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    Merkava... IDF??

    What if the 'Persian power' that is portrayed in ARMA III is actually able to steal military secrets and develop the turret of the real world Merkava from the alternative to Isreal in the Arma-verse in secret... or ....With advances in tank technology stolen via cyber attacks by 'Big Red' - which is then sold on the open market the new hybrid tank is developed. After all the 'Persian power' being portrayed in this 'ARMA-verse' could have made alliances to allow it to harvest stolen tech to then grow a formidable force that could conquer the region and move west...it's all speculation after all, so who knows. One thing that we do need to keep on top of is that what ever we are seeing in this next instalment is going to be 'fictional'. The Merkava influenced tank is likely to be have tech and design influences from different sources. We need to be mindful that there is likely to be a Hybrid centric design aspect to all the concepts that BI are working on for ARMA III.
  2. low light

    Patch 1.05 "Announced". Includes AH-64

    I don't think they are trying to hide anything. I believe some have mistaken a TEASER for a TRAILER. The current video is a Teaser I believe therefore something made merely to tease us...the bast**ds!!! ;) Looking forward to more delights...who knows maybe it will be there just in time for Christmas
  3. There seem to be two Dams...I thought there was only going to be one. Bonus! Though it's a pity that we have two and can't blow them up...there must be some use for them in game...some kind of easter egg? Hope so. Nice, nice, nice!! :D
  4. low light

    New ArmA II Pictures!

    That is pretty damn gorgeous! For the Brits: Who's going to be the first to make a David Belamy nature mod! :D
  5. Damn my ageing eyes and tired brain...having re-read it I believe you are right; at least we've seen the pictures :confused: ... Edit: Hang on though, don't people generally dam up rivers...I guess this isn't the thread to talk about it...apologies for bringing it up, just an after thought.
  6. I know we've seen images of unconfirmed rivers in the past, but seeing it mentioned in the new Chernarus update is very interesting "When the valleys of the Burnaja and Svetlaya rivers were inhabited...". Very interesting...
  7. low light

    Project: UK Forces

    Good luck guys, hopefully you continue with the work, it'd be a shame to stop. Completely understand about no public releases. Sad for us, but I guess we [the 'community'] have to live with the consequences from the actions of the (few) W*ANKER$ that roam this world and these forums!!!!! (Please excuse the language...) Can you please at least keep us updated on the work you do so we can admire what you are still doing...sounds a bit pointless, but I'm so F'ing nosey I can't help it:don3:
  8. A very sad day indeed. I'm somewhat gutted by this, I was looking forward to finally playing ArmA with UK kit after a long long time; my rig got stolen sometime ago by some scaly so haven't tried any RKSL or UKF stuff! Theft is a sad thing, it takes a lot of desperation to do such things, it's sad because the people who do it realise the only talent they'll ever have is to ride on the shoulders of giants and claim credit for something that isn't theirs. I guess RESPECT has died in modern society, no matter where you live in the world...all very depressing. There is one thing certain in life, no matter where you are from or what language you speak...there is always a git somewhere who will spoil things for everyone else!!!! All the best RKSL, you were true gentlemen to have shared your amazing talent and the amazing work YOU created with us.
  9. Dslyecxi, I think you should stay on topic mate and not post any more of these RL reference photos; its not clever, it's not funny and is really a waste of time, if you have access to A2 screen shots please share those with us and not these RL pics! I don't know...some people ey! :biggrin_o: That's more like it! The quality of the pictures look awesome, the shot of the two marines show arm hair!!! I mean Arm hair (or should that be ARMA hair) - now that's detail for you...have you thought about working for tiscali - or at least outsourcing your rig to them so that they can show the potential with A2?
  10. low light

    ArmA II: The Vehicles

    If one were to create a fictional story that is set in the future, surely it would be plausible that, based on information available at the time, one could surmise that an F35B would be available in the story. I guess they can take artistic license as the reason for their choices.
  11. It's a little late where I am, so let me clarify from my initial rantings...: Fictional name for the ship Flag: Thought you meant the the game box...there is a white star in the background... edited my initial comment to clarify that part. Think I completely confused you with my intiial comment re: flag...apologies... ...Any way back on topic... Surely the quality of the game is not represented in these images!? Will have to look closer at the other previews that come out...not too sure about the 486dx system that Tiscali seem to be using for some of these somewhat random images!
  12. I think that's the US Army(?) White star...don't ask me why it's there...:confused: sorry not sure if you mean the game box...but having looked closer at the boxes in games (in the screen shots) I think the answer is obvious...everything the freakin' universe is made in TAIWAN!!!! I think since it's set in the future, they are trying to keep things fictional, but to some level contemporary too.
  13. Excellent work!! Looks gorgeous!!! As soon as i saw it though I just started to think about Fred, Barney, Wilma, Betty, and Dino kicking (literaly) up some dust in it... :bounce3: Always a pleasure to see UK stuff on screen. :)
  14. WTF!!! I won wast mi monie on sheet u BI monie graba steel mi cash with dis Crap. You still not put american flag the right way on chickens wing patch!!! --- Ok I'll stop, got to love the concept though. Just imagine Farma2 on the Wii! Can't wait for the UKF mod - FARMA2 - When Mad Cow's attack. Or the Operation French point Mod - FARMA2 Â - When Farma's strike! - inc. exclusive mission: Port blockade! (no offence intended, simply humour inspired by the entente cordiale) Promising news about the grass! Things are looking good! Â
  15. That's part of the reason why I did it. Think addon makers get enough stick as it is. I'm with you there regards Real Life being more important, but I am hooked! The tenterhooks-cold turkey thing was a really bad pun, it is Christmas after all - plenty of crap jokes in the crackers! Back to ironing my shirts for work tomorrow (Yeah real life is really important - some things are anyway ). <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'>Sorry for the</span> off topic!