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    Bad news

    HAHA! Ya right dude, Cympatheey hasn't been online in like such a long time man! Oh man, and this thread....whoa...this reminds me of my begining days in my mod...when people told me not to depend on teh addon makers....and now look, i'm building most of the shit! So agent, you need help with addons or something, i can help you to make them "YOURSELF" but thats it  ~Bmg *cough* *cough* hes on MSN
  2. jankyballs

    Bad news

    Hey guys! I heard from Cympatheey and he said he is working on a Clone Blaster Rifle      just one addon outta alot tho  , but hey, atleast we wont die lol
  3. jankyballs

    First imported model from pc halo

    Â Â Â Â were do you that that come again
  4. jankyballs

    Ofp2 pics

    PLZ BIS release some kind of pic from OFP2! PLZ!! we wanna see what it looks like! PLZ BIS look at this!
  5. jankyballs

    Dxdll help

    how do i enable pixel shader 1.1? i have checked my video card options (Nividia GForce4 MX 440), no luck, i tried reg windows XP options, still no luck, can someone tell me how to enable pixel shader 1.1?
  6. jankyballs

    Combat! discussion thread

    plz tell me how to enable pixel shader 1.1, i cant get dxdll to work  thx oh ya, nice HEMMTs!
  7. jankyballs

    First imported model from pc halo

    no its just that not many people are on the comp at 1:00 in the morning
  8. jankyballs


    Very good , dl now
  9. jankyballs

    New island in progress

    guess this is dead
  10. jankyballs

    New star wars thread

    i have a good idea, how bout since we are both Star Wars based mods, y dont we merge? Â (NOTE: we have decided we will be doing episodes 1, 2, 3 (when 3 comes out) we will release packs, 1 Pack for episode one, 1 pack for episode two, and 1 pack for episode 3) @Lordhorus: Thx man, and gl on your mod Jankyballs Out
  11. jankyballs

    Clonewars mod new thread

    glad to see that someone wants to help us if you wanna talk to me my msn is: janky1228@yahoo.com Jankyballs Out
  12. jankyballs

    MARFY : I need to ask you a question

    Navy SEALs - Cant wait! Delta's/Rangers - Personly, i dont like the BAS D/R, be cool to see some good ones! USMC Soldiers - Suchey and Earls are good SOAR Pilots - Use BAS's Tank Crew (multiple versions) - Rudedogs APC crew are good Hummers - No really good ones yet. Blackhawks - BAS's Blackhawks (for the Navy SEALs) - Navy Seal BH? SeaHawks - we def need some of those CH-47's - we def need some of those CH-53's - we def need some of those Abrams Tanks (multiple versions) - Sigma 6's are good M113's (multiple versions) - Pablo's Nightvision Goggles (multiple versions) - Use BAS's like soeone else said Strobe light addon - ide like to see em
  13. jankyballs

    Russian military - videos

  14. jankyballs

    Addon Request

    Is anyone making the new US Army uniform? Personely i like it and would like to see it in OFP. So please someone make it Jankyballs Out
  15. jankyballs

    The toughest game in history

    ok im on the place where theres 3 rooms, one with a forcefeild. i placed one of the chess pieces, the horse. what now?
  16. jankyballs

    The toughest game in history

    it wont let me see the other hand  NVMD  Ok, i have a cd case, a cd, 6 japanese card things, some incese stick, medacine, key, beer, hair, and the 2 photos. what now? and whats with this? you can open the door but it becomes dark and wierd sound comes up, and then it brings you back into the room?
  17. jankyballs

    The toughest game in history

    k now im stuck were the big cutting edge thing is, i lit the fireplace, cut the triangle shaped thing and put the things in the security panel, someone PM me plz
  18. jankyballs

    The toughest game in history

    can someone help me with the bridge puzzel thing? nvmd i got it
  19. jankyballs

    The toughest game in history

    im stuck on the maze thing were that little rat thing shows up (puzzle under the bridge)
  20. jankyballs

    A new MOD

    Join our mod plz!!!! www.frewebs.com/clonewarzmod12 PLZ! I BEG OF YOU!
  21. jankyballs

    What is...

    Oh no! LOL oooooook Dam straight! WOOT! WOOT!
  22. jankyballs

    New star wars thread

    www.freewebs.com/clonewarzmod12 If ya wanta help email me or agentkiller Janky1228@yahoo.com - me Agentkiller - look at his sig
  23. jankyballs

    Calling all addonmakers

    Yes, we are waiting for Cympathee (dunno y he isnt on forum) but we are waiting for him to make a blaster rifle and a clone trooper
  24. jankyballs

    Calling all addonmakers

    Humph. I guess noone cares about us
  25. This is the CWM Dedicated Thread post suggestions/comments You can find our website at http://www.freewebs.com/clonewarzmod12/ Sorry, its only a temporary site, no forums yet Vive La Clones!