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    The Undead Mod

    Alright, got the scripts executing, but the whole "radius spawn" idea just isn't working. I'm guessing I'm just not setting up the triggers properly. Hopefully you can point out what Im doing wrong :( I've created two scripts, zombiespawn_act.sqs, and zombiespawn_dea.sqs zombiespawn_act.sqs Spawn setvariable ["CHN_UNDEAD_SM_ACTIVE",true,true] //Turns on spawner zombiespawn_dea.sqs Spawn setvariable ["CHN_UNDEAD_SM_ACTIVE",false,true] //Turns off spawner I've got my infected spawning module named "SPAWN_MY," in it's initialization I've entered: this setvariable ["CHN_UNDEAD_SM_GRPTYPE","NON-MIGRATING",true]; this setvariable ["CHN_UNDEAD_SM_ACTIVE",false,true]; (condition = false) my trigger is set up as such: activation: BLUFOR repeatedly, present condition: (vehicle player) in thislist; (<- [b]not sure what this does[/b]) on act: SPAWN_MY exec "zombiespawn_act.sqs"; on dea: SPAWN_MY exec "zombiespawn_dea.sqs"; So, in a gist, the spawn is set to "false" by default, then when the player walks into the eclipse trigger, the script changes that false line to true, and then when the player leaves the trigger eclipse, it activates the script to turn it back to false again. At least that what I intended it to do, it didn't work ;) Hopefully you can provide some insight. EDIT: Hold on, do I need to use the "synchronize" tool between the module and trigger, or connect them somehow?
  2. hypno toad

    The Undead Mod

    Thanks for the hasty reply. I'm not familiar with the scripting either but shouldn't take long to figure it out/google it. One quick question, do I just drop the script in with the mission profile? I love this mod but the one thing that always puzzled me was that it was lacking functionality for such a rudimentary thing, I don't very well need a group of zombies spawning a mile away from me when I'm not around to see them ;) Hopefully Charon can add in some "radius spawn" modules, similar to the normal spawners but would only activate if something came within 500 meters