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    [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala

    Hmmm. It does sound like an addons problem. Be sure to use @CBA. That caweapons error referes to a vanilla gamefile which makes me wonder if you really are running ARMA2:CO? Make sure @CBA is given first priority on loading in Mod order. Don't select "expansion" in the mod selection tab because it already loads when you select ARMA2:CO (expansion is the Operation Arrowhead part I think). Edit: Links seem ok. You do have the Isla Duala "Full version" including the units right? Just Isla Duala will not be enough. Hope you find the problem. Cheers Rough Knight
  2. The vertical look feature in cars and trucks needs tweaking down IMHO at a minimum. I am happy with the left right movement, but vertical changes while driving in 3rd person mode cause the player to lose sight of their horizontal direction meaning you run into things way to often. It's then actualy quite difficult to adjust the vertical view back to a happy place.
  3. This is a very welcome addition. I can't wait for 1.61. Thanks for the continuing work you Dev's.
  4. Hi Guys, New Version posted 06-Dec-10. Please find changelog and link(s) below. Added new objectives and many improvements. This is a singleplayer mission ready to play. The idea is to have a taste of a number of combat roles for different aircraft, but roll it into one mission. It was designed as a flying mission, however you can leave your vehicle in the helicopter missions to help out the ground forces if you wish. For each mission to end, you need to fly your aircraft or helicopter back to base and land at the specific locations marked on the map. After turning your engine off, an auto-teamswitch feature will be triggered which selects the next pilot and give you a new mission. There is a readme in the archive to tell you more about the mission. Day At The Airbase: Location: Takistan. Game version: ARMA2: Combined Operations. Addons: None. Version: v1.04 [Updated 06-Dec-10]. Features: * Teamswitch [Auto\Manual] implemented. * Featuring 4 aircraft: F35b, A10, Ah64, UH-60S. * Live airbase [Thanks Ei8ght for the Fortress Template!! I modded it slightly with some ambient aircraft etc.] * Custom Scripts for various mission features. * Singleplayer only * Up to 8 different objectives or side missions. Note: On the helicopter missions, you can land and assault by foot [clear the areas], but the vehicle must be in a flyable state ie [canmove], otherwise the task will fail and the auto-teamswitch feature will kick in. Day At The Airbase (@) Alternative Link CHANGE HISTORY =============== Version | Date v1.0 | 23-Sep-10 * Release Candidate. v1.01| 26-Sep-10 * Hotfix Release to fix potential crew loading issues in MH60 support objective. v1.02| 18-Nov-10 * Added new final mission "Defend Fortress". * Added Xeno's clearcorpses script for dead body cleanup [+performance]. * Some more trigger fixes for tasks. * [set as current objective] now works as it should (for tasks with definative location). * Changed setdown locations for A10 and F35b to allow acccess of aircraft for final mission. * Some scripting performance improvements. v1.03| 22-Nov-10 *Action added to recruit a Co-Pilot if your origional is killed during the base defence mission. v1.04| 06-Dec-10 *Further mission performance improvements. *AI reduction and scripting improvements in objective 6. *Co-Pilot recruiting scripts changed and improved for Airbase defense mission (objective 8). CREDITS ======= Ei8ght's excellent "Fortress" airbase template. Kronsky for UPS script. Mikey, SHK and Galzohar for briefing help & ideas. BAS-f for readme form. Xeno for his clearcorpses script. Cabby77 for his mission testing & feedback. kylania for scripting help. Apologies to anyone else I accidently missed. If you play it..please feel free to leave feedback, I hope you enjoy the mission. :) Thanks again Rough Knight
  5. Rough Knight

    [SP] Day At The Airbase (A2 / AO)

    I almost had forgotten about this mission. I am glad you are enjoying it, let me know how your performance goes as some felt it was pretty taxing on their system. If you like this mission, have you tried my carrier operations mission in my signature. Many of the missions are based on "Day at the airbase's" objectives. Only thing is it uses a few addons which was unavoidable.
  6. Thanks for the info F2k Sel, I was aware of that command, in fact that is how I currently attach the chickens. please see the video that hopefully highlights what I am hoping to do. PS: Sorry about the footy in the background of the video. I didn't explain that I would prefer the arms of my unit to be held in front as if he was holding a gun [hence why I was hoping to create an invisible weapon]. I just think it looks a little strange running holding a chicken like that : P Thanks again
  7. Hi guys, I hope someone can help me out. I am making a mission where I need to pick up an object. I attach it to the player, but when he moves his arms sway in the usual manner by his side (he has no weapon). I tried something like this, but it doesnt work because I think the weapon is not an object? I hope somone else may be able to offer a suggestion. I noticed that Armatechs classes website shows men standing without a weapon but in the weapon holding animation. Surely it is possible somehow. I think the ideal animation would be the "binocular" holding animation. _oldmacdonald addWeapon "Binocular"; _oldmacdonald selectWeapon "Binocular"; _invis_weapon = nearestObject [_oldmacdonald, "Binocular"]; _invis_weapon hideobject true; Any ideas. Thanks in advance.
  8. Rough Knight

