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  1. That SLR with the underbody launcher just looks so fucking awful, but is it such a lovely weapon. Probably my second choice behind the almighty M14 (or an SKS if on the dark side). There is just something so beautiful about banging out single shots with 7.62 that never loses it`s appeal.


    Just wondering who we consider the 'dark side' to be on this one, given 40+ years of hindsight.

  2. Have you got "Hide Materials" ticked in the toolbar under \View\Viewers\Buldozer\?

    Hi da12thMonkey, thanks for replying. Unfortunately no, I don't have hide materials checked, in that toolbar all that I have checked are 'show shadow' and 'centre to pin'. Strangely my diffuse is showing, which makes me think I'm attaching the rvmat incorrectly. I still don't understand why I can see it when packed and in game though.

  3. Hope someone can help me, I'm getting to grips with making addons here, I've made a simple helmet model, I have it packed up and viewable in arsenal, and the rvmats including normal are showing. In bulldozer however, I can only see the diffuse. I dont want to have to pack it up and fire up the game everytime I want to make a change to maps, does anybody know of something obvious that may be causing the rvmats not to show in bulldozer?

  4. Just wondering why BI don't release proper templates? Extracting a .paa is all well and good but you're never going to get a great result without Ambient occlusion, cavity, height map layers etc - and we can't bake our own from existing models. It would be nice to be able to edit a normal map too without hex editing, which I believe we're not permitted to do ( unless it is possible to edit the normals and I'm missing something? ) I know there's a template for base uniforms out there, but its strange that all assets don't have a template to go with them, considering the game plays and relys on the mod card so much.

  5. Gday manfred98. Thanks for teh kind words and the heads up. I haven't used RHS: Escalation so am unaware of bugs. Do you see these movement bugs using TPW MODS with other maps etc? Combat pace and walk pace are affected (slowed down) by default by TPW MODS. Most people's issues with freezing movement turn out to be a misconfigured or misplaced tpw_mods.hpp

    Hey TPW,

    Well I've noticed it in 'Chernarus Summer' and Altis, and also in the virtual arsenal ( It does seem to only happen when I select a RHS body/uniform ), but perhaps it could be an issue with the .hpp file, I'll delete and re download and get back to you with that.

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    Well, i deleted the mod and downloaded the latest version, I'd been using it through Play withSix and something must have gone awry, it seems fine now. Sorry for the confusion! :)

  6. Are you talking about those little rubble walls?

    If so that can be arraigned. I'll talk to smoke about it tonight.

    Hey, yes indeed, basically all the walls that I can step over but the AI can't, it leaves them rushing around looking for gaps, and you loose them soon enough. If you can change this it would be amazing, though I'm not sure how it could be done, as the same problem exists on Altis?

  7. http://tinypic.com/r/2qt91d5/8


    Hey all, wondering if I can get some advice:

    I'd like to make a replacement head wearing a balaclava,( images linked above are WIP zbrush sculpts built around the sample head, that's all I have at the moment ) I assume it must be possible as we can switch between African, White, Asian, Greek etc. I know there are other balaclava and masks mods out there, I just personally don't like the way they clip through the head model and use other equipment slots. I'm just wondering if anybody knows of a tutorial that could aid me with making replacement heads. Thanks a lot.

  8. Hey guys, I wonder could you help me out. The helmet that these guys are wearing, which appears to me like a mich without the protrusions to the sides, and seems to have been used by ksk in photos I've seen, do you know what it is called and do you know of any good reference material for it? I think I've read that it was a German Fallschirmjaeger helmet but that may be nonsense. Also, the brand of goggles the guys in the 2nd and third pic are using, do you happen to know them? Thanks a lot :)

    https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/ca/Zugriff.jpg (1055 kB)


  9. Well, I've tried for hours now, uninstalled iron front and reinstalled, used the conversion tool, but when I try to patch with the community patch I get the following: "Error found in file @LIB_DLC_1\ADDONS\france_data.pbo". If I ignore, I get a series of errors relating to the DLC. ( this is outside PW6, so I'm assuming it's not a PW6 error, something to do with the DLC and the patches, and my system. If I do continue on, I can still use the original Iron Front content, just not the DLC content. I'd also have to go through the patching process ( and the errors ) each time if I use PW6. I have no idea at this point what's wrong, it's a shame, as I bought the D Day DLC this morning to use in Arma 3.

