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  1. The UH-60M is currently deployed to Afghanistan with my old unit. The Mike model has updated alot of things, but it doesn't have anything like a terrain-hugging super computer. You can learn more about the Mike model here. http://www.sikorsky.com
  2. I was a Blackhawk mechanic and crew chief for several years and it most certainly does not have any kind of computer for managing terrain-hugging. The closest thing to that would be terrain radar which is not on the Blackhawk.
  3. monty67t

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Are you really that stupid? Did you not make a post about what the moderators in the Codemaster forums do? Did I not respond with an agreement that the moderators in the Codemaster forums do things I don't agree with?
  4. One trick that I found to be vital is to change these settings in the controls options. By default mouse left and mouse right are set to left turn and right turn. I would highly recommend changing it so mouse left and mouse right are set to bank left and bank right. Makes a huge difference in my opinion. EDIT: With or without TrackIR I highly recommend using 3rd person view when making landings. In real life you have crew chiefs calling you in to landing zones and watching the rotors, tail, etc. Even with TrackIR you can't see what you need to see. Unless you have a full crew communicating with you and guiding you in, I recommend 3rd person view on landings.
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    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    No comment . . . :j: I've seen some other actions by moderators in the Codemasters forums that I don't agree with. However, it's rare to visit a forum where I don't disagree with some moderator actions.
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    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Well, first there is planning which we can do because we have contacts on the inside feeding us information about what the game will include. We have started making several models. There is also tons of research that has to be done. Having initiative and proper planning is a vital part of any good mod. I'm not allowed to show much, but here's an example of one little piece of something already being made. http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i180/StSabath/CSP/Drive_Train_Tagged.jpg Though most of it is safely locked away, you can find out more information in our forums. http://combatsimproject.proboards.com/index.cgi
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    There's no doubt that the release of this game is one of the most screwed up releases ever. From the German version being released way before others to the fiasco with the demo. I don't know what's going on with this company, but between the bugs, release problems, and dare I say with fear of being punished, the way the community is ran, I can't imagine a more screwed up situation. It's just a shame because this game and this community could be top notch if it were done correctly.
  8. monty67t

    Secops module

  9. monty67t

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Using the hip lean from most games is pretty stupid. I can't believe people who talk about realism would complain about lean not being in. Are these guys bent over at the waist like they have a hindge instead of a pelvis?
  10. monty67t

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    For all of you who claim there is no lean in OFP2, you might want to check your sources. There is absolutely no official statement what so ever from Codemasters that there will be no lean in the PC version of OFP2. How can you people judge a game you haven't played? No one knows what the final product will be and you are all fools for claiming to know what it will be like. You're probably the same people who judge movies by their trailers and books by the covers.
  11. Guard - This waypoint works in conjunction with the 'Guarded by' trigger type, see that topic above for more details. The group will move to the waypoint's location, then wait for a point to require guarding. A guard point or object is only considered guarded if a group has been set to guard it through a Guard waypoint (any other friendly forces in the area are not considered). If there are several guard triggers, the group will move to the first placed (highest priority), unguarded trigger (or it's linked object). Once at a guard point, the group will continue to check if any higher priority guard point requires guarding, or for any enemies to engage. A group can be made to stop guarding using the setCurrentWaypoint command or a Switch trigger. Besides guarding areas marked by "Guarded by" triggers, guarding groups are also ordered to destroy any enemy units which are known to any group of the same side. See the Guarded by <side> trigger description for more details. That's from the Biki which you can find here. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Mission_Editor#Waypoints_Mode_.28F4.29 Basically any unit given a guard waypoint will go anywhere on the island and try to seek and destroy units that have been seen by any other unit on their side.
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    Like I said, it was demonstration. All these people running around these forums, talking trash about OFP2 when anybody with sense knows that none of us have any idea what the final product is going to be. No one can place any kind of judgement on any game until they play it. People in these and other forums talk bad about ArmA and ArmA 2 without ever playing it. It's a really stupid thing to do.
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    The original clip was from a demonstration of OFP2. It wasn't the hardcore version of OFP2. It was running a version of the game made special for the demonstration. The version had extra fast times running because they were limited on time. Oh, and guess how you call in arty in ArmA2, by clicking on the map.
  14. I have C2D E6750, 4GB RAM, 8800 GTX w\ 768MB RAM and I can run ArmA2 with everything on at least high with 3000 meter view distance at 1680x1050 no problem.
  15. That's a really nice model, but why in the world does it say USMC on it? That definately should not be there.
  16. monty67t

    Bigfoot...has anyone found him?

    I haven't seen bigfoot, but I did come across this headless soldier. Creepy . . .
  17. Dude, did you read the other posts in this thread?
  18. Thanks for posting that. I really like multicam, I'm glad we're getting it. I know Army Special Forces have been using multicam for a while.
  19. monty67t

    Bullet drop. where is it?

    If you're firing a rifle it shouldn't drop at 300 meters. Most assault rifles are zeroed at 300 meters. Try shooting at something much further and you will see that you will have to aim high.
  20. monty67t

    3rd person versus Egoshootermode

    I agree that 3rd person view should not be available while playing the role of an infantryman. However, even though alot of people don't use it, I believe it should be available to pilots. I was a crew chief in a Blackhawk for several years in real life. The view and perspective you get in the cockpit view is nothing close to the real thing. In real life you have crew chiefs on both sides of your aircraft telling you where you are, calling you into LZs, etc. The only way I will fly a helicopter is in 3rd person view. If I had track ir and a full crew who knew how to perform crew chief duties like airspace surveillance and stuff then I would consider it. You just can't see shit when flying in 1st person view, you have no peripheral vision and in my opinion its far from realistic.
  21. I second that EvilNate! Any way to change it from German to English after the patch?
  22. monty67t

    All Things Sound Mods

    Have you guys played America's Army 3 yet? I would highly recommend checking out the weapon sounds in that. They are the best I've ever heard in a game.
  23. It could be done just like the warfare objects. Some of them are made up of multipul objects.
  24. Nice job on the manual, there is some really good stuff in there. The term "special forces" should only be used when talking about U.S. Army Special Forces. Special Operation Forces should be used as a generic term. There are some tactics I would change in the aviation portion of the manual. However, what's used in real life can't always be applied to video games. Overall I think it's an outstanding read and a great contribution to the community.
  25. Instead of going through all of this, why in the world didn't they simply make these things objects in the editor to place down?