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    God d**n I hate OFP's nvg's

    u mean thos NVG's that fits on NVD's with 1 optic ? i mean that NV optic that fits only on one eye (Like the one in Laser Delta force (S) operators) and yeah. the optics that u can see like day light is preety disapointing because u want the "grain" effect and can anybody ask thunderbird 84 (i thinks thats his name) about the FFUR 2005 NVG's ?
  2. mp_phonix

    God d**n I hate OFP's nvg's

    i think the best NVG replacment that i have played with is the one that is in the "FFUR 2005" pack, they are full screen, and got that "grain" effect that makes it realistic. i checked the details and its some kind of "InQ NVG replacment" version, but wich one ? and whre can we get it ?
  3. mp_phonix

    LSR Addons

    are tha HaLo units going to be also with DESERT camo ? (like delta.rangers, PJ) and in Black-op scheme ? (dressed in black etc.)??
  4. mp_phonix

    God d**n I hate OFP's nvg's

    im using the nvg from lluma sky pack, they are also great, but i have also a question, can u download only NVg replacment or u have to go with packmod ?
  5. mp_phonix

    LSR Addons

    very nice units im looking forward for the HaLo units (got a mission idea with them.) about the garisson units with the red berets, they look good but i think the beret is little too high (but thats just me ) and qusetion about the halo, the halo action/animation will be activated only when u jump from a plane or or u can set it when u start ? (for example: halo units - flying - flyinheight 500; ) very cool units again Great job ! Â