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  1. Hi guys, I am having crashes ie...complete system reboots while playing but can't find any Arma log file to try isolate the problem. I have the 505 english version....any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks again Frosty
  2. Rough Knight

    Simple Question

    Hi guys, ----------------------------------------------------------- Edit: oops this thread was meant for the Arma editing forum soz!! Could a Moderator please move it....Thnx : ) ----------------------------------------------------------- I'm a newb to the editor, but I couldnt find the answer to my question in any of the Wiki's (6th Sense or BI). Anytime I make an added unit "Playable", it auto populates that unit with men. Is it possible to add units unpopulated, so you can jump in any of a multitude of vehicles without having to kill the driver : P The waypoint option confuses me also. I have to click on a unit, then add a waypoint, but have trouble adding multi waypoints to set-up a patrol etc. I understand the loop function, but can't add enough waypoints to make a circle for example. Any help appreciated kindly thanx frosty.
  3. Rough Knight

    Some Arma Questions.

    Hi guys, I am new to Arma, and have enjoyed the Multiplayer Demo but have a few questions. 1). Is the 400 square km map explorable in Single player or if deviate from your goals does the mission end? I was thinking more the large landscape was built around supporting multiplayer. 2). In singleplayer are all vehicles available in an open campaign. With Op flashpoint, not all vehicles where readily at your disposal. Looking forward to its release. Thanks Frosty
  4. Rough Knight

    Some Arma Questions.

    Thanx for the replies. I was hoping to be able to jump in a harrier and zoom around blowing up real targets not just an empty map void of real enemies. hopefully this is possible without heaps of effort building maps etc. Thanks Frosty