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  1. Quote[/b] ]

    Designated Marksman System being used is based on the M4A1 or are they using the SR-25 rifle for that now?

    Still based on M4A1. the SR-25 enterd service but in very small amount. I dont think and sure it is suposed to replace the m4a1 as DMS in the infantry brigades [Golani, Nahal etc.], probably for SF and the infantry brigades recon [for example, sayeret Golani]. Galil's are only used be the reserve soldiers, not by the regulars. not sure if this relevant but IDF tankers use a short barreld M-16A1 [mekut'zar in hebrew]. about the Galat'z I don't have facts but i think IDF dosnt use him any more. maybe the border guard does [MAGAV]


    pictures of the intirior of the Merkava tanks are calssified [supposed to be at least]

  2. model replace suggestion:

    Spetsnaz - RHS 85' VDV Saboteur

    U.S Jeep/jeep with Mg/ HMMV - Semper Fideles U.S Army m998 Hmmv variations [enterd service in 1985], suggest replace standart jeep with the "open" or "patrol" version from the pack, but unfortunatly this pack dosn't have a 998 hummv with MG. only newer models ,1000 something

  3. Quote[/b] ]

    As to 1985, I suggest that you first replace all BIS vehicles with newer similar models. And than add others on top of that. That's because in some FFUR versions an A-10 with GBU's was replaced with an F-16 and it screwed up some missions- Like the airfield bombing scene in the "Retaliation" campaign.

    Couldn't agree more smile_o.gif


    I think RHS's t62's will be a nice addition to 85' pack smile_o.gif

  4. Very nice to hear that maybe there will be a 85' pack smile_o.gif

    TB, A question:

    Is there a chance that a "super" light config will be released ? meaning that FFUR will only replace vehicles soldiers and sounds ? meaning no weapon accuaracy and recoil changes, advanced AI & SLX scripts, like in Sanctuarys GRAA ? is it possible ?

  5. Hey tunderbird !

    IdK if this has been mentioned but have you thought about changing the Russian UAZ with the new UAZ that has benn released about a week ago by "TheSun" ?

    And maybe to replace the Ressistance UAZ-G with the Res model of that same UAZ [released by TheSun] ?

    Great mod ! ! ! notworthy.gif

  6. The difference between Israel having Nukes and Iran having nukes is that we {Israel} don't call for the "total distruction" of nobody. But the Iranians . .well. could you people stop denaing that he said he want's to destroy Israel & all that stuff ? [drive the zionist into the sea etc.]. I've seen that on the news about a undred times.

    If Iran stoped calling for the "utter destruction of the zionist pigs", I really don't have problem with them having nukes. but untill then . . . whistle.gif

    [i stoped reading about 3 pages ago, Possible I will edit this post later]


    Quote[/b] ]

    but also that Hizballah didn't actually attack Israel - kidnapping is not an attack on a nation.

    Wha ? That's gotta be a joke.

    They attacked a HMMV patrol that was moving in israeli terretory, blew the first HMMV to pices with RPG-29, took two soldiers captive. Btw only one soldier managed to survive that attack.

    How come that is not an attack ? what they have to do so it will be considered as an attack ? Rolling with tanks (which they don't have} plus a massive infantry attack ?

    I don't get this, You are so anti-Israeli that you don't consider that kind of thing an attack ?

  7. That depends.

    I for example was not born in Israel. I was born in Ukraine [but it was still part of the USSR then] and came to Israel in 1991, and I am a jew, a "russian jew" to your description :P

    For example, I have friends in my class who were born here but there great/grandfathers were not, and for example came here form Yemen, Maroco, Algeria etc. There are also jews from europe which are called "Ashkenazim" here. And yes also jews from Ethiopia.


    They want the land that we bought to, didn't you know ?