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    Actions Disappearing

    We have recently come across a probem on our dedicated server that we are having a hard time figuring out. Sometimes when you start a mission, you are unable to get into crates, if you are a leader, you have no control over the other players or AI, and you cannot get into vehicles. The actions to do this things just aren't there. The icons at the bottom of the screen that show the players or AI in your squad aren't there. We run the latest version of ArmA and ACE. We have tried removing some addons that we thought might be the problem, but that didn't fix it. Any information or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. monty67t

    Project: UK Forces

    That sucks that you're going to punish everyone because of the actions of a few. What made you think "I know, since a few people treated our addons in a way we didn't want we will punish everyone." I just can't imagine any reasonable person coming to that conclusion. Leaks happen and people are going to do whatever they want with addons. There is absolutely nothing anyone can do about. It's just like game or movie piracy, it will never stop. I'm not saying it's right, but it will never go away.
  3. Having a hard time finding the class names for the ACE Invisible Targets. Anyone happen to have that information?
  4. Does anyone know how to make the enemy AI stay exactly where they are when using ACE? I have tried HOLD waypoints and I have tried putting doStop this in their initialization. They always move once the fighting starts, they sometimes walk right through walls. So if you want to raid a building, by the time you get there, they have all left. Any help is appreciated.
  5. monty67t

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    Some screenshots from recent 502nd operations and training.
  6. The only aviation unit in the U.S. Army that has the AH and MH-6s in the 160th.
  7. monty67t

    British Special Forces

    Sweet! They look really good, congrats.
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    Thanks for the info Dr_Eyeball. Its good to know these issues are being addressed. Hopefully between HWM and ACE it will all get sorted so we can use these wonderful HWM addons with ACE. EDIT: Here is a screenshot of one of the errors. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v238/monty67t/502/HELLFIRES04.jpg
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    There is some serious problems when using the HWM mod in conjunction with ACE. I'm not sure how to fix it or what exactly the problem is. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with all the special key assingments. When running the HWM mod, sight adjustment, weapons rest, using non-HWM aircraft all give scripting errors and don't always work. Hopefully someone will work out a solution soon.
  10. monty67t


    @ch_123 The OH-58 can designate targets for the apache, as can units on the ground, but the Apache can do it itself as stated above by Dr_Eyeball. @Dr_Eyeball Thanks for the response. It could be an issue with ACE. I was getting the same strange scripting error that some of the other are talking about. I thought it might be because of two different flare systems between your stuff and ACE. Also, we were starting outside of the aircraft. Is there a way to make the laser more "powerful" so its easier to lock on to? Anyways, outstanding work. These things are really fun to play with.
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    We are having a real hard time launching hellfires when using player-controlled pilots and gunners. When you're by yourself you can just throw on manual fire and hit the TAB key to lock on to stuff and launch away, its very simple. However, when you have a player-controlled gunner it becomes very, very difficult. We were able to assign and track targets using the pilots camera. We were able to laser designate targets through the pilots camers, but the gunner just doesn't always pick them up. It seems very random. Sometimes he can pick up my laser targets and sometimes he can't. We've tried about everything we can think of and everything in your manual. It should be easy for the gunner to find and lock on to targets being laser designated by the pilot. If there is a trick to it or if you can just explain in detail how you do it, that would be great. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. monty67t


    I'm having a problem getting stuck in the TADS optic view. This has happened twice to more than one individual while in the pilot seat. We were on a dedicated server using the Apache with a player in the pilot seat and a player in the gunner seat. As the pilot, I accessed the MFD, brought up the TADS, switched on optics. I had been observing for quite some time through the optics when it just locked up. I tried every key but nothing would respond. I had to disconnect and reconnect to the server.
  13. monty67t

    OH-58 Kiowa Warrior

    Did you fix the reload problem? When using it and trying to rearm the 50cal would just continually cycle instead of filling up and switching to the next weapon for rearm. I believe the FFARs did the same thing when the hellfires were the other weapon.
  14. monty67t


    @Shadow Oh ok, I thought you meant it should be in meters instead of feet. But what you're saying is it reads 200 meters and should be 200 feet.
  15. monty67t


    Is the US one in meters? I just wasnt sure since we choose to use feet and inches instead of the much simpler metric system.
  16. monty67t


    The "tail wing" (its called a stabilator) is supposed to move automatically based on what the aircraft is doing. In the blackhawk you could manually slew it as well.
  17. monty67t


    Hey guys, awesome job with the Apache. The working MFD and everything that goes with it is genius! The ability to change the colors and filters in both TADS and IHADSS is wonderful. Congrats on a nice release. My only complaint is that the Apache (especially the US version) is not available as a standalone addon. Now my squad is going to have to download and install a ton of stuff that we will never use just to get the US version of the Apache.
  18. Wrong. Actually with a Tactical Tailor MOLLE 45 degree panel you can. However most guys are using a chest rig or harness instead of mounting it to the IOTV. Â I know guys in my Afghanistan tour (07-08) that had those panels added to their chest harnesses but usually for mounting pistols. http://www.tacticaltailor.com/45degreepanel.aspx Hey Monty67t, since you were deployed as a fly boy, maybe you could suggest for a work in progress the air warrior kit for ARMA. Say pictures etc for the air crews, etc. Now that is a missing kit, that an air jockey can talk about! You can help one of the modelers gt the kit right! U.S. ARMY ISSUE, not aftermarket. If we're talking aftermarket then there is a ton of stuff you could create. As for the air warrior, if someone was interested I could provide tons of pictures and information. The group I play with already has some custom ACU air crew units but we haven't taken the time to model the proper air warrior gear yet. Here's a pic of me in first generation air warrior in Iraq, 2005. AIR WARRIOR
  19. Anyone who has ever used U.S. Army issue body armor with the molle setup would know that its pretty much impossible to mount magazine pouches at an angle like in the first picture. I would recommend mounting them in a normal fashion. They are looking good though, keep up the good work.
  20. monty67t

    UKF Release: Jackal MWMIK

    What a beautiful and professional release. Congrats on an amazing accomplishment. Thanks for the hard work and attention to detail.
  21. monty67t

    Valhalla Mod - WIP

    What a cool looking island! The buildings are excellent. I can't wait to see more.
  22. @GodHammer Dude, your ordnance is looking amazing. I'm anxious to see more of your outstanding work.
  23. @usarmy19dsniper First, a UH-60 is definately NOT a low flying, low performance aircraft. Second, it's not as susceptible to small arms fire as you make it sound. I have over 680 combat flight hours crewing a blackhawk with A Co. 4/101st AVN REGT. We took small arms fire all the time and while the airframe did take some damage, it was never anything significant. Did you read the stuff on the previous page? As stated prior, this is not an ACE issue and should be discussed elsewhere.
  24. @Namikaze This is not correct. When I was deployed to Iraq we installed armor plates in the cabin and cockpit floors as well as in the pilot's doors. This is something that has been done for a long time in combat. They used to use these kevlar "blankets" and lay them in the floor of the aircraft. Sandbags have even been used in the floors of aircraft and ground vehicles. There is also an armor piece next to the pilot's seat that can be slid forward and provides some protection. I've posted a picture of it below. EXAMPLE PIC While I agree 100% that pilots and crew are shot and wounded way to easily by small arms fire, I don't think its an ACE issue. Regular ArmA is the same way. I have been shot out of the cockpits of many aircraft long before ACE was around.
  25. monty67t

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.