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  1. Here's a video that some of you island makers might be able to use as a resource. It's about 25 minutes of me flying from northern Iraq to a FARP at Kirkuk and down to the green zone in Baghdad. Most of it is just me pointing the camera out of the window and filming the terrain, that's why I think it might help or inspire some of you who are working on islands. FLYING IN IRAQ VIDEO
  2. Extended armour only applies to human controlled players, at least from what I've seen. Anyway, it may take several shots to kill them instantly. But they will die from only 1 or 2 without medical attention due to bleeding. I think you're right about it only applying to human controlled players. I tested it just now both ways and it didn't appear to make a difference. I wonder why people from ACE told me that was the fix for it in the past. Either way, I was taking guys down with one or two shots with an M4SD. I could either shoot them a couple more times to kill them or they would bleed out.
  3. I tested the M4SD and was able to drop an enemy with two shots. You need to make sure you have the extended armor turned off in your difficulty settings.
  4. If you unpbo the ace_sys_stamina.pbo, you will find a file called XEH_PostInit_Once.sqf. Open this file in notepad and look for this: // Configurational GVs for mission makers. ACE_NoStaminaEffects = false; ACE_NoHeartbeat = false; ACE_NoBreathing = false; ACE_NoBlackout = false; Change every false to true, save it and turn it back into a .pbo file. That's what we did to disable the ridiculous stamina system. After all, we are roleplaying professional soldiers, not overweight couch potatoes. I was in the Army for many years and if any of us would have been in as bad as shape as ACE makes you, we would have all had our asses ran to death until we could do our jobs. Hopefully this will be some added to the list of things you can disable in the clientside config.
  5. monty67t

    Strange Problem

    I've got a very strange problem. I've been playing ArmA since it's release and I've never had this problem or heard of it before. I did a fresh install of Windows XP recently. I reinstalled ArmA and updated it to version 1.15. I installed the ACE Mod and the FDF Mod. When I get into any helicopter and start it up, as soon as it gets an inch off the ground it rolls over to the right. It does it when I'm running regular ArmA with no mods, it does it when I run the ACE Mod, BUT, it doesn't do it when I run the FDF Mod. It's as if I'm hammering down on the D key. I've checked my controls and everything seems to be fine there. When I try a regular wheeled vehicle, it doesn't try to stear to the right. I can't figure this out, if anyone had any information on how to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. I never said I don't like ACE. I never said that. Then why are you throwing such a fit about my opinion and send me all these PMs?
  7. That's pretty light for a "crucifixion" as you call it. I guess we've established that you don't like ACE, right? Perhaps, having established that, you can take leave of this thread, since it seems you've said what you felt like saying and don't have anything constructive to add after that? That'd be swell. Â I never said I don't like ACE. That's how you took it. That's how you take it anytime anyone disagrees with you in any thread about anything. That's just the Dslyecxi way of doing things. My statement was that the beta versions I played of ACE months ago seemed much more promising then what got released. If that hurts your feelings I'm sorry, but everyone has the right to post their opinion without a bombardment of PMs and lashings by you and others.
  8. I'm so sorry for posting my opinion on ACE. I thought these forums were for feedback and discussion. I thought everyone was entitled to their opinion. I didn't "talk shit" or "flame" or anything like that. I didn't know I would get crucified for posting my honest opinion.
  9. The people who "dropped the ball" were the people like yourself who were "in the loop for several months" but then never finished their projects and left, only to be seen some months later criticizing the mod that has disappointed them so much... Â You obviously didn't even know what was going on with your own mod then. I didn't have any projects. All I did, as a military consultant, was post information in an attempt to help you guys get it right. I had no choice but to step away for a while due to having surgery on my neck for a medical problem I earned overseas serving my country in real life, not in virtual reality. Should I apologize for being a disabled veteran who can't spend 40 hours a week in front of the pc?
  10. I've just now started using ACE over the past couple of days. Here are a few things. I can stand five feet away from an enemy and it takes at least 4 shots from an M4 to kill him. The latest version of the UH-60 is the M model. I posted all of that information in your forums a very long time ago. I assumed you would want to stay up with the latest and greatest. These aircraft are in service and are in combat already. The latest version of the CH-47 is the F model. It's also already deployed. Nothing personal, but your chinooks look worse than the ones that came with OFP. ACE had great potential, but is definately a disappointment so far. I was "in the loop" for several months and played beta versions of ACE before its release. I understand the huge amount of work that you guys have put into this project and I certaily appreciate the effort. But someone, somewhere along the line really dropped the ball. Where are the SEALS, where is ACE Palms EAF, where are all the slat armor strykers Ryujin made? It's nothing personal guys and thanks for all the time you put in.
  11. monty67t

