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    [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala

    Thanks for pointing that our draxx, the addon has changed and therefore I will need to update the campaign because the old units are no longer available. I will attempt to do this tonight. Stay posted and I will get the campaign fixed for you : ) Cheers
  2. Rough Knight

    Ghost Recon - Island Thunder campaign

    Hi Lightspeed, Your link to the campaign version 2.2 seems to be broken for me. Any chance you can check it out. Edit: NVM...just read dovemans post. Thanks
  3. Rough Knight

    [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala

    Hi mate, I havent heard of that problem before, you should be joining your squadmates so follow the icon to their location. I am assuming you are in the wrong room here, do you know what and where the CRRC facility is on USS Nimitz (it's on the lower flight deck near the stairs up to the control tower)?. The AI cant launch the CRRC on their own, so maybe you are using an old version of Nimitz? You got the lastest version from the link on the first post? The CRRC facility was one of jdogs latest additions to Nimitz, so thats my guess at this stage that you have an obsolete version. Good luck mate, let me know how you go.
  4. Rough Knight

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Sure have, only one or two more sleeps. I'll bring you an Easter Egg Nathalie : )
  5. Yeah, I did realise this, but I guess I am more refering in my comments to add some more singleplayer features like teamswitch ability when the player is playing in a non-multiplayer scenario. As mentioned however, I am not sure how friendly this is for DAP to implement. It would just compliment single player use as it seems he intended the mission to also be able to be used for this purpose. Anyway, no big one..I am sure he has many other more important matters to look into : ) ten four rubber ducky!
  6. Rough Knight

    Diving Under Water

    Yes....but I live in Western Australia on the coast...it's a little hard to explain the feeling here steping into the water. Many are a little spooked due to four deaths attributed to White Pointers within a few hundred km of coastline in the last 6 months (not sure those numbers indicate a shortage of white-pointers which are a protected species). It doesn't feel like you are more likely to be hit by a car on the way home that's for sure. Anyway, there has been a few posts in the Lingor thread about Oil Rigs native to the map, this addon should be cool in a number of scenarios for that map and compliment Icebreakrs latest release well I think : )
  7. Hi DAP, Firstly, thanks for your Insurgency\Incurgency mission, I can see a lot of work has gone into them and they are heaps of fun. I hope you don't mind if I add some suggestions or considerations for your next version. All my observations are based on singleplayer use. 1). Is it possible to make your recuited squad switchable ie.. if (!ismultiplayer) then {{addswitchableunit _x} foreach units group player}; I am sure it's not that easy however : P This would add more options to the player who often has to take control of AI who are prone to doing your head in sometimes. For example, the squadleader then would not have to take the UAV terminal if he wishes to use UAV support in singleplayer mode. Which leads to the next question. 2). Is it possilbe or plausible to in singleplayer mode to equip your squad mate with the UAV terminal, but then have the players action for "request UAV" available to the player?. This would be a realistic appoach to RL combat, where the squad leader would not always carry the terminal. With this method, you could forget the above step of having teamswitchable AI because you can still use the UAV without actually carrying the terminal. The system you have in place now is IMO the best situation for MP however and is best to stay that way. 3). I can't work out how to deploy a rally point in SP or if this feature is working. I am assuming my misunderstanding somewhere along the line : ) 4). The actions menu for setting gras layer and viewdistance does not appear in SP. This may be the intention as I notice there is still grass present, but I was wondering if there are any other options configurable in that menu that may be usefull in singleplayer mode? Anyway, thanks again for the mission. I love the fact you have taken the extra time to make this work for us who mostly play SP mode, as many MP missions do not allow us to play without going online. Cheers Rough Knight
  8. Nice work there panther42 it looks great, I wish you made this about 6 months ago, it would have saved me a lot of pain : P I did some similar things in my Carrier Operations -Duala campaign and had a few problems which I should mention. If you use the "playMove" command, then be aware that tides seem to effect to posASL of Nimitz. This can have implications on the playback of your recorded moves in different months of the year (because the tides are different). Your wheels on an aircraft can be half buried in the carrier deck on move playback for example. I found when launching off a catapult, the AI aircraft really shudder and shake, and a player controlled aircraft can on some conditions all most stop dead when the catapult lets go. I only found the issue late in my campaign development because I used the first mission as a template with the intention of just copying the mission, editing it as required then changing the dates to suit my campaign timeframe. Anyway I am not sure if its going to be a problem for you, I hope not but I thought I better mention it : ) Thanks Rough Knight.
  9. Rough Knight

