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  1. killerwhale

    Patch 1.05 Satisfaction Survey

    Hi, I just installed Armed assault 2. Do I have to download previous patches in order to upgrade to patch 1.05?
  2. killerwhale

    Dragon Rising has been released

    I like Operation Flashpoint 2, I'm playing it. Ofcourse it has AI problems and air vehicles are completely stupid. but I find it much more interesting than ArmA 2. the graphics are wonderful. The Multiplayer will be even more fun....
  3. killerwhale

    Anyone else a little shocked by the AI?

    Flying AI planes are the most stupid... they charge at the enemy like 2 bulls fighting. and sometimes they fly like a butterfly hovering at very low alt/speed and it wont be long before they crash at trees or are shot down. I'm disappointed with flying AI.
  4. killerwhale


    I'm impressed, Sahrani feels alot more better. Your FPS stays high with everything maxed and still a smooth game play. few bugs but hardly noticable. I didnt use the mod thing, just placed them in my addon folder and there it works! yay. I'm thinking about if we can import vehicles like the stryker also.
  5. killerwhale

    North America Release / Publisher

    I'm in the US and I ordered it from UK @ cdwow.com, sometime this week:rolleyes: I'll all be happy. I never download online versions. never never never neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  6. killerwhale

    What's Free Track ?

    and if I'm not mistaking ArmA2 was suppose to have none gunner position shout out and fully animated vehicle doors opening/closing and all those things. Now, Are these things abondened because I have not seen them in game yet?
  7. I have recently bought Radeon 4890 and here are the benchmarks My CPU is Q9450 @ 2.66GHz RAM is 4.00 GB XP SYSTEM
  8. I do not think Laptops are good for gaming and plus they might get too hot and get fried. save it for basic use. Anyways, my question is, I added 2 more GB of RAm to my pC which should sum up to 4 GB but my computer reads only 3.24 GB. some say XP has RAM limitation, is this correct?
  9. killerwhale

    Missile Speeds...

    Are the sidewinder missiles too fast whether it be player fired or? it looks super fast, if it's that fast in real life, :eek:
  10. Why would I buy when the DVD version is just 6 more days away? until then, I'll stay with the Demo. Online download is full of
  11. killerwhale

    North America Release / Publisher

    I'm too located in North America and waiting for the DVD disk. I bought ArmA1 on Metapoli last year and was very disapointed but the lesson was learned not to repeat it again. But I have one serious Question. My system XP SP3 Intel Quad core @ 2.66Ghz 4.00 GB of DDR3 Dual chan XT1950 Radeon 512 When I play the demo, my FPS goes as low as 9 FPS. does my vidcard suck that bad? or is it something else? I'm upgrading to Radeon 4890 but my concern is that, could it be something other than the vidcard? and in the demo, they added the OPTION to turn off the post procesing thing so that was cool
  12. This System rocks but the video card sucks :D What do people think about my system Windows XP MCE SP3 CPU Q9450 @2.66 GHz 2.00 GB of DDR3 RAM Radeon HD 4890 1 GB will I play everything @ High Settings? lot of people say you'll have to add more RAM but my motherboard doesnt support any more ram. When I bought it, I didnt know about the RAM issue it had Now what do you think?
  13. You can find the wiki examle here http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Artillery_Module and you can also download the mission examples
  14. killerwhale

    How to..........

    Great, thanks alot:bounce3:
  15. killerwhale

    How to..........

    I'm wondering where to find campaign PBO files and the missions as well. I looked for them in the C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA2 folder but to no avail. I wanted to unPBO them and edit them in the editor but cant find them for some reason
  16. killerwhale

    When will the AI work?

    dude, what are you talking about?:confused: Anyway, I think Bohemia has imroved the AI and it's much much much better than the previous ArmA.
  17. This is wonderfull, thanks for the release! it did improve game performance
  18. killerwhale

    VF FPS Saver (VFFPSS)

    what's your PC specs
  19. what do you mean? if it makes things run faster than 1 gig vidcard, why wouldnt I go for it, as a matter of fact, I'm thinking about it unless you tell me why you think it's not a good choice
  20. Yes you will, but I would say if you're going to buy another card, buy a good one like the 2 gig ati radeon cards, maybe a little more money but it's good and healthy dose for ArmA2
  21. both ArmA's, I had to upgrade my GPU, sh***:rolleyes:
  22. killerwhale

    Ai thread

    BIS has done a great job this time, the Ai is way better and engages enemy units from far. and all those other issues, I'm sure they will be fixed in the patches to come, but I'll have to upgrade my vidcard to play good:eek:
  23. My Specs are Windows XP MCE SP3 Q9450 @ 2.66 GHz 2.00 GB of RAM Radeon X1950 512 MB ---------------------- Now ArmA2 currently to me is very unplayable but what I'm confused about is, is it my computer or the game itself? because the game is so new and it could have problems and even if it's my computer, I believe the only thing I would need to change is my GPU and I think I have enough RAM. what do you think?
  24. killerwhale

    UAV guide ?

    how do you command the UAV to move to somewhere and prevent it from turning around
  25. Download versions aren't good. You'll have to activate your game after installing and sometimes it doesnt allow you to activate when you exceed the activation limits, then you'll have to contact them and so on. I'd say just wait the DVD versions.