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  1. jimmc

    Iron Lore shuts down

    everybody talk about piracy -> just some people downloading files, games, nocd patch, apply nocd patch (=doubleclick on it) ... is diferent than opening the exe in the editor, finding the good line ... making the nocd exe... (in my mind, this is piracy, you crack lines of code) on most cs, bf2, cod4, ... servers, you kill people, stab them, bomb them and then get banned if you say the word "shit" or something like that... i dont prone bad language every sec or for bad language ban, something between... need to be in agreement with yourself ... sry if its confused, i have some lack of expression/english words
  2. jimmc

    Iron Lore shuts down

    thats called multiplayer ... need a valid cd key to play it in most cases (same goes on consoles, you can chip it, play downloaded games but no online mode) most dont care about : making the customer wanting to buy, why they already want to buy ... it can stop if publishers find solutions... like more demos; ability to try before buying ... make games cheaper ... nowadays copy protection on pc is useless ... dont know why every people care about piracy ... care about your customers no? maybe there are more cops around me that i think ... ahah ahah everybodys perfect here first i like the name... piracy, care dangerous boy,must go to jail... prefer downloading as most pc users even dont know to build a network... make me laugh like on servers, you are playing war, killing people, but you cant say shit ... first i really like you people for this great game, nothing like this elsewhere... but maybe there are 2 reasons, first, depending on the hardware (the first day i bough arma, i installed it, launched it, but arma says : desktop ... again and again) so why going on forums support the game, if you bought it, and you cant even play it second (in my opinion) you didnt wrote the right thing in the manual/ingame, just the adress of the official website, and somethings about modding at the end of the book (its "little"), maybe something like : for addons missions mod news addons visit ...url something that catch the user ... im pretty sure 50% of users dont know they can add content to the game third i dont know how much time you spend on the game and how much time it costs to solve a bug like ladder one, but seriously, cant you wait 5 days, tell customers we found a bug, correcting it, so the game will be out 5 days later ... and why 30 vehicles ? make 3 of them but fully functional if you intend to write ingame : best sim ever ... so many civilian cars etc ... youll never use they got too much money, they propably try to spend it ... easy one, no more piracy=destroy every computer on earth even if he isnt interested by the game ... most people making cracks serials, do that just for fun, to practice... think a beta like for frontlines help, an 1gb demo, 2 mp maps/ no sp (1 map is enough) so you can trully test the game, find bugs before the game goes out...giving key to beta test your next game to active people on the forums could help too make your games for consoles, youll sell more, get more money, make better games (dont follow EA state of mind) sell more ... could be great remember they made a study ... people dowloading files will never buy it for 90% of them, for the simple reason they dont got the money, so how this can make something decline (musci/games/software etc...) just the fact that companies find a new way to take people money... i think most pc games are superior to console versions, first cause you can modify/add your content.second there are no sims on consoles.thrid, pc hardware, better looking game with good pc, trackir, laser mouse ...
  3. nice, great vid @MehMan try learn french, its easy
  4. jimmc

    IC ArmA

    really good, but still need addons to "enhance/improve" sp/mp games
  5. jimmc


    maybe : 1_ you sprint less than 2 sec, you can hold 2_ you sprint more than 2 sec, cant "dead stop"
  6. jimmc

    bulletcam script

  7. jimmc

    Iron Lore shuts down

  8. jimmc


    "and then quit" nope, and then die... "I bet you search for ammo, don't you?" no ammo for the specific gun i have ... (i kill people with ak, pkm...) i prefer keep my weap, his accessories, ammo, recoil... so no, no more ammo, still want a knife cuz even if i die, i want try to stab the last "bastard" i think we dont play same missions, maybe a knife is useless in yours...
  9. jimmc

    Grainy LOD and Object Skew?

    maybe a lod issue.... cant remember, written somewhere in the arma editing forum
  10. jimmc


    hours ones...
  11. jimmc

    Up close combat

    "it's all about good preparation and timing" yep like placing satchel under a shilka at night, but if u come by behind, no run, only walk, can be done, once every 3/4 attemps (i know you dont get that IRL...)
  12. jimmc

    Iron Lore shuts down

    eeeh ... +1, but its easy, so like easy things, most people like it only some... without taxes and big sellers that only see money... (what about ... taking care of gamers?) +1, think serial number is enough... or just an usb, protected key... cdprotection is useless on a comp...
  13. jimmc

    Real M136 v1.0

    can you carry two of these IRL ?? because it seems a little heavy for 1 man...
  14. jimmc

    Up close combat

    for sure, cant take out ur knive everydays... its just in case of ... no more ammo, or sleeping ennemies, or an anim for video/mission makers, could say that for everything