    Diving Under Water

    Especially when the poor guy was diving 1.6km out to sea, the odds may well be much lower on the shoreline. The guy before him however was apparently recovering his anchor stuck on the bottom at Rottnest Island. Both guys where obviously diving. It would be interesting to know if he had a shark-shield on. I think the shark addon implemented into diving missions will work here, it is definitely a consideration it shows for any diver. Thanks Rough Knight
  10. Roger that...I am noticing stuttering with this beta, most noticable when driving in vehicles. I was using Vanilla arma2 with the beta, no addons at all. Other than that, no crashes or problems noticed and still an enjoyable multiplayer experience. Edit: Played again tonight with no stuttering? Not sure whats going on here.
  11. Thanks DAP, I was hoping for something like Insurgency that you can easily play in SP mode. I will play this tonight hopefully. Ta Rough knight
  12. Although pelhams method is probably easier, here is what to do with my script if you want to use it. 1). Add a helo to your map, give it a name ie helo. 2). Add your two groups give both the leaders a name ie. leader1 and leader2 3). In both leaders init fields put: {_x assignasCargo helo} foreach units group this; {_x moveincargo helo} foreach units group this; 4). Add one marker where the helo starts and finishes from and give it a name i.e. "marker1" 5). Add one marker where the helo flys to (insertion point) and give it a name i.e. "marker2" 5). Add one marker where the inserted sqaud is to goto when they disembark i.e. "marker3" 6). add the following to a trigger [your dead dudes name is for example mydeaddude] 7). Edit the unload.sqf chats [at the bottom of the script] or delete them if you don't want your squad leaders to say something when they disembark triger [axis a & b]: 0 trigger [activation]: none trigger [condition:] !(alive mydeaddude) trigger [on act:] nul = [helo, leader1, leader2, "marker1", "marker2", "marker3"] execVM "unload.sqf"; unload.sqf
  13. Hi _qor, An example mission I made for you can be found here. Just throw the extracted folder into your missions folder in "my documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\username\Missions" so you can view it in the editor. Feel free to do whatever with it if it is kind of what you are trying to do [just modify "unload.sqf"]. It is scripted, but is easy to modify. I am not sure of your scripting knowledge, but if you are not sure how I will help you out. Otherwise just basically use the information from the setWaypointStatements fields into the relevant mission editor waypoint fields. Basically instead of using the radio trigger to call the insertion, just either change the trigger activation to (!(alive nameofGuywhodies)). To do what you are trying to do there are a number of considerations. Basically you need to change the behaviour of the helicopter to ignore any potential targets it see's on the way to the insertion. Otherwise it will forget temporarily what it is supposed to be doing and can be unpredictable in its actions. You can get around this by adding in the helo's init: this setbehaviour "SAFE"; this disableAI "TARGET"; this disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; this setCombatMode "BLUE"; Trouble with that is the gunners will not engage during the course of the landing which is not realistic IMHO. I hope that helps. EDIT: I am just editting the mission, as I just read you want two groups to be inserted at the insertion point. - > DONE! Thanks Rough Knight
  14. Rough Knight

    Eliteness hates me.

