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    UCS_Mercenaries 0.9 Release

    are you going to add "gear" to them ? head radio gear and stuff, like in Jonys SF pack and TQP army sf
  2. mp_phonix

    project "SCI-FI"

    hey did u happen to see mission impossible 3 ? the bad guys have a drone the looks like a futuristic-mini-A-10 plane with misseles . .thought about making someone similar to that ? I can get u pics of that from the movie ..
  3. mp_phonix

    Nogovan Light Infantry BETA Release

    If he war refering to making Nogovian Airborne infantry it is wierd, it's a small island Â
  4. mp_phonix

    French MPs pass 'genocide' bill

    Not nice  And that is true about being hypocrites thought, for example if in the Danish newspaper there would be a drawing of a Rebai with m-16 or something like this people would be yelling here in Israeli Nazi's and stuff ! [hav't done with playing the victim yet ], which I think is hypocrit because when the muhamad drawing was showed up ppl here like :"wtf ? freedom of speech!" {yeah, right } Basiclly I think the posting that Muhamad with hand grenade [can't remmember the drawing by details though] was a little provoking but it was ok to post in newespapers. The muslims over reacted I think [yes when it's muhamad it's wrong but burgning US flags and such is all ok  ]. I think that people should pay a fine or something when they are kind of "teaching" that Armenian and jewish holocust never happend, like writing it in public books or "preching" it in rallys Â
  5. mp_phonix

    French MPs pass 'genocide' bill

    I think theres a simillar law that u will be jailed if you go to the street and say "jewish holocust never happend", or something like this. I think this is a good bill but jailing people is stupid. I mean sure, give them fines and take money, but jailing ? maybe for a couple of weeks but I heard in the Israeli news that they could jail you for a year . .wtf ?
  6. mp_phonix

    Another attack?

    What the fuck? 4 people die and you roll on the floor laughing? That's like I'd kill your family and laugh about it. Show some god damn respect JW I thought he was making a joke.wtf ? cuz I heard that NY pitchers are bad, so i thought it was a joke, you know like he can't throw a ball, means his aim is poor so his aim in landing the plane . .well, u get it. sorry.
  7. mp_phonix


    Yes I saw it in history channel ! they were supposed to ram into them like bumping cars ! they were called the "Wolf packs" or something . . But I dno't remmeber about the V1, but I remmember that they were given simple fighter planes so that they could crash them into the bomber and then jump out. it was also said that some of them rammed and jump out, but they were killed by angry allies fighters or bombers while they were in the air
  8. mp_phonix

    Another attack?

  9. mp_phonix

    Upcoming lost brother addons

    Nagmashot Looks's nice, hopefully he will get good textures. What about Nagmahon ? are u making one ?
  10. mp_phonix

    Su-24 Fencer addon

    Footmunch may I ask what planes are you working on now ?
  11. mp_phonix

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    well . . .silenced weapons arn't that quaiet . .I read somewhere that they could be heard for about 100m. is that true ? and that in the desert a gun shot can be heard for miles . .
  12. mp_phonix

    C++ pointer referencing

    I leran PASCAL, A dead computer language . .I think it was made whem my dad was born :-P
  13. mp_phonix

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    I know I'm gonna sound like an idiot but I prefer the "Whoosh" sound better that those "realistic" sounds of snaping [or like someone whips in the air]
  14. mp_phonix


    *Stupid question* is the AAV7 is that APC that marines use when they invade coasts ? [or not invade, assualt or whatever  ] btw, very nice
  15. mp_phonix

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    I think it is because of the SJB weapon pack but I couldn't know . .
  16. mp_phonix

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    I'm not sure about that, I tried to run it with Safty Catch marines and I get an ".mdoespecial" error {something like that}
  17. Hi! I heard people talking about a manual or something to how create a replacment mod, something involves "CCP" or something like that. I searched the forum but I couldn't find anything. Can someone give me a link to this or maybe show me how can I creat my own replacment mod ? {like ffur replaces the units]
  18. mp_phonix

    making your own replacment mod ?

    Ok, I'll read those thingys and download the tools. Thanks  btw, your anim pack rulez ! edit: I saw the thread . .I wanna change the models and sounds only, like that guy. That would be easy, right ?
  19. mp_phonix

    Upcoming lost brother addons

    IDf stooped to preduce merkava for now becuase or budget cuts. A Recent commity decided that a re-organaized army is needed & stuff, because we don't fight countrys anymore [like egypt , jordan] but we fight "low agrresion wars" {or smt like that}, I mean we don't shoot down enemy planes or fight tanks.
  20. mp_phonix

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    I think he meant if it will be possible to release the patch without TB like if completed his part in the project {what he does, texturing idk} and if the mod is ready maybe someone else from the FFUR could release him without waiting for TB. Anyways, any new screenies ?
  21. mp_phonix


    I agree
  22. mp_phonix

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    Tb, just a question: are those: Supposed to be Ockly's [or okaleys] goggels ? becuase . .well . . I don't like them, maybe because they are not completed yet . .or something   exept for the goggels. awsome awsome BDU's ! I like the soldier/meic models ! also the SF one [just without those strange goggeks], maybe a noraml gogels will be ok {like the on in Laser para rescue or something]
  23. mp_phonix

    Armed Assault ACU Units

    Your making russian units too ? Â