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  1. ni-mh


    great release ! the revamped littlebirds are absolutely fantastic!
  2. ni-mh

    SgtEv Nogova V0.8 Beta

    good job on the release! I'm really glad this island made it to beta phase
  3. ni-mh


    whoah very nice!
  4. ni-mh


    nice work fischkopp been waiting for these for a long time
  5. ni-mh

    Liberation1941-45 Update

    i found it easier just to extract onto my desktop then transfering the files into my flashpoint folder. the missions though do need some translation. english subtitles would be greatly appreciated during the cutscenes. edit: a "bug" before: after turning the turret 90 degrees to the right: this occured on the Pzkpfw III mod. E (late), which means other versions of this tank might have the same problem.
  6. ni-mh

    Liberation 1941-1945: Barbarossa

    the units are absolutely amazing! I like the new toned down effects, gives it a more realistic feel. Has anyone made a good mission that they're willing to share yet?
  7. ni-mh

    Liberation 1941-1945: Barbarossa

    WHOAH been waiting for this forever!
  8. ni-mh

    Wizzywig's tomahawk Relesed!

    remember these from a long time ago. great that you guys were able to finish it
  9. it appears that the shadows of these units are a bit "fuzzy". Is it a problem with my computer or is it part of the addon?
  10. a job well done! these units are absolutely top-notch
  11. ni-mh

    Sanctuary's Animation Pack 1.6

    very nice! looking forward to the final^4 release
  12. ni-mh


    I do agree that some forum members are too harsh with their criticism. I'm glad that you could put up with them and still manage to release a great addon
  13. ni-mh

    Semper Fidelis

    excellent humvees fischkopp, your textures are always topnotch
  14. ni-mh

    OFP Animation Sharing Center

    excellent! the new transitions are brilliant
  15. ni-mh

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    Addons: DXDLL Llaumax E&S russian infantry