    EDIT: It works! All my own fault, *nearly, I still seem to be using modern units for US troops, planes and vehicles are in though* I took the time to uninstall and clear everything from my steam folder, reinstalled, then followed your instructions for pw6 to the letter. Naturally it worked :) If only I'd had the sense to do that in the beginning...oh well, thanks a lot for this, looking forward to Mk IVs crashing through the bocage! :)

  10. Thanks for the reply alduric :) Its a shame but its your work, your call, I can always transfer to altis I suppose. I gather it breaks the campaign save too, though i cant confirm, i havent played it yet. Maybe somebody else with the skills ( I dont have those skills unfortunately ) will look into releasing a maps mod thats compatible with sp, I do love chernarus and the more northern european maps.

  11. Wow really, I didn't know that. I see so many re textures of Arma 3 models out there I assumed there were no issues with doing it. So it's only ok to texture p3ds if they have hidden selections then? I'd just add the textures to a mission file, as that seems so much easier, but as the rifle doesn't seem to have hiddenselections I have no idea how to assign the textures/ if that's possible? Currently I'm interested in re texturing a few weapons and some character heads for a mission I'm working on, if there's an easier way, I'd happily take that path. Anyway,

    the original textures path is - "a3\weapons_f\longrangerifles\ebr\data\m14_ebr01_co.paa"

    my replacement is - "ebr_camo\data\ebr\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\m14_ebr01_co.paa"

    Both 54 characters, either that or I can't count. And thanks for your help antoineflemming, I'm a big fan of your work :)

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    btw in that last post there seems to be a space between the "c" and the "o" at the end of each path, that's not how I have it, I'm not sure why that happened.

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    Right, ok, I've just read a few thoughts on hex editting, and it seems it's frowned upon. That's cool, I'd much rather an alternative. On that note, Could I ask for some guidance on the best way to go about getting a re textured weapon in game, perhaps the method you'd use yourself? Thanks :)

  12. Hey all, This may seem like an obvious question to some, but I've been searching for several days now and haven't quite been able to find the answer, which may be obvious but I'm a complete novice and this is my first attempt at getting an addon into arma.

    I'm trying to simply re texture an EBR rifle, the texturing aspect itself is no problem, but seeing the textures in game seems to be. I can repack and assign the rifle to a unit in the editor, and the unit looks as if he's holding the rifle - which has the correct name I assigned in the config to it displaying in the action menu, but nothing is visible. I changed the texture paths of the model in a hex tool, correctly I think as per instruction. My pbo log has this at the bottom "Creating texture headers file...Texture headers file was not created - no textures found."

    My folder structure seems ok, I've included the p3d and I have textures in a data folder. I've included the config, which I based off GDSN's mx_black. There may be some glaring mistakes, I'd be grateful if someone could point them out to me? Thanks!

    class CfgPatches {

    class EBR_camo {

    units[] = {};

    weapons[] = {};

    requiredVersion = 0.1;

    requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Weapons_F"};



    class CfgWeapons {

    class EBR_base_F; // External class reference

    class EBR_camo : EBR_Base_F {

    model = "\ebr_camo\EBR_F.p3d";

    displayName = "Woodland Camo Painted EBR";

    picture = "\A3\weapons_F\LongRangeRifles\EBR\Data\UI\gear_EBR_X_CA.paa";



  13. Thanks for this guys, nothing beats this for pure atmosphere, I can throw something together with my very limited editor skills, and it really feels like I'm part of something huge, there's nothing else like it. One question, regarding my aforementioned limited editing skills: I have Alive modules military placement and military civilian placement working, and they're doing what they should. I try to use moveincargo with my team in a chopper or a boat, but they seem to spawn in the same space as the vehicle ( and in the case of the chopper, fall to earth ) instead of in the vehicle. Is this a known issue, perhaps it's been replaced with something within ALIVE that I'm not aware of? Thanks!