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    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    For those interested, I've written the following guide on setting-up you "SW Additional Channel" for the TacBF community here: TacBF: How to setup your 'additional' SW channel in TFR
  2. Hey guys, Just noticing this now and thanks for mentioning TacBF! Relevant links to the TacBF steam group and the official server stats (SWEC) are in my signature. We're still looking into the Steam server browser detect-ability problems but this may be out of our hands following the Gamespy to Steam transition by BIS. Perhaps we should look into a mailing list? Or carrier pigeons?!
  3. As referred to by Adanteh. We have >20 players signed-up so far. All welcome! :D =============== [TacBF] Official event Operation Dusty Mountain(26/07/2014) Introduction: This weekend will be a unique event that will take place on Saturday at 19:00 GMT. (Time Zone Helper) Please sign up to ensure you have a slot available to you. If you are not on the list and the server is full then you may be kicked off to allow for the signups to connect. This will not be a organized event with JIP's and unorganized alike and if we have CO's willing then we will have CO's. The server cap limit will be set to 100 players. The server will be locked at the beginning of each mission to ensure JIP's don't miss the orders and leave main base early. Once everyone leaves main base the server will be unlocked. The server that will be used is the official TacBF server. This is an event that will finally open up a new campaign and open doors to a wider variety of TacBF experiences. The Highlights of this event will be: the introduction of brand new missions utilization of Task Force Radio mod utilization of the A3MP Map Pack - A3MP or AIA is required! (see below for links) All of this will event will take place in the middle east (simulated :P). Thats right we will be fighting on takistan and zargabad! [*] there will be numerous screenshots and score recording(s) for an AAR to be posted on the forums (to also discuss how you all enjoy(ed) the event). Required Mods: Optional Mods: The Teamspeak to be used for TFR compatability will be tacbf.ts3dns.com Operation Information: Further Details & Event Sign-up LINK
  4. There you go. :) Nice video, thanks for making it! I've also added this to the new , which is mentioned in my section above and now makes it 51 gameplay videos to date! As also discussed in the developer diary #003 above in Eyeball's summary section, the whole team is in the process of major overhauls for the squad rally point, respawn and medic systems. Adanteh and Gunther are heading-up the medic system overhaul, I suggest you post your suggestion in the TacBF forums for those guys to review. Knowing Adanteh though, he's probably already addressed this issue.
  5. I was coming back to make a more detailed ArmA3 feedback tracker entry but it seems like you guys (BIS) already fixed some of these issues. I'll try the particle effects modules again in MP.
  6. I didn't think so either. I need to look at my notes as why I had to modify these 'defaults' in order for it to work, but I think it was something to do with particle effect initialization and errors until the specified variables could be registered if that makes sense. Indeed as I said in the initial post, it also seemed strange to me that this would break it as well?! Apologies DarkDruid, I should've done that in the first place rather than here. I'll try get onto it in the next week with my script examples. In short, I've gotten it to work in MP by cut-pasting and modifying the BIS functions. But despite it now "working in MP" there is now a significant performance problem due to RPT spam with the following message: Ref to nonnetwork object 5b932b00# 1780169: empty.p3d From my research this relates to the createVehicle command, which makes sense given the particleEffect generator, but I have to look at that code again.
  7. I'm really interested in this island for some upcoming TacBF mission as discussed in our forums here. It's one of the best currently available for ArmA3, aside from those ported over from ArmA2. However I would really like to see a dramatic increase in the mico-terrain to aid PvP battles. Currently, the only cover available seems to be from objects (trees, buidlings, (rocks), etc.) but not small dips/mounds in the terrain. Please consider the addition of micro-terrain features for future releases and thanks for your hard work thus far!
  8. As the title of the thread details, TacBF is primarily a PvP modification. A few communities have modified TacBF for co-op purposes but this is not supported by our team. So in-short, no ...not really.
  9. mad rabbit

