on that kind of terrain. Something strange.. Back in the old days of CR on OFP, the most amazing sight was transport chopper hauling ass over town and dropping men out with parachutes. Your heart would sink as you just killed the last RES and took the town when you hear the rotors coming, you know enemies are going to be floating down on you soon. I know this is rather silly and unrealistic, (well almost, there were heli-paratroopers in Vietnam war, I know one :) ) but the efficiency and excitement of it makes for great gameplay. Last night I boarded a transport chopper to see where it would go, and it went and landed in a field, lol. (must have been CO WP) It seems that at some point, AI commander tells teams to stop being Infantry class, so nobody gets in the transport choppers anymore. Probably there should be at least one team dedicated to infantry that uses the choppers to drop on towns. (CR did this, I think late in the game it would be dropping spetz/sf on towns, while rest of units were tanks etc.) Thanks again for good times!
  12. oktane

    CRcti Proman

    About the east lame AI issue, where they don't build tanks. This is indeed happening like the other person reported. Even with loads of cash, they only build light vehicles and other vehicles, but never anything from the tank factory. Wondering what the AI is telling them to build, I go to the Command AI menu (even though I am not commander) and see instead of vehicle type, the text "rfmi_pixel", see picture. I'm sure this is not right? Version 4.27 CO Chernarus Oh just realized this is for the Unit type Patch, or Insignia. Hmm still looking to why then. Thanks!
  13. FYI, the noblur being out of date needn't be reported unless it's been a long time or something else is wrong. I get beta update emails and run the build process every time I see em. At the same time, I get reply notifications to this thread in the same way, so in the end it won't make it go any faster since the delay is in me getting to the computer to check email. :D Sometimes it can be two days if it's on the weekend or something. :beeeers: if you say that it is incompatible, that tends to make me think that something went tits up or pear shaped, rather than me being slow, lol. Please have patience though, it will go faster when it's automatic again. (although I wish my computer didn't have to be on) ---------- Post added at 23:41 ---------- Previous post was at 23:35 ---------- Thank you defunkt, that makes perfect sense. I take it you had the same issue with your mod pack that makes changes to the game configuration eh. Others: noBlur should always be loaded after the beta of course, since it's bin.pbo needs to supercede the beta's. (this is how it overrides the shaders) If this means not using the -beta switch and going back to the old way of -mod=expansion\beta;expansion\beta\expansion then so be it. If someone has BIS's ear, please ask for a rotationBlur=0,1 config entry in arma2.cfg, similar to the SMAA command I noted above. We've been asking for 2 or 3 years now, and it's not like they don't care about what the community wants (quite the opposite!) but I still don't think they have any idea that many people have an issue with it. The addition of the config paramater would eliminate the need for this mod completely, and no more dumb beta updates, mismatched version problems, etc. I am quite ashamed that dumb ragdolls (that are on par with ) get so much traction, fake stealth gameplay by changing uniforms and looking like it's just setting 'player setcaptive true', new shader additions that were not exactly requested en-mass by the community (SSAO, SMAA, etc) while small easy to implement issues like blur, bloom and such are ignored, and the official solution is still 'use very low' setting which disables everything great about the shaders. It's very hard to get them to deviate and commit resources to fix existing things which they don't deem as an issue, like this.
  14. guys does this solve your problem, adjusting this: [89201] New: SMAA introduced, use PPAA=3, PPAALevel=0..3 in Arma2OA.cfg. I still haven't gotten a chance to look at anything or see what is wrong.
  15. So you guys are reporting that the noblur no longer works? (provided you use the right version, and i've released it) That's odd, because I swear I just used it the other night with 89162 or 89096. Oh I just read some of the earlier posts I missed, bloody bastards added another shader for that eh. I was using LOW because my computer struggles pushing 3600x1920 pixels. Well I can nuke any shaders I think, if that's what the consensus is. If that's the case, I'll look into it, let me know. ---------- Post added at 18:41 ---------- Previous post was at 18:34 ---------- And thank you for showing me this again. Played a version of it in ArmA1 and it was horrid, now it's fantastic!
