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  1. Mok Sith

    Galactic Civil War

    Hey everyone. I am still working on this. It is just that I am in the middle of moving. As soon as I get settled in and my system back together and online, I will be posting more progress reports. moving sucks. Please don't explode. :P
  2. Mok Sith

    OFP Addon request thread

    It may need to get approved first. I just uploaded it. Do you now of another host I can upload it to? ok, don't use gamefront for filesharing. I have it here now on FileSwap: BLOODPUDDLES. Choose the "Slow Download", it is free. And I tested it. room size: Three various sizes: I hope this works for you.
  3. Mok Sith

    OFP Addon request thread

    do you just want a static object that is a puddle of blood? link me to a pic and how big you want it. I will make it real quick. I just went ahead and made some. Keep in mind I made them kinda quick. Just three different puddles of blood to use as props. Get the BLOODPUDDLE.pbo and put in addons, of course. You will find it in the editor under Empty>Bloodprops> Bloodprop1 - Bloodprop3 The editor icon is the default one, so it is as big as a tent. Sorry, I just didn't make icons. :/ If you do happen to have a pic you can link, I can edited it and add it to these three. image:
  4. Mok Sith

    OFP Addon request thread

    Punkrocker, back in ofp 1.46 days, made a russian fast attack boat with dual turrets. It used two models. 1. boat and primary turret 2. secondary turret If used without the script, it would just be the boat and primary turret. But with the script it attached the second turret. And it worked. You can get it HERE and study it to figure out how to add the second gun to your Hind. I just tested it in single player and it worked fine. Though the default gunner view is messed up, and the optical is the default gun emplacement optical. It does seem work. Let us know if you get it working.
  5. Mok Sith

    Galactic Civil War

    Thanks all. I am trying my best to get this out as fast as possible. Baron, I will post some more pics when I fix the arm and hands. That should be pretty soon. :)
  6. Mok Sith

    Making a Music Addon

    Maybe I am reading your post wrong, but I am not following what you are asking? Are you wanting to add your own music to your missions? Or, are you wanting to replace the stock music in the games? Or is it something else?
  7. Hi. I released a beta version of the Imperial troops to Acacyn and the team at GWA way back when. I did not expect it to go beyond those guys. I recently noticed it was released in a collection. And that people were still using them. I also had a request for another addon I did long ago and this made me remember all the fun of OFP. So, I decided that I would redo the Imperials as well as make the Alliance side and release them as a complete package. After lots of failed email attempts, I can not get permission that I would like from Acacyn, or Cell 7. But in their readmes of the addons, they are clear that their addons are free to use and destribute as long as they get credit. The reason for bringing them up is that I don't plan to re-build x-wings and tie-fighters that they have already done. I will add them to my package, with the only thing being change in their addons will be "VehicleClass" and "pilot". The new version of the Imperials: Rebel Alliance I plan to have a Hoth map completed with a short campaign ending in the Battle of Hoth. I will update this post as things develop. Images:
  8. From looking at the youtube videos. It is just Armed Assault 2. He says in the description that he made the missions and his own personal mod to change guilles. You could try asking in the Arma 2 forum for further details. Click here ---> ARMA 2 Q&A Forum Oh, and welcome to the forums :D
  9. Mok Sith

    OFP Star Wars Addons

    The ammo for "Impblaster" is "lasermag". make sure you have the Impguns.pbo with the rest of the IMP*.pbos. When I made them, for some reason, I ended up having them all depended on each other. :/ I will redo all of the Imperial Forces, as well as finish the Rebel side. Give me about 6 weeks.
  10. here you go... Rellikki's Guerilla Pack
  11. Mok Sith

    sound killer addon

    i have had this problem as well with other addons... most of the combat stuff maf_hummer RKTbeagle SPC_MIG VIT_apc ( with config pbo ) guess i need to 'PBOX' them and look for what i am missing...
  12. Mok Sith

    Few scripts I need help with.

    you can use PBOX for that... http://tactical.nekromantix.com/tactical/wiki/doku.php?id=ofp:tools:pbox it will allow you to view then config.cpp without having to unpbo it... from there just find out what the maker named his weapon/ammo/vehicle
  13. Mok Sith

    changing vehicle class/simulation

    i know this is like maybe that latest reply to a post...but i lost my PC shortly after making the original post and just now started to get back into editing ofp... i ill try that out!!! so if you are still around Pulverizer, THANKS!!!
  14. Mok Sith

    Speed racer

    new download site.... speed racer at filefront  http://files.filefront.com/speedracerzip/;9598708; thank you all for the kind review!!!!
  15. ok, i KNOW this has been covered somewhere, and just spent the last hour trying to search for it, but with no luck....maybe i am just using the wrong keywords..... so if someone knows the thread(s) that covered this please direct me there....i have search burnout hehe ok...i read a while back, about changing a vehicle simulation..i.e. simulation="helicopter" to simulation="plane"...and then back again, of course this all in game.... the solution was to use some sort of destroy command ( destroy the heli ) and then create command ( create the plane where the heli was ) and reverse process to go the other way.... i remember something about the only problem would be the newly created object would spawn in at zero velocity.... does anyone know what i am talking about? i tried searching "class", "simulation", "destroy", "multi class"....i just can't seem to find it.... thanks in advance for any help... laters