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  1. @Myke : you reduced it by remodeling and only making the obvious stuff and use the hipoly model as refrence and then bake the details from hipoly to lowpoly model
  2. does that thing have 2 named selections? if so then that could be the problem if 1 object have 2 animated named selections it will cause weird animation in game
  3. namman2

    Mil Mi-24A Krokodil

    you are talking about this wierd looking hind http://www.aviastar.org/foto/gallery/mil/mi-24a-s.gif ? i cant wait to see it finished ;) keep up the good work
  4. namman2


    yes it will
  5. namman2


    more WIP pictures (i know it looks naked but that;s because i haven't added the antennas and other stuff yet ) :
  6. namman2


    yeah they are already fixed don't worry ;) @topas thnx for the references
  7. namman2


    yeah from 0 about the 4x4 , well it's not used AFAIK it was just a prototype but if i get more free time i might model it but still the cougar is more important than it
  8. namman2


    @ topas no problem and i'll do it (not very hard) anyway since i c there's still interest in this addon i decided to remake the caiman so here are some WIP pictures :
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    well... i was going to remake the caiman next but i just dont have time :( i'll try to get done if could but i cant promise anything , sorry for disappointment .
  10. namman2

    Challenger 1

    from the quality of the model it doesn't seem UVMapped :/ , the model is good but you could try and uvmapping and baking the AO map wich might work as a base texture
  11. it's not for optimization AFAIK it's for fixing some bugs eg : the model wont show up although it has low poly count or if you want to add more details and you are hi on poly count
  12. namman2

    Missile smoke trail spawn point

    IIRC there's a memory point for aircraft to define the center maybe this could work for missiles?
  13. namman2


    is some one found it here in gaza he would have just took it and sold it as scrap metal
  14. namman2

    Weird Binarize Error

    maybe because the rvmats are binirized they should be excluded from binirizing?
  15. namman2

    Arma 2 - Female Characters?

    lol well yeah they would look a bit weird with men body's and stuff but still military clothes and equipments are not meant to make women look like women
  16. namman2

    BIS Resource Request

    would you care to expand? i'd like to know more about this although it doesn't sound good because why would pay for stuff that will help you to make free addons for arma 2 ? i mean these addons help BIS becuase they add more varity to there games so they should release examples for free and +2 for Myke's request
  17. namman2

    Mh53 & ch46 - wip

    FPDR this wont happen because you cant import from other games unless you have permission from the game maker
  18. WIP pictures of the nagamashon : http://www.idfsquad.com/downloads/milesteg/nagmashon.png and the merkava mk3D http://www.idfsquad.com/downloads/milesteg/mkIIIn.png sry for the crappy quality my machine cant handle hi quality :(
  19. namman2

    reskinning the blackhawk??

    HEX Editing is not allowed here :( , but you can use arma 1 black hawk form the sample models they are the same AFAIK
  20. looks great pauliesss :D , but also fox '09 makes a point :P
  21. it happened to me and still does go to your temp folder look if there;s a folder called "ARMAaddons" and delete if it;s there and re binirize if not then idk what the problem is unless it shows smth in game like an error message
  22. IIRC back in ofp most of the planes addon that had removable fuel tanks had a script wich makes the fuel in the plane less , so maybe a new script for arma 2 ? :>
  23. namman2

    fox's small projects

    you can , make the shoulder pads a separate selection select the shoulder pad and go to hitpoints lod and press "D" to delete the faces and keep the points but you need to make fire geometry lod a small box will do i guess (or you can use the shoulder pads model but either way the model you put in a geometry lod should be closed and convex and in the config under hitpoints class make a new hitpoint type class and give the ammount of armor you like
  24. some WIP pictures of the updated merkava mk3d the model is by ALM Model Works http://www.idfsquad.com/downloads/milesteg/Merkmk3d1.png http://www.idfsquad.com/downloads/milesteg/Merkmk3d2.png http://www.idfsquad.com/downloads/milesteg/Merkmk3d3.png