  16. oktane

    CRcti Proman

    Hello. I love this mission, thank you for the conversion, long live cleanrock's cti. I think the issue above that rums mentions is because EAST AI troops keep killing EAST heavy factory because it of the wrong class. (West, M1 chassis appears inside) I am trying to figure out how to fix it, I am thrown off by custom proman base object classes instead of using standard warfare base units. To replicate, try being in EAST last slot, so AI is commanding on both sides. Set money to 200000 or something so base is quickly built, EAST AI will attack it's own base, heavy factory. :( Could also be the beta patch I'm using, still trying to figure it out. Cheers EDIT: Never mind! It's an issue with an old version of the map.. 4.12. Make sure you copy the latest missions from @proman\mpmissions to the missions directory on the server! :D (I'm dumb)
  17. The issue is that each new version of the game, say arma3 in this case, should probably have the rest of the previous games as 'lite' content. Not campaigns, just addons. Consistency, and standardization is key. Any arma3 player should be able to join any other arma3 server, provided they are using all BIS official addons ideally. But anyways, that's a whole other ball of wax, there are many other nagging little issues like the ones I mentioned.. crummy server browser, lobby, mission select, error/kick messages, no MOTD before getting kicked, no way to inform new player where to get help if he can't join. And most important, for a game that is MADE for modders and it's actively encouraged, for the last 3 years it's needed addon syncronization. Obviously. People (other than techy mod makers) messing with their game directories is so 2002. BIS would have all this information with one focus group/usability session with kids off the street that are new to the game, yet are interested in military FPS's.. and just concentrate on the MP nuances. Not necessarily gameplay though! Because that can change per the mission designer.. just the overall flow using a simple and non-frustrating mission, like a firing range. The issue will be in simulating all the join errors and problems, if they could do that and identify those then why have the usability session to begin with? It's a chicken and egg problem. The only thing they can do is listen to the community and have a proactive positive approach to solving common issues that occur with joining servers. Or play their own damn game and see them.. :D (That's difficult, because like us, we have been doing it so long we just skip that error or know exactly what it means.. a new person is bewildered) Maybe the focus group could come in and try to join various servers online while they watched, and asked them how they could improve it. I used to design and set up the equipment for these usability tests, they put ad in classifieds, they give the kids some soda and chips, and 10 bucks for the hour. The screen is recorded, the overall players upper body, the hands, and the face. Each subject ran thru identical senario or mission to gauge an average response and ID problem areas. In this case it is more difficult, testing a UI.. but man it HAS TO BE DONE. Unless you want your game to wind up in the value bin at the local supermarket. BIS is no longer 15-20 guys in a funny house! They own multiple studios filled with people, a couple hundred I think! You can make a AAA quality game with those resources, but you need to pull in new designers that will tell you what sucks and you can't just dismiss that as 'new guy' disease who wants to fix everything. I don't want to be 'that guy' that is cynical about anything they do now, so I should just stop.. besides this thread is about noBlur right? (yet why is this mod needed? ...everything is connected) Pardon for shitting up my own thread here. Who are you really may I ask? A certain long time volunteer/mod at the place bugs go to die? Of all the broken hacked together parts of the game, we get goddamn ragdolls. They better have constraints so they don't look like shit. I hope it isn't havok. (bad history with me) :D
  18. Yeah I don't expect people to understand unless they've been here for quite a while.. to explain everything from scratch is nearly impossible for me to do coherently.. :D I joined here when I was 21, I am now almost 32. (old fart, you kids get off my lawn!) I am ecstatic they implemented the API I requested. But that is an advanced user/server admin/mission maker tool.. there were more important things to do also that have been neglected. First and foremost making the game more usable to novice users in MP, bar none, most important thing. Without improvements there, the player count rises up when a new major version is released, and slowly crawls back to nearly nothing after 6-12 months. It's been happening since ArmA came out. (A1, A2, OA... next A3) The shit is so untenable that people have to join groups to even get a good game going, public play is realistically dead. And it will be dead again, a year after A3 comes out, there is nothing drastically different I've seen that will change that. I take it you are or were a server admin as I was, and you can see the bigger picture.. having to give support to players really shows you quickly what is wrong with their games. And it is very difficult to express those issues and get community support behind them, because the average joe does not know about usability, and they think because they could figure XYZ issue/mod install/config out, that anyone can. People here nitpick over everything, everyone has their own way they want the game to be with meaningless little feature requests and cannot seem to see the larger picture.. player LOSS over time. Or they have the BIS are gods and can do no wrong attitude, that's not helpful. These issues even occur on the CIT sometimes, which is supposed to be the opposite of this forum. The reality is that most players do not have endless patience, and it's 2012.. the game needs modern MP features like favorite servers, online friends, mission subdirectories or sorting, and other usability improvements to retain players and remove the 'pain in the balls' aspect of playing online. It's a ton of tiny little things that people dismiss as quirks.. but people aren't going to put up with crap, like getting kicked from a server with an unreadable error message about missing blah.pbo, they haven't with the previous releases and I doubt they will this time around. New players don't even know what PBO's are! Cue some idiot that says 'we don't need those noobs anyways! they can go play BF3!!' or 'they need to use YOMAs!'.. okay how do you tell them to download yomas? Oh right, no way to do that unless they are on your 3rd party comms! sigh.. server count: 1000's players: 400 And I don't have to say it, but they really screwed the pooch with the whole A2/OA CO/Standalone debacle, out of greed?! (I know they probably need the money, but have some foresight?!) And that took what, a year to fix with the 'lite' stuff? The MP community was already sharded, people said WTF, screw this. It's like they made their own official BIS 'mod hell'. The outlook is grim if such things like that can occur. Arrogant community managers that basically tell you to stick it or throw their hands up when you try to explain major game issues don't help. I'm all for rectifying problems, making things better, I had a totally different attitude before... But for me after 4 years or something with ArmA MP, it's too little, too late. I greatly admire the people that stick with it, doing so much work for them, and get nothing in return. (except probably disrespect on the forums, lawl) I do hope that BIS fixes MP for A3. The problem is I don't think they know what the issues actually are, or they see them as little ones that don't matter.. but they all come together to make for a sub-par experience online, especially for new players. I do read the changelogs, since I get them every time I need to make a noBlur. :) There has traditionally always been an upswing in drastic/major changes before a major release, which I think is ArmA3 in this case.
