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    Ground Textures Blurred

    Looks like nothing is working, Im gonna try a reinstall and see how it goes.
  2. jankyballs

    Ground Textures Blurred

    Multitexturing is enabled, tryed disabling it and turining it back on, no luck. Im gonna goto bed now though, very tired.
  3. jankyballs

    StarWars Addons by Acacyn

    Awesome job hmmwv, do more!
  4. jankyballs

    What Game Do You Want Most?

    Ide have to say Gears of War looks like the best Xbox360 game coming out, but Killzone PS3 looks very very impressive. But OFP2 is still the best just because its OFP2.
  5. jankyballs

    What Game Do You Want Most?

    What Game from E3 that is coming out on Xbox 360, or PS3 do you want the most out of this list, sorry if I left your favorite game out but I can only put ten
  6. jankyballs

    New Uniform

    Those would be great, but I want more than just communists to kill, what about some insurgents? Maybe some organized generic terrorist group? Or maybe the US and England will for some reason attack eachother. Hell, what about the UN and every single nations army into OFP? Yes I know thats WAY over the line but still, that would be the best thing ever to happen to me in my whole entire life, and everyone who plays OFP life's
  7. jankyballs

    New Uniform

    Well if the ACU is more comfortable, and the multicam looks better, why dont they just combine the two? Â I mean really, a camo that is comfortable, convienient, and looks good would really be an awesome uniform.
  8. jankyballs

    What Game Do You Want Most?

    @Acecombat: I just put OFP2 on there to see how much it will kick the other game's asses @Kevbaz: As I said, "sorry if I left your favorite game out but I can only put ten"
  9. jankyballs

    StarWars Addons by Acacyn

    Alright I got the back and front done, hope you like it
  10. jankyballs

    StarWars Addons by Acacyn

    I have also just edited Commander Cody in photoshop, I did another one but my computer froze in the process so I rushed this one, I call him Commander Joker, Hes pretty much Commander Cody with red/black painted armour Found some very cool sketches of some troopers and this
  11. jankyballs

    StarWars Addons by Acacyn

    Think you forgot Commander Thire and his Red Shock Troopers Info Commander Fox who was one of the commanders on Utapau, I beleive you can see him helping an injured clone trooper on the left side of the screen. And Commander Appo, the commander of the 502st Legion, or Vader's Fist, though i wouldnt make him as he doesnt really have a difference from the rest of the 501st. But if you wanna make him, hes talking to Bail Organa when he lands at the jedi temple.
  12. jankyballs

    Multi-Camo  ?

    I would rather select what uniform your soldier will have before you start customizing him, like: US - Winter - Men - Blabla
  13. jankyballs

    Operation Flashpoint Inspired Fan Game

    A wordsearch? Is this supposed to be a game
  14. jankyballs

    IF you would be a hacker (fiction)

    I would definantly hack EA.com and tell everyone what EA really is, a money steeling, bad game producing, no respect for anyone wahtsoever losers.
  15. jankyballs

    What are you going to do?

    First, Im gonna go ape shit and start dancing of happiness. Then Ill get about 3 2 liters of Coke, Sprite, and Dr. Pepper and put them in a mini fridge. Grab about 3 bags of Lays Potato Chips. Hookup my headphones and turn them on fullblast so I cant hear anyone from the outside world Turn off all the lights, even though Ill be as scared as shit because my house is from the 1800's, its haunted and theres a cemetary i can see from my window thats about a yard away from my house . Then Ill just go in Mission Editor, make some extra huge battles and then play some of the campaign, then do that again. Then maybe some MP if anyones on. I want OFP2 now
  16. jankyballs

    Improved unit editor

    When you make a unit in mission editor, I think there should be quite a number of options you can do yo customize them. Side: US Obvious Climate: Desert You can either choose between 3 climates, Desert, Woodland, and Winter Unit/Men: Soldier This is where you select the model you want to use, it comes with default equipment. Weapon: M4A1 You can choose what weapon you want for your unit, it oculd be an M60 to a Colt. Face: David - Clean You have a wide selevtion of faces, for every face, there is a clean, camo, and wounded one. Hands: Nothing There is a wide selection of gloves and different types of hands. Shirt: Rolled Sleeves You can have either rolled up sleeves, no sleeves, sleeves, etc. Headwear: Brush You can have small sticks or small peices of bushes put into your helmet, or you could have a bandanna, or a cap. Stance: Crouched Either make yourself prone, crouched, or standing up. Rank: PVT. You get the idea Skill: 6 On a scale of one to ten you set the skill of the unit. Mode: Combat Choose from the OFP1 modes, like careless, combat and safe, etc. Accessories: Backpack Backpack can be chosen for extra ammo, or a medkit, or NVGs etc. Name: Alpha 1 Name your unit. Init field Same as the OFP1 one, for adding extra scripts. Health Same as the one from OFP1 thats under the Init field. Fuel Same as the one from OFP1 thats under the Init field. Ammunition Same as the one from OFP1 thats under the Init field. Azimut: 0 Set which direction your unit is facing. Next to this is a 3D image of your soldier based on your settings, it is fully rotatable. Restore to Defaults. Ill make a picture once i get Photoshop installed again.
  17. jankyballs

    Wich mod to choose?

    I would recommend CSLA II, hours of fun in the mission editor and two great campaigns. It also comes with 13 single player missions, but sadly not alot of mp missions. If you like going into the mission editor and playing around with stuff, CSLA is for you, but if you like singleplayer and multiplayer, FDF would be better with that.
  18. jankyballs

    OFP 2 Mission

    1 - I dont now of the script, but I heard someone mention that philcommando made one that only has units in the players area 3 - I think people can handle a big file if they downloaded FDF at 460 mb and CSLA 2 at 216 mb, or an alternative to that could be the same thing except with less addons and more BIS addons, less effects, etc for people with slower PCs,
  19. jankyballs

    WOOSAA, look what me find

    All I can say is, OMFG I ****ING LOVE YOU ECP
  20. jankyballs

    OFP 2 Mission

    As I said in my post above, Ill join if a team gets together, but it would be impossable for me to make such a mission by myself. And yeah Im motivated!
  21. jankyballs

    OFP 2 Mission

    If other people get together and make a team, sure I would help, except I only know some simple scripts and commands, but I bet I could atleast lend a hand. EDIT: Is this going to be one big mission or a bunch of dynamic missions?
  22. jankyballs

    WOOSAA, look what me find

    Holy ****! Thats fricken crazy!
  23. jankyballs

    First imported model from pc halo

    Wouldnt Cribban have MC's work because he worked on the mod and betatested it? Cribban could release MC's stuff for the community to finish right?
  24. Ive looked here and on OFP.Info forums but didnt find anything. I want to know how to put flags on soldiers and vehicles. Im pretty sure you put something like "addweapon "flag";this setflagtexture "blah.jpg" or something in the init line and put the .jpg in the mission folder but that doesnt work
  25. jankyballs

    How to add flags on things?

    Please could someone help?