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  1. the problem could be an old proxy reference (eg ah1gunner.p3d should be gunner for arma1/2)
  2. namman2


    you can use any proxy in p3d format so it doesn't matter if it's a mlod or an odol p3d
  3. 1st it looks awesome :D but the textures looks too clean , and as said above the shadows have some open points and maybe some parts are just too smooth?
  4. namman2

    TexView 2 error loading file?

    yeah it has to be in the power of 2 you could change the dimension to 4096x2048 the uv lay out will still be the same and it should work
  5. if you use the search button you'll find the solution here but here it is anyway: what you should do is compress all the paa/pac textures , if you dont know how to do that (there's a tool you'll find on armaholic/armedassaul.info to de/compress) just convert all your textures to tga and make buldozer convert them to paa/pac and that should solve the problem be advised that every single texture must be compressed or the problem will still exist
  6. when exporting there's an option convert to tries just uncheck that
  7. namman2

    AH-64 Pack

    it always feels great to crash something that looks that great :D
  8. @PlacidBox pls keep on the great work :D that tool will be very very usefull
  9. @Banderas i was hoping no one would notice that XD but it's just a bug the gun will have limited rotation thnx :) but still they can get better
  10. more WIP screens 1st the nagmachon (model by jake crappy textures by me) http://www.idfsquad.com/downloads/milesteg/NagmNv.png http://www.idfsquad.com/downloads/milesteg/NagmNv2.png 2nd the merkava mk3 (hull by alm model works the turret by mikebart crappy textures by me 2 ) http://www.idfsquad.com/downloads/milesteg/MKIIInv.png 3rd mk3d (model by alm model works textures by me ) http://www.idfsquad.com/downloads/milesteg/MKIIIDnv.png http://www.idfsquad.com/downloads/milesteg/MKIIIDnv2.png
  11. afaik that AB trail will be hidden inside the hull and when the rpm goes up it will slowly come out from the nozzle so just keep pressing "Enter" and when you get to rpm animation activate it using "["and"]" or it's just as S_A said a bug
  12. namman2

    AH-64 Pack

    true :( well going 3d with every thing might look better so that would be great but you know the AH-64 must be playable(although i dont thing adding more ploys will affect the fps that much) so ,pls keep on the great work ;)
  13. namman2

    AH-64 Pack

    Awesome work ! as for the unwraping it looks like he'll be baking the details on a lower poly model so he can use auto unwraping witch would be a bit easier
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    i'm afraid that you wont hear from me for a while since my dell piece of shit got toasted to to hi Humidity in the air :( never ever buy dell shit of crap
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    not really since you can see much from the glass sorry :(
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    ok here's v1.9999 of the MaxxPro what's new is : Topas textures :D no more errors in rpt add rhino variants optimized the lods links : MaxxProV1.9999 bikey this version is not 2 because i might work more on the interior and add more eye candy stuff (eg strechers , road cones ,etc) and still no thermal maps :( edit : WiP on the Caiman the exterior is like 80% done and i'm working on the interior atm http://www.idfsquad.com/downloads/milesteg/Caiman15.10.jpg http://www.idfsquad.com/downloads/milesteg/Caiman15.10.2.jpg
  17. namman2

    Camo net shadow lod problems

    that happens because of smooth edges just select the left side for example and press "U" to make it a sharp edge
  18. namman2


    that makes 2 of use XD awesome work
  19. namman2


    the square grill will do the job
  20. no no not 3d max all you need to do is just export using o2 to .3ds format and xnormal will import it and bake all the textures
  21. not baking bread it's just a term for render to texture method anyway here's a good link explains what it does all it need for a good texture baking (hi 2 low) is that the low poly model to be uv mapped it doesn't matter how it's uv mapped as long as there are no overlapped faces in the uv editor and just export both the low and hi models 2 3ds and then use this tool xnormal it's free and does the job good enough hopes that helps