  19. oktane

    Disable motion blur?

    Hey look, yet another thread about the blur, this one for TOH! (found in a search) So I will report in.. they don't care about the blur. Either they are too proud of their FPS eating rotblur shader or the many hundreds of people that have complained about it are lost in the community noise. That or the community liaisons + devs do not have personal issues with it, so it is of little importance. All official paths to requesting changes have been taken. CIT tickets, many people voting, hell I even made a bug about how the blur shader doesn't work right at low FPS. Devs promised more options, we got a shitty 'very low' setting in ArmA2, flat out ignoring the multitude of other intelligent solutions. (minimum effort INI setting?) All people want is to be able to disable the ONE or two shaders that they have problems with... most complains have been with the motion blur. 'Usability testing, what's that?' Let them drive their games into the ground.. is my opinion at this point. Sounds dramatic, but lots of other major issues have fallen down this same path. It's a small part of a much larger issue.
  20. Nope, its just a client side modification. ---------- Post added at 06:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:08 PM ---------- Hmm I will have to check that out. My buddy and I did try a few of the cti conversions to arma, but the gameplay was not the same at all.. I miss the huge amounts of tanks, attack choppers coming at you, para drops of guys on contested towns.. mind you this was all done by AI dynamically. My friends and I would play crCTI offline on the lan, with all of us on the same side plus some ai group leaders, against a whole AI side. For years... and we would put addons we liked into it.. like the 249acog, kowalalski's dodge challenger from vanishing point loaded with mines and satchels.. LOL it was great fun modding it and putting it on new islands. Jetpack with Uzi's, Russian attack Balloons, Leonardo's AirScrew (don't ask, just know there were lots of chemical & plant enhancements involved with our monthly war fantasies.. :j:) But the core gameplay, the way it was balanced and the aggression of the enemy, their efficiency.. I have never seen it replicated in arma. I'm sure it worked for players, but the AI commander and teams were what we really needed because we're a small anti-social lot.. :D We played BWcti@DVD too, great stuff there. I've tried real hard for MP to work in ArmA but JIP ruined it(it is a good addition but you can't just add it and that's that), and the devs haven't cared to listen to all the smart people that suggested solutions to make public MP a bit more workable so people stick around. I give up. This game has been my life for 10 years, I miss playing online with people without hacks + low player counts, etc. BIS is great company close to its community, but its not like that can replace the need for focus testing/usability testing.. and if you are going to have programmers design bad interfaces, you better fucking listen to your community when they tell you it sucks and it's driving people away. but it takes them years to implement changes, after they've been explained 600 different ways and all except the hardcore people like us have given up and moved on to some other game. Anyways, there's things outside that are great.. a game is not a substitute for interacting with the world. Even a great one. In order for ArmA to replace my life again(lol), I will need some more people playing it, and people aren't going to play it when things are sub-par. There are lots of discussions on it, but the really in depth ones from old farts like me are lost in the noise of 'we need bayonets', it isn't worth getting in to. Even the CIT.. it has helped but still core issues are ignored by the developers, even after their 'fans' have spent hours debugging or analyzing issues.. that's no fun for them. That's BIS.. really good, genius ideas, talented folks, forever caring about its fans. But not quite AAA quality. Fans should not be your core game designers fixing the mistakes you made.. :j: Christ, look at what thread you are in... a mod that crudely removes a shader because they won't put a simple ini option in to individually disable shaders. It's really shitty the way the whole game config has to be repackaged with it making it version dependent, they never intended anyone to modify their shaders. All of the 'official' paths to request changes have been fulfilled. They have said they'll look into it.. bugs are filed. People vote. Nothing happens. Years have passed... Maybe a turd sent in the mail to BIS would be more effective? This all sounds dramatic probably, but lots of problems with the game are ignored like this, even after volunteers have spent free manhours doing things the 'official' ways. This is just one marble in the jar. I only keep this mod up for the people that use it. I've stopped doing work for BIS, it gets you nowhere. It would be different if I worked for them, (I was in the US games industry for the last 6 years) but not as a fan, it breaks your spirit. People like sickboy, kju (and many others, those are just off the top of my head) should likely be employees by now.. I don't know how they justify the amount of time they spend helping BIS without anything in return, while their life goes by.. maybe they haven't thought about it too much. How is the game still fun for them, do they even play it anymore? Just for bug hunting? sigh.
