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    Fight Against The Future Mod

    Dude I think your models are great but, what is the mod about? Is there a storyline or anything? And your motorcycles are awsome.
  2. jankyballs

    First imported model from pc halo

    Aw man dude that sucks... I really hope you get the mod back and continue on this. Anyway, whered you get that theme ?
  3. jankyballs

    Good FREE Games

    Second Life Just $9.95 and your in. Fun game where you can do pretty much anything. Its really fun, low cost and great graphics.
  4. Hey guys, haven't posted in a long time. Anyways im doing a addon cleanup and I was wondering does anyone have a list of the addons that were with the game when you installed it? Because I dont want to mess up my OFP. Thx
  5. jankyballs

    Addons That Came With Game

    I dont need the actual files, I just need their names so I don't delete them, but I'll do that, thx
  6. jankyballs

    First imported model from pc halo

    Yeah that would be awsome
  7. jankyballs

    Resident Evil Mod?

    Heres the S.T.A.R.S guys skegman was making
  8. jankyballs

    First imported model from pc halo

    I love you, in a non-homo way ofcourse
  9. jankyballs

    Opinion on Sci-Fi addons?

    Found the Game, its named "KillZone", heres the site , looks friggin awsome
  10. jankyballs

    Opinion on Sci-Fi addons?

    Ide like to see, hmm, forget the name of the game their from, Tehy wear all black and they wear gasmasks and stuff, anyway, if you know what im talking about ide like to see them
  11. jankyballs

    WWII Collection Mod

    It works man. Thanks
  12. jankyballs

    WWII Collection Mod

    Alright im dling it now, but Ive got a question, does this mod totally replace OFP so i cant use reg OFP or is there another way to install it like Y2K3 Thx, Jankyballs
  13. jankyballs

    A Great Idea?

    The reason i made this post is because all of the Us addons are all scattered out and they all looks very very different, and because i hate having to scroll down a big Addon list and cant find anything because its all different and i like to be organized, lol. Ok, here it goes wouldnt it be awsome if like the best addonmakers of ofp combined together and made like top quality addons? like the entire US army Arsenal? and when you go to make a mission its like Woodland - Men Desert - Men Woodland - Cars Desert - Cars Woodland - Armored Desert - Armored Woodland - Air Desert - Air yes it would be hard, VERY VERY hard, but wouldnt it be worth it? It might take a couple months (5 months?) and with all the talented addon makers out there it could take even less. But the problem is, how many people would participate? I will participate but im afraid im not very good. And Also, this is just an idea  (It doesnt matter what army we would do either, just one without a mod doing it) Hope we can make this real  Jankyballs Out
  14. jankyballs

    A Great Idea?

    Ok, i decided im realy going to try on this, im gonna try making units, if anyone wants to help, it would be greatly apreticated.
  15. jankyballs

    A Great Idea?

    So i guess this idea is Bagged?
  16. jankyballs

    A Great Idea?

    im not just talking about not using the scroll bar  im also talking about a big MOD of any Army with Men, Vehicles, Weapons, and Aircraft. Sorry if im being an ass about addons again, sorry, i dont kno much about modding
  17. jankyballs

    A Great Idea?

    cmon, Less viewy, more posty
  18. jankyballs


    Here you go m8 Â and also heres another
  19. jankyballs

    Fox hunting Ban

    I say ban all hunting, we shouldnt be hunting as a sport, we should only hunt for animals unless we really NEED to
  20. jankyballs

    Operation enduring freedom

    i wouldnt include the BKM guys because (i dont know a lot   ) the arabics hate the jews? and the fundamentalists, just give them an arabic face. (The fundemandelast is the one with the greeen shirt right? )
  21. jankyballs

    First imported model from pc halo

    dont have to post any pics just post sumthing so we kno your alive
  22. jankyballs

    Ghost recon

    anybody take a look at the GR2 Screens? Looks sweet, i would deffinantly consider putting those into game, if i could model
  23. jankyballs

    ideas for addons

    Very nice, altho yes, it is steriotypical, its a nice idea, but hey, where are the italians on that list   make some Godfather Addons
  24. jankyballs

    First imported model from pc halo

    someone should send some pics to OFP.Info, then youll be really famous (not like you already are) and more people will see your buetiful work
  25. jankyballs

    Farmland Mod Progress

    i think i just pissed my pants, thats so nice!