    Avgani and Afghan Village

    I've been away for a few weeks. I just got my first look at the Afghan Village today. It is amazing. I love looking down on the village from the highway and engaging enemies at a distance. It's badass Opteryx, keep it up man.
  12. monty67t

    Strange Problem

    I uninstalled the 1.15 patch and everything worked fine. I reinstalled the 1.15 patch and everything worked fine. It must have been some wierd problem that came from installing the 1.15 patch the first time.
  13. monty67t

    Strange Problem

    I'm not using a joystick or controller. I remember seeing that setting and I'm pretty sure I turned it off, I'll have to double check it. Thanks.
  14. monty67t

    Civilian Airfield (Geo Specific)

    Nice airfield! I live in Louisiana and I am curious to where exactly in Louisiana this is in real life?
  15. monty67t

    USEC HH60 (Rocket)

    Acutally folding any version of the H-60 takes a little more work so its not exactly simulating. While its a cool feature, really folding a hawk is quite a bit of work. Also, you can ask a moderator, but I dont think you're supposed to bump threads and beg for new intel. I'm sure Rocket will post more information when it's ready.
  16. monty67t

    ArmA Addon request thread

    I would like to see someone make several wrecked versions of the vehicles and aircrafts in arma. With the editor update you get some, but I think with the BIS released models it wouldn't be too hard, but I'm not an addon maker, hehe.
  17. monty67t

    CSLA3 Phase1

    Congrats on the release guys! Thanks for all the work. I have one thing for you. The 80s UH-60s should be armed with M60s, not the M134s. The current regular Army UH-60s shouldn't be armed with the M134s either. The regular Army currently uses the M240Hs. The only unit in the Army armed with miniguns is the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. The same goes for the FFAR version of the UH-60. The regular Army has nothing like that. Again, only the 160th has Blackhawks armed like that and they definately don't mount them next to external fuel tanks, lol.
  18. Dude, that was two years ago. I flew over 680 hours over there, lol. I have no idea what the exact location was. We used to fly up to a prison in the mountains in northeastern iraq, near the iranian border. I want to say it was between there and Kirkuk. I'll see if I can get a location. EDIT: Ok, did a little research. I couldn't find that exact building, but I found the area. I found Fort Suse, which was the prison we used to fly to. It looks like the same kind of building. Below are a couple images.
  19. This is a pretty cool building I took a picture of in northeastern Iraq. I'm guessing it was a prison or fort. I thought it might be a cool building for one of you island builders to create for one of your islands. I hope it helps or inspires.
  20. monty67t

    Hight Definition Tropic Island v2.0!

    I think this island is a great addon. It's a nice change of scenery. I've been playing on the desert-themed islands and your jungle island is great. I have a pretty good pc and it runs pretty smooth for me. Not every island has to be full of buildings and bases. I guess some people expect that for some reason. It's very fun to creep through the jungle in the rain on a patrol with the enemy being able to hit you from any direction. Setting up ambushes is also really fun on this island. I think it's a wonderful piece of work. Please don't let the negative comments of an ungreatful community bother you. Congrats on an awesome accomplishment.
  21. monty67t

    Game Froze

    Hey guys, how's it going? Tonight I was playing a mission on our dedicated server with no addons, just default BIS stuff. We started engaging the enemy and I jumped up to move and my game completely froze. I couldn't alt+tab out, I could do anything, I had to reboot. SYSTEM: ASUS P5N-E SLI LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Conroe 2.66GHz LGA 775 Â Mushkin 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) EVGA 8800GTX w/768MB RAM <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> arma.RPT No point in selection zamerny. No alive in 10000 note: Minidump has been generated into the file C:\Documents and Settings\RICHARD\Local Settings\Application Data\ArmA\arma.mdmp ===FROZEN====>>>>>>BEG Version 1.12.5252 Fault address: Â 0042B2DD 01:0002A2DD C:\Program Files\Atari\ArmA\beta\arma.exe Prev. code bytes: 7E 2A EB 04 8B 4C 24 18 8B 01 8B 48 10 8B 04 B9 Fault code bytes: 85 C0 74 05 8D 48 18 EB 02 33 C9 51 50 E8 11 00 Any ideas on what this means? Any information is greatly appreciated.