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  1. Thanks for the response but the problem still exists. the side check should take place somewhere in this code 


    _tank = ((nearestObjects [position unit1, ["Tank"], 1000]) select 0);




    reason being, the emediate thing the script does is find any vehicle nearest and sticks with it without first checking the side, 


    so if we put 


    if (_side == east) then



    this only has effect on whether we should create the marker or not and has no effect on the side of the vehicle. so if the unit closest is west, and we have east unit somewhere within range, the east will never be selected,

    because simply it is not the closest.

    what other command can I use, nearTargets gives error findNearestEnemy i couldnt get it to work,

  2. Hi, I'm trying to create a marker upon the detection of blufor units by opfor. the marker should be created on the "tank" units of blufor side

    here is my code


    marker1 = createMarker ["Marker1",nearestObjects , [unit1"Tank"], 1000]] \\\unit1 is the unit detecting the presence, once it spots the tank , this marker should be created

    the problem is , i get this error code 


    Error  1 element provided,3 expected

    what is up with this?

  3. The module has been updated:


    Added "AUTO" to Stance

    Added "LOCKEDPLAYER" to Lock vehicle


    Should be available on DEV tomorrow or next week.

    how come they did not add this from the beginning? probably they don't play the game so they have no clue what a players need might be

  4. May I ask when BI decided to write the module  known as Object modifier, in the SET MODE category where you can specify a units stance. the only provided options are "stand up", "stay crouched", "go prone". Now why would someone leave out the option to return the unit back to "auto". once you set it to standing, it stays standing, the only option being prone or crouched. ofcourse I know you can use scripting commands yourself to return the unit but there are those of us who dont feel comfortable with scripting at all so why leave out such basic things?

  5. Thanks. The issue we're having is that upon death, it goes to the deploy screen and you can select the spawn point normally. But when you hit "Deploy" it takes you to a second screen, with the map, a "Respawn / Gear / Team" set of buttons on the top left ,and a Deploy button that doesn't do anything. People either crash out from this screen after a while or are forced to hit "Exit Game." I've managed to clear it by hitting CTRL+DEL and then I respawn correctly, but after that the MCC control menu (I was the one logged in) doesn't come back up - it just blinks in and out.

    Thank you very much that kind solved my problem. I have 4 zones controlled and defended by Blufor, I have helicopter that I want to patrol zone 1 and zone 2 but not zone 4 and 5. is there a way to do this?

  6. so ever since this mod was released, the armored vehicles especially tanks seemed to drive funny and have been quiet bugy, including the turret animations. But my question is, is something being done to fix this? version after version, they just re-appear with same problem. I am grateful by the way for the mod, not being stupid.