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    Your favourite warfare era!

    Futuristic got my vote. Anything from Tom Clancy's EndWar to WH40K would be fun as hell. Being inserted by dropship with your fellow awesome, hightech looking buddies into a completely massive firefight between two warring factions. But I can only imagine. (I still dream for a futuristic CoD)
  2. jankyballs

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Probably requested a million times, but once again - AAV-7A1 Johnny's Marines would be complete. (Btw does anyone remember me?)
  3. jankyballs

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    Hey Jaguar, what tank and trucks and rocket launcher looking thingys are those?
  4. jankyballs

    Jon Doe

    Are you calling NYY fans rednecks?! Make one with a Boston hat on
  5. jankyballs

    KILLZONE and ideas

    Tsk Tsk Tsk..... SEARCH. How many times has someone asked this? 5?
  6. jankyballs

    Attack of the huge hornet things!

    Now Im just curious about this. I seem to have a little hornet problem in my room. Theres like 2 huge black hornets that are 3 inches in length and 1 inch wide at the least. I just locked my door to keep em in there, I would show you a picture if i could get close to the damned thing. Anyone know what type of hornets, or bees they are? I have a feeling its the water here, because to me and my dad, it tastes like shit . Im afraid that they will make a nest in my room for the winter, or do bees hibernate?
  7. jankyballs

    How to make my game start in 3rd person?

    Me thinks he wants to get onto a 3rd Person view disabled server?
  8. Im not sure if this is a good idea or not, but would someone with OFP Xbox consider doing the resistance from OFP Elite with RES? Maybe with the Jon Doe pack or with Llauma's head models? Anyway just an idea, not a request...
  9. jankyballs

    Faun Franziska SLT56 v3.0

    I think Inv44 did this (cant remember the name, some German anti-tank peice) but I think that these are different because you could only tow one thing?
  10. jankyballs

    Ofp Xbox Resistance replacement

    No, I mean that someone could replace the OFP resistance with OFP Xbox ones, and I dont mean taking the models out of your Xbox, just look at the xbox resistance and retexture the OFP PC ones and stuff. EDIT: Sorry, bunch of people posted while I was writing, yes Hunter's right, except I dont want them, as I said, its just an idea, not a request to anyone
  11. jankyballs

    Best explanation for zombie outbreak?

    I like ofpforums idea because, how would anyone really know? They would be in to much of a panic to say "Hmm Lets look in space for some crazy asteroid". But as a second answer I would say the asteroid. It makes sence sinc we have barely explored space except around our planet. There are (probably is) millions of materials that we have never discovered in space and other planets, hell, theres probably more stuff in the oceans that we havent discovered yet.
  12. jankyballs

    Mod config

    Your links dont work, And could you try to be more detailed? Â (Im sorry if you dont know english to well )
  13. jankyballs

    Star Wars mod

    Hello , Im here, Ive been posting more in the OFP.Info forums more though...
  14. jankyballs

    Everon Defence Force soldiers

    Dude its only been 6 days since anyones said anything, I bet their working now, they dont always have time to post in the forums
  15. jankyballs

    Star Wars mod

    Dude Im gonna piss my pants thats awesome!
  16. jankyballs

    SFP 4.0 in battle

    Can someonepoint me in the right direction of VIT's pilots? I cant seem to find them
  17. jankyballs


    BAS quit OFP some time ago, hopefully they will be back by Armed Assault or OFP 2. No they will never release their seals, maybe for Armed Assault.
  18. jankyballs

    FFUR Incoming HUGE RELEASE !!!

    Well I got some connections, and ofcourse Im magic
  19. jankyballs

    Some Siege Equipment

    *Imagines Romans and Carthaginians in OFP*
  20. jankyballs

    FFUR Incoming HUGE RELEASE !!!

    Africa vs. Germany?
  21. jankyballs

    Star Wars mod

    Nice TIES Acacyn! Is it just me or is the Assasinator a EP3 Jedi Starfighter in TIE form?
  22. jankyballs

    FFUR Incoming HUGE RELEASE !!!

    F16 also thunderbird if you didnt see the DMA release you definantly should, I cant play with their new resistance units because im on a different computer, but these would go great as Resistance replacements for FFUR 2005! Bunch of Awesome DMA stuff