  21. Doh haha, I need to make this automatic again.. I have been relying on the beta feed emailer, but I sometimes miss the emails because I think I already did that one. Thank you for telling me, I appreciate it. Kevin, the owner of Jest Servers who is the nicest guy on the planet, he gave me a virtual server for my mods and scripts, I just need to set it all up. (install apache, php, lock it down, etc.) but when that's up it will be automatic again. What would be super is if I redid all the scripts as bash for linux (which is what the server Jest gave me runs) and then it could do it all without my local arma install on windows.. but the scripts are currently in powershell and they took a loooong time to write, it pains me to think about rewriting them. And they rely on another app I wrote, https://github.com/oktane/rssRunCmd It's a lot of work for a game I hardly play anymore except small coops on the lan. Hell lately I've just gone back to old OFP, nothing has ever came close to the action in crCTI 1.0.. I have never seen it replicated in the ArmA 1/2 engines, I wish it was because I would play ArmA2 a lot more then I bet. It's all pretty complicated SQS that was made over the course of many years, based on Mike Melvins mfCTI. Anyways, beta's done processing and uploading in the time it took to write this. Cheers.
  22. Yep, the updates are all stored here http://506.jestservers.com/scripts/oktane/noblur/ Everything should be up to date as far as I know.
  23. okay raid is back.. "rebuilt a four drive raid array's metadata by hand and can access the data again! One of the disks had developed a bad sector right on the second to last sector of the drive, where the metadata is stored. But before that happened, the metadata had gotten corrupted on all disks by the intel drivers, which happens sometimes very rarely to people. It could have been caused by the weak sector itself, since it is updated frequently, propagated to the rest, dunno. But anyways, since that disk was then unusable because the sector could not be written to(it got kicked out of the array), yet 99.99% of the rest of the disk was ok and had 1/4 of my data striped on it, i did the only thing i could think of. I did a byte by byte transfer from the bad disk to an identical type drive (i had a few of these lousy wd raptor 80gb 10k drives, they are shit but they were free) then I figured out how to rebuild the metadata, using documented linux structs and metadata from a test array, changed the drive serial to reflect the 'new' old drive replacing the junk one, corrected the checksum (prob spent a whole day off on just that checksum part) and wrote it to all 4 disks. Booted up and viola!" Only took a week to do, after manual labor turning wrenches all day I get to reverse engineer my own computer to get my data back. Actually I didn't lose anything important except my games, which are a bitch to reinstall. (steam, gtaiv, arma2, etc.. like 100gb of shit) Nobody sane puts anything important on 4 shitty old 10k raptors known to frequently fail, raid0 striped for speed, that already have probably 4 years 24/7 operation on them. (before I got them!) They make funny noises all the time, but hey they were free and they are fast. :D Anyways, I updated the latest 3 betas. I will look at the bikey thing after I move all this data to another disk and remake this array on different disks.. wanted to change the stripe size anyways. I need to get some sleep. I already did a2 1.11 when it came out, don't know what you mean there, unless you are talking about the v2 sigs.
  24. Thanks for the support guys. For christmas this year, my high speed raid array failed and I lost my arma install and stuff like that. It isn't a big deal, I can recover it from tape backup but I won't be able to update any beta's until I get a chance to rebuild the array and restore everything. I should be able to do it this weekend so it won't be that long. I wanted to buy some new drives but it seems like all the prices skyrocketed lately. (probably all the disasters) Cheers Seba, your name seems familiar maybe we used to play OFP a long time ago. I can hardly remember though. :D
  25. Don't ever use mismatched noBlur on wrong game version! Bad things happen to the game, and if you play mp then you could cause issues for others even if everything appears ok for you. Mostly the last issue is what I'm concerned about, and its why I release these things for every version. And in your case, its undoing fixes made in 1.60. Remember that this is not a normal addon, each one contains the whole arma game config! I'm downloading the big patch now, i'll have the noblur up shortly! ---------- Post added at 09:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:19 PM ---------- Okay, here we go: http://506.jestservers.com/scripts/oktane/noblur/okt_noBlur_OA_retail_1.60.7z I tested it, works the same as usual. There were some shader additions in 1.60... kind of odd but this very large shader or multiple shaders with one name was added: PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 PsPpFxaa3_11.ps_3_0 VsPpFxaa3_11.vs_3_0 FXAA is a pixel shader based anti aliasing method. Cheers