    Arma 3 PVP Community

    Awesome initiative addIcted (Marcin?) and thank you for mentioning TacBF! Might I also recommend FT-2 gamemode by the Hi,A3 guys as another good PvP based mission: http://hia3.com/
  10. @Keycat: If you have Steam loaded, an event notification will pop-up on your computer from the TacBF steam group when an event is starting etc. like a messaging service. However we're in a bit of a (server) transition period and are also prepping another release as Adanteh has stated, so we'll get back to the 'marketing' side of things soon. Thanks as always for the enthusiasm Keycat! If your interested in a more involved (community?) role in the team feel free to PM us, preferably in the TacBF forums. We're always looking for enthusiastic people to help! @GiorgyGR: Some bug reports are better than no bug reports, and although the TacBF forums would be preferred, all feedback is appreciated.
  11. The new smoke and fire Effects Modules work in SP (editor) but do not produce an effect in MP, with the the following error appearing: '...itter") select 0; _pos = getPos _logic; |#|_emitter setPos _pos; Fire A3\modules_f\Effects\functions\fn_moduleEffectsFire.sqf, line 18 _colorRed = _log...' Error Undefined variable in expression: _emitter In effort to get this to work for my missions I believe I found an error in the ArmA3 v1.14 function 'BIS_fnc_moduleEffectsFire.sqf': Shouldn't: -> String _colorRed = _logic getVariable ["ColorRed","0.5"]; _colorGreen = _logic getVariable ["ColorGreen","0.5"]; _colorBlue = _logic getVariable ["ColorBlue","0.5"]; Be: -> Scalar _colorRed = _logic getVariable ["ColorRed",0.5]; _colorGreen = _logic getVariable ["ColorGreen",0.5]; _colorBlue = _logic getVariable ["ColorBlue",0.5]; It doesn't make sense that this should though, given that even if the above string variable type is wrong, it is only the default value to use in the absence of properly set variable on that logic/module?! Anyway... as I said I got his working for me in MP via: 1) Copying then setting my desired values for the effect variables on a gameLogic 2) re-working the BIS emitter and smoke/fire functions 3) changing these color default variables to the proper type So not sure if this is the cause but I can at least report that the ArmA3 v1.14 fire and smoke modules do not work in MP.
  12. Thanks for the update kju! Great to PwS becoming a true gateway for all thing ArmA. I've 'claimed' the authorship of TacBF for PS with the understanding that we can have multiple authors. If this is not possible, please let us know as I would prefer to relinquish authorship to Dr. Eyeball and/or Hurtz (who has been coordinating with PwS for the TacBF updates).
  13. Just dropping into to say awesome work Major_Shepard! I love this light-weight, intuitive and user friendly ArmA3 tool. The new update makes it even better. Thank you for making it.
  14. I have a similar problem with the ArmA3 MP server browser in that even if you specify "TacBF" as a Host filter, or any other string, it sometimes takes several refreshes for related servers to appear. I originally thought this problem was server distance related as I've heard of other Australians with the problem seeing European/USA servers, but not from players in those countries. In addition the BigD Australian TacBF server seems to appear instantly. However I can't even see my own home dedicated server running off my media centre without several refreshes. I wonder if this problem is related to the Gamespy limitations and/or BIS moving to ArmA3 server browsing to the Steam interface. I might also see what 'reporting ip' the BigD guys use.
  15. l e g e n d! :notworthy:
  16. Excellent tool! I've written a guide for use with Tactical Battlefield here. I'm also interested in eventually getting a repository up for our mod. Would it be possible to add a switch/check-box for '-noFilePatching' ? This would help with the development work.
  17. I'll try make one/two missions this weekend to help seed the server populations and provide 'faster' infantry based action. Personally I prefer missions with medium to large AOs (area of operations). Due to the size of the beta testing team in the months prior to release we focused primarily on small to medium AOs. In the end it's good to have a spectrum of missions, and also have a spectrum of gamemodes, which is what were working towards. It's been discussed as a future feature but low priority at the moment. Currently we need to ensure the experience is consistent and stable across the mod, and then allow missions to allow/restrict kit assignments etc.
  18. Just seeing this now. Yep my bad guys, should be fixed in the latest mission pack. :)
  19. Australia to Germany with a 350 ping + 40 players and no performance problems here. ---------- Post added at 22:49 ---------- Previous post was at 22:24 ---------- Even with TacBF in it's current open beta state, we have what I believe to be some very dynamic missions already included in the mission pack, including the switching of Forward Base ownership an it's associated assets dependent on holding a certain objective. And whilst flags do exists within each of the objectives, the gameplay is more geared towards 'an area that you need to secure as opposed to 'flag capture' per se. Flags are also irrelevant in our other included S&D gamemode where the focus is on intel gathering and cache discovery, but also ensuring as BLUFOR that your supply lines from main base via forward outposts (FO) are secure ...especially from suicide bombers and Vehicle Borne IEDs. Nothing like ramming a technical full of explosives charges into a FO full of unsuspecting BLUFOR! Certainly there's a lot of room within the mod and missions themselves in the near future for linking certain objectives to the examples you list above and more. Add to this are planned compatibility with some of the fine addon work already in the ArmA-sphere, user made missions and future gamemodes ...and the future is looking very fun. For now though, we want to ensure that the 'core' gameplay and functionality is correct and then expand on that. By all means though, feel free to come visit the forums and 'wax lyrical' on your ideas for future gamemodes or even future missions. Hell if it looks sound enough and I have the time, I'll even turn your Altis Powerpoint drawing into a mission! In the future though, we should also be able to help you guys make your own missions.
  20. Sure are T3mp. What's on your mind? :)
  21. Just dropping into this thread to tell you Tophe that this is an excellent tool! I had no prior experience with dedicated server setup and management, but this tool has made it extremely easy. I would also like to add to the suggestions for future Rcon implementation. Currently I've been looking into 'BattlEye extended controls' and 'battleWarden'. Not sure if you'd integrate links to the above tools add another tab for your own. Again, excellent work!
  22. Orb! Grillo! I'm glad to see the interest from both you veterans and I can't wait to have a game with ...or against... you guys soon.
  23. mad rabbit

    can i run ArmA 3?

    I have a HP DM-1 with the same specs and can run ArmA3 ...at least well enough to map make whilst I travel. However my OS is Win7. I got inspired by this video: http://youtu.be/CaSnXEIaRk8 Be warned: run does not mean playable
  24. mad rabbit

    Under Suppression Fire Effect

    Just found this. Love the effect, how's the work coming along?