    Sharpshooter try: This place - [Opfec]
  15. Lol... Probably the closest thing I have done was hitting some rocks in a tank and proceeded to fly vertically about 3km into the air. ARMA2 fixed things like that luckily : )
  16. Rough Knight

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Not sure how much work is involved...but I second that request : P
  17. Rough Knight

    Diving Under Water

    Awesome work....hopefully Gnat can find some time to have a look at the other stuff for you. It's pretty impressive what you guys can knock out in a short space of time. Thanks, I am looking forward to using this mod just like everyone else. Thanks Rough Knight.
  18. I find the easiest way to get around the opfor engaging issue with civilians is to do the following. 1). Add a bluefor unit in the editor but set his Probability of presence to "0", and set his rank to sargeant or something. 2). Make him the leader of your civilians by dragging a group line from each of your civs to the blufor guy (who will never spawn). 3). In your Init.sqf add: EAST setFriend [CIVILIAN, 0]; CIVILIAN setfriend [EAST, 0]; Then you will find east troops will attack the civs with no additional scripting required. In using this method, I believe the civilians are still of the side "Civilian" even though you may think otherwise (unconfirmed). For some reason AI will not always engage civilians by just using the setfriend command I have found from previous experience. Thanks Rough Knight
  19. Rough Knight

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Hi Guys, Has anyone asked if there are any animals implemented into the new version. The Phrase "The Hunting Ground" sounds promising, although I am not sure what that is refering to? Can anyone enlighten me? I just found this: So with the predator, will we be the hunted or the hunter? Thanks Rough Knight
  20. Rough Knight

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    WOW...really nice quality job in those photo's. Love the tree's, loads of detail just in them alone. Thanks for your hard work, I look forward to playing this mod also. Ta Rough Knight
  21. Rough Knight

    Very slow transport!!!

    Perhaps this is part of the strategy to help a convoy to stay in formation. Traditionally this looked pretty average when driving up a steep incline. Do vehicles keep foprmation now when climbing an incline?
  22. Rough Knight

    [Mini-Camp] H&D: Operation Iron Swarm

    Hi El Giggi, I loved hidden and dangerous in the day so I will give this a shot for sure. Thanks for your work. Rough Knight.
  23. Rough Knight

    Isla Duala

    +1 vote for hcpookie's solution then. I don't know how much work is in that, but sounds like a good solution if IceBreakr and Co could spare the time for the next update whenever that may be. Thanks Rough Knight
  24. Rough Knight

    Isla Duala

    Yes, these radars are the warfare radars, and are vanilla objects. I can make you a sample mission if you would like so you can see it and decide if you want to do anything about it. Personally I would remove them as they could be added by a mission maker, however I am not sure if they are strategicaly placed [they typically are located on high ground which is logical]....but you are the boss : ) To be honest, maybe ingame no-one would place a satchel or try to blow one up from the ground anyway. You wouldnt notice the graphical glitch from an aircraft. I just saw the issue so thought I would mention it. Thanks Rough Knight.
  25. Rough Knight

    [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala

    Hi guys, New version is up. v1.13 | 19-Mar-12 * Added: Description of task added to overview for each mission in the campaign lobby. * Added : kbTell used for all mission chat\radio dialogue. * Fixed: All missions, ambient plane on your wingman's catapult (#1) could be deleted in clear view of player at launch off Nimitz. * Fixed: All missions, recruited Wingman was unable to fire. * Fixed: Mission6: Chat dialogue was not initiated. * Fixed: A few mission animation errors. * Changed: Mission1, "Hunt the squirrel" secondary objective is now optional. * Changed: Improvements in final mission. Any testers and feedback would be welcome as usual. I will probably need to update the campaign again when Meatball updates @MAR-2MAW, which could be shortly for all I know. Thanks blackfox34 for getting me off my backside to implement kbTell. I think that is the biggest change in the campaign, although many other smaller fixes have been added. There where some changes to mission6 also improving the transition from pilot to marine as well as a CAS fix from memory. MARSOC will stay at least for the moment, I actually like them as for one, they have the first-aid module auto implemented and also they are afterall Marines which would operate off a Carrier. What other units would you recommend out of interest. A Seal Team 6 addon would be ideal, but I think MARSOC is here to stay. I have not had any complaints from other players as of yet concerning this addon: ) Thanks Rough Knight.