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  1. mrj-fin

    ArmA 2 Press Coverage

    All those pre-rendered stuff/pics never tell nothing of real final game so I'd expect to see reality in this WIP videos. I want to see BIS to be fair to this loyal community and keeps us in big picture what is going on. They should (BIS) give a public commitment if they really arent anymore creating for realistic military FPS games, that they gave image back in years 2001-2005 (VBS sims have many engine restrictions due based on same engine than BIS releases). All this "Ultimate Combat Sims" hype etc... create only false hope. A2 Game engine doesnt looks anything different from ArmA and BIS capability to change it in few years seems quite impossible. I am not really keen of any GFX upgrades but more to all the rest beginning from game play to all those "promised" features that would make Game2 to be real sequel to OFP. It to amaze me that how little they have managed to improve from 2001 to this day even they now have double times bigger and more experienced teams... BTW do they still use that 3rd party ODE physics engine and how BIS did expect it to improve the game?
  2. mrj-fin

    ArmA 2 on PlayStation 3

    How about they put "100% effort" into all versions? With the small developer team its rather diffucult to do many things once. What ever in console markets this game will not have much space on tought competition.
  3. mrj-fin

    Mission requests and ideas

    CTI is one of the OFP MP pillars currently. Playing non-addons CTIs there is "@BIS crcti" named missions. Almost everything rest CTI missions require one addons or more of them. MFCTI still is on version 1.16 and it need only one addon from here.. There is usually game of two on prime time using MFCTI. Perhaps the most played on MP right now is BWMOD CRCTI (based of CRCTI code and have three nations US, russia and germany all of them using upgraded addond packs. You can find it from here It is using alot of addons and will take 1 Gt of HD space. Almost all the rest CRCTI missions require at least crcti8 addons pack find it here. There is for sure much more variants to crctis but lack of popularity to them. Be aware that there is done ctcti missions to hundreds of user-made islands so you should have many of them when playing online. http://cr-ofp.dyndns.org/ CRCTI is a tournament competition to CTI scene squads not a mod or mission. The best AI commanding missions are crcti 1.0 or 1.03 based missions. You can command every non-player AI teams and units if you take commander spot then you can create waypoints, guardlines etc. So afterall there havent been anything revolutionary in CTI for a while but it is still quite mayor cornerstone of MP gaming in OFP.
  4. mrj-fin

    Feature Menu

    BIS should understand that this game could really have thousands customizable options to avoid things like they change some HUD etc every patch they do. Its easy to do indeed make a config changer ingame and tehre you go.
  5. mrj-fin


    This one of the those tens features that stripped off from OFP. In ofp you could decide in Player options whether you'll wear have sun glasses , normal glasses or not at all. And there was nice addons what did let you have much of selection of variations of colors etc.
  6. mrj-fin

    Dynamic destruction, who needs it anyway?

    Its seems that the incoming VBS2 VTK will have DD and DT alongside of dozens other thing that people have dreamed in this forums on years the question is will any those features ever land to BIS released games.
  7. Cant download video from there is there any other place to find that episode?
  8. mrj-fin

    Infrared (thermal) vision

    This game needs much more situational awareness than we had in ArmA , why do we have the technics expect NV googles from WWII all this modern warware is based to computer technology? Its take BIS time to figures out this.
  9. mrj-fin

    Up close combat

    Why people want to strict this game to cover only hand held weapons and thatfore limit of possibilities to operate in combat. Of course game should be made this feature on sight of realism that you have almost zero changes with knive when you are chased but you should have the advantage to surprise of guards from behind.
  10. mrj-fin


    Isnt there working ropes physics on VBS2? So its should be possible to use same to the joints? I would at least liek to see death bodies have ragdoll I mean that i can drag death bodies like in Hitman games . Small details really make whole game shine.
  11. mrj-fin

    Dynamic destruction, who needs it anyway?

    I would prefer dynamic destruction over graphical echancements. I loved T72 Balkans on Fire buildings destroying models sabot make small hole to wall and the HE does alot of more damage. I am assumed that with current HW its more than possible to have all buildings with this feature. They should somehow do it that only the houses that are close of player on some radius have activated special model. Even not possible in chernarus I would like to see possible that we can make small maps (400m x 400m) where we dont need to care of too much overall computed calculations and have terrain deformations such of dig foxholes etc...
  12. mrj-fin

    Map, Territory & Island

    If there wll be only one island then I think the projected chernarus is ecxellant choice of being filled by pine trees forest not deserts. Game settings arent made to Iraq war and personally I am tired to fighting against any Iraqian insurgent who try to defent their country.
  13. mrj-fin

    Platform Support

    I prefer Vista DX10 then XP.
  14. Yeag Suma said that they get bigger percentage of sale of internet distributions but I dont know why they havent yet make deal with Steam? Its almost like they are shooting themselves to foot not to getting all those ten thousand extra sale.
  15. mrj-fin

    Estimated Min. Computer Requirements

    Its great that finally they will support game to use multi cores. What surprise me is that they doesnt give anything more than 512mt RAM minimum I hope the game could support unlimited amount of memory without any leak.