    Diving Under Water

    Hi Feint, Thanks for the present, some great shots there. When I saw the size of the archive I thought..whoohoo...a preview version of your diving module: P I must say, those divers look awesome on 1080p. great details on the Marsoc diver, so compliments to all involved.
  9. Rough Knight

    Diving Under Water

    Nice work Feint, The Backlight is a great idea. Your attention to detail is briliant, as always i am realy looking forward to playing this addon. It would somewhat distract me from finishing my new mission though : P As posted on your facebook page I seriously do "like" your work..I would love to find out where you learnt about creating Dialogues, I thought I remember early in this thread you mentioned they where new to you, so I have to commend you as you seem to have mastered them. Cheers mate
  10. Rough Knight

    Morten's ArmA Dialog Designer

    Gday MulleDk19, Just hoping to touch base. It this project still alive or have you moved on with life and other things : ) I find dialogues a little confusing and haven't learnt how to make them, so I guess this project has always been of interest to me. Thanks Rough Knight
  11. Rough Knight

    [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala

    See this link. make sure you are not using a standalone version of the mar_fighter_pilot addon. I think it was called @Mar_Pilot. This is now included in the @Mar_2MAW addon and will cause a conflict if activated. The campaign will only work with the units included in the f18 addon. Good luck let us know if that fixes your problem. Cheers
  12. I think everybody else says.... BIS are doing a great job : ) I am not sure what to look for there, I am not seeing anything I have not seen before. The occasional Black tree blocks from the air on Duala, I havent tested without Beta however.
  13. That's ok mate, a very talented community member is generously helping me out : )
  14. Rough Knight

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    After removing magazines and weapons, try :this addWeapon "GLT_AIM120_Launcher", before adding the magazines? ie this removeWeapon "GLT_AGM65_Launcher";this removeWeapon "GLT_MK82_Launcher";this removeMagazine "GLT_2Rnd_AIM9M";this removeMagazine "GLT_4Rnd_AIM120"; this removeMagazine "GLT_4Rnd_AGM65"; this removeMagazine "GLT_4Rnd_MK82";this removeMagazine "GLT_1Rnd_fz_f18_droptank"; this removeMagazine "GLT_4Rnd_fz_f18_dualrail";this addMagazine "GLT_2Rnd_AIM9M";this addMagazine "GLT_1Rnd_fz_f18_droptank";this addMagazine "GLT_4Rnd_fz_f18_dualrail"; addWeapon "GLT_AIM120_Launcher", this addMagazine "GLT_12Rnd_AIM120"; Also you have not added the dualrail weapon, I am not familiar with that one.
  15. I will be definitely releasing it publiclly. I know it's probably not for the main stream arma player, but they may find some kind of entertainment value it it briefly. I mostly hope somone else's kids may have some fun with it. My 6, 4 and 2 year olds where rolling on the floor laughing at one point which is a good sign. Meanwhile I will continue to build a list of phrases. I of course will be open to the wording of them so long as you get the idea of what is attempting to be portrayed. Thanks Rough Knight.
  16. Hi Guys, I have nearly completed a kids mission "Old Macdonalds Farm". My kids always want to play ARMA2, but the missus is never happy with them running around with a gun in their hand. The missions intention is for a child to be able to have a run around in an environment which is fun, safe, and where they can't hurt anyone or anything. The environment is interactive you have a number of jobs to do.. I currently have 6 tasks and will add a few more before release. Often kids can't read so hints are not much use so that's where the voice acting comes in. Therefore I was hoping for an Old Macdonald impersonator to help me out with quite a number of lines. [Maybe 20]. I was imagining an American accent, older but fun for a child to listen to [almost comical but perhaps "animated" is a better word]. If anone is willing and thinks they can do me this favour, please PM me and you will hopefully make the kiddy ARMA2 players out there happy little campers. You of course will be credited as deserved, after all I see the voice is as important as the mission here. Mission Features: *Destroying the bee hives with insect rellant [After you find the cans of repellant] *Catching chickens and roosters for Zeke's favourite chicken pasta dish. *Finding your lost cows and returning them home. *Chasing the rabbit plague away from your freshly planted wheat field [you can pick them up]. * Limited gun use [restricted to a skeet shooting area]. Ammo is removed under particular conditions. [No Killing things other than skeets] * Automated entry and exit from all farm vehicles [Tractors, motorbikes, quads and pushbikes]. * Loads of custom sounds [coughs, farts, burps, Doh's, chickens, Roosters, sheep, cows, music] * No running out of fuel, or vehicle damage. * heaps of custom scripts ie. Bee Swarms, gun control, animal spawning etc. Voice examples - [i am currently documenting the full list of lines] * Howdy Folks, my name is Old MacDonald. I have a number of jobs to do today, but before we start why don't we have a look around the farm. * Well I never. I have ten cows but I can only see five in the paddock. Let's see if we can find the five lost cows and lead them back too where the other cows are. * Hey cowpokes, I can see my sheep are in the wrong paddock. We have to round them up and herd them back into the paddock behind the house. A willing helper would be much appreciated if you think you can do the job. Cheers.
  17. Rough Knight

