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    What are your favorite addons?

    FDF MOD CSLA II MOD SEB Nam Pack 2 Y2K3 MOD and all the addons that come with it BKM BMPs Mungari BAS TONAL+OPFOR All BAS Helos and pilots/crew BAS Delta/Rangers All Combat! Vehicles/Crew Ficshkopps Humvees HYKs US Modern INF S&E Marines Wipmans HTTV And thats pretty much all
  2. jankyballs

    Russian Army trucks

    Im no chechen war expert, butd ide say either the 2nd or 3rd ones
  3. jankyballs

    Cinematic Mungari campaign has begun

    hope ya finish soon GJ!
  4. jankyballs

    New island in progress

  5. jankyballs


    Any of you ever looked at this Thread ? Just wondering but other from that great island, this one looks cool! keep up the good work!
  6. jankyballs

    US Marines

    i love you Fischkopp........
  7. jankyballs

    Zombie Help

    can someone give me a "Getting Zombies to attack" tutortorial mission? Thx, Jankyballs
  8. jankyballs

    New island in progress

    you should have a website, ill make one but it will be a freewebs one
  9. jankyballs

    New island in progress

  10. jankyballs

    BIS Forums Top 100 Games - Finished!

    1. OFP 2. Halo 3. Driv3r 4. Call of Duty 5. IL2 Sturmovik & IL2 Forgotten Battles 6. Combat Flight Sim 3 (WW2) 7. Soldiers 8. GTA 3 & and soon to come out GTA SA 9. MoH Series 10. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  11. jankyballs

    Running Out Of Ideas

    Make a script where you can control more than 12 units! Thatd be awsome
  12. jankyballs

    First imported model from pc halo

    Sure it is That face looks AWSOME! That could be a new Ofp Default face, but does it work?
  13. jankyballs

    Chernobyl island

    me 2, but as he said, its delayed
  14. jankyballs

    FischKopp HMMWV

    I love you FischKopp lol jk but nice HMMVs!!!!
  15. jankyballs

    FischKopp HMMWV

    I love you FischKopp lol jk but nice HMMVs!!!!
  16. jankyballs

    Operation enduring freedom

    ya me 2, looks good if i had 2856294 thumbs, ide give it that lol
  17. jankyballs

    Grimesy's Mini-Mod?

    what ever happened to Grimesy's mini mod? The soldiers really looked good and but all of sudden the news just stopped. if Grimesys not gonna finish his units maybe he could send em to sum1 else?
  18. jankyballs

    Grimesy's Mini-Mod?

    im not acting mean im just saying i not grimesy
  19. jankyballs

    Grimesy's Mini-Mod?

    are you saying that im grimesy? i am definanly not grimesy
  20. jankyballs

    Grimesy's Mini-Mod?

    dammit, his stuff looked really good too
  21. My favorite mod has now been closed thx alot Capone, thx for shuttin it down, no one did better work than you guys, i hope other russian mods will do good with your work
  22. jankyballs

    Tank foxholes

    true, maybe make 2 versions of island? >Island name< (T) >Island name< (N)
  23. jankyballs

    Tank foxholes

    y dont people just make a trench when they actualy make the island? so it wouldnt crumble? Or would it?
  24. jankyballs

    MY first moddeler attempt

    and the good news doesnt stop coming! we got our own forums, goto www.freewebs.com/clonewarzmod12 and look at the navigation
  25. jankyballs

    Clonewars mod new thread

    hey guys! we finaly got some forums!! FORUMS BIZZATCH!