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  1. Well I just rented OFP:X today, and I have to say wow, and aww. The graphics are sooo much better and the no-clipping in buildings is great. The controls take some getting used to but after 20 some minutes you'll get the hang of them. What I done like is the mission editor and no splitscreen. Cant really do much in the mission editor if your pretty new, besides placing a couple squads. In my opinion, the voices from PC are much better. But I would go with PC, gameplay over graphics, I choose gameplay

  2. Now Im just curious about this. I seem to have a little hornet problem in my room. Theres like 2 huge black hornets that are 3 inches in length and 1 inch wide at the least. I just locked my door to keep em in there, I would show you a picture if i could get close to the damned thing. Anyone know what type of hornets, or bees they are? I have a feeling its the water here, because to me and my dad, it tastes like shit tounge2.gif . Im afraid that they will make a nest in my room for the winter, or do bees hibernate? tounge2.gif

  3. No, I mean that someone could replace the OFP resistance with OFP Xbox ones, and I dont mean taking the models out of your Xbox, just look at the xbox resistance and retexture the OFP PC ones and stuff.

    EDIT: Sorry, bunch of people posted while I was writing, yes Hunter's right, except I dont want them, as I said, its just an idea, not a request to anyone

  4. I like ofpforums idea because, how would anyone really know? They would be in to much of a panic to say "Hmm Lets look in space for some crazy asteroid". But as a second answer I would say the asteroid. It makes sence sinc we have barely explored space except around our planet. There are (probably is) millions of materials that we have never discovered in space and other planets, hell, theres probably more stuff in the oceans that we havent discovered yet.