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    I haven't had a lot of luck with faceDetect. I can get it to track, but interpolation is all over the place, and the widget shows it moving out of range. Did you find you need to change your curves much between facedetect and FaceAPI? I have not had much time to try this but will give it another shot tonight.
  18. Rough Knight

    [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala

    LOL, that's what I originally thought, but some feedback left indicated the littlebird made the objective too difficult. I then added the option to use the AH1Z added a few more enemies if yo do use it, plus another patrol objective so the mission wasn't pathetically easy : P Anyway, glad you finished it : ) Cheers
  19. Rough Knight

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    I actually did start to port my Carrier Op's campaign into Lingor. Trouble is, the units and factions don't match the factions of Lingor Units so the storyline would have to be re-designed. I have positioned Nimitz in Lingor and all playmoves etc for AI launching and landing, ambient deck movements etc work as they should. There is lots of work on making .paa's for Nimitz briefings etc, so currently not finding the time...unless you wanna help : P Most of the scripts will work, perhaps spawned units classnames will require updating to use the lingor units. [A few mods like that.] Little things take a lot of time [briefing pictures, briefing info]. If anyone was williing to help, perhaps we could get it done. I stopped at that point and started on a new project mission for the kids. Maybe in the background I will carry on. ARMA3 is approaching though. Cheers.
  20. Rough Knight

    [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala

    Thank's for the feedback Variable, I am glad you are enjoying it. There are a few missions coming up in the campaign that employ a similar principle of teamswitching between different phases of the particular operation. I will have to modify the mission, as that patrol task is a little basic. Basically there should be approximately 6 other enemy targets which you will need to engage in order to pass the mission. Perhaps I should make it an optional objective. (Perhaps use the [Control] + [kp "-"] "endmission" trick if its giving you issues). Cya round
  21. nice work DetCord. I have been booted out into the lobby twice now when I am trying or about to light up a glow stick. Maybe a co-incidence, but has anyone else seen this?
  22. Rough Knight

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    Hi sthalik, I am using accella filter with FaceAPI [Revision 336]. After re-defining and getting my curves right, I am pleased to announce I have had the best performance and operation of FaceTrackNoir since it's inception. I wound the filtering down to 1, and the response is amazing I must say and very precise. I have not had time to use FaceDetect yet as I spent some time tweaking the curves with the above setup. Only drama is in starting and stopping the tracking, sometimes it takes a little while to recapture my face. I think this was partially to do with having a background light playing up with the camera though. I need to try this in the daylight hours. Thanks for your efforts mate, this is getting really good now.
  23. You could always try run towards another players glow stick and hope the zombies take the bait....Would that work?
  24. Rough Knight

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    Hi sthalik, It has taken me a while, but I am finally getting my settings tuned. I must say I am impressed with your work [Running v329]. The FaceDetect tracker seems pretty CPU intensive so I am still using Face API, but good to see another means of tracking in progress. I am still working out my deadzones [with smoothing set to 1] and with my Curves set how I have them, response to head movements seems much better. I have not experienced any jitter. The only thing now in my opinion if the CPU overhead could be reduced my any margin then we have a winner in every respect. Thanks for the improvements. Is there any specific feedback you are chasing, I will be happy to provide some if you can point out what you are specifically looking for. Cheers to the FacetrackNoir team,
  25. I am about to play this for the second time. I didn't meet any other human players the first time I played, and am not sure what to expect next time I play. So a few questions: 1). Do I shoot first and ask questions\deal with rage later? Or should people not rage if I Stalk and kill them? 2). If I have nothing and approach someone, are they more likely to try kill me or let me go? I don't really understand how I am supposed to play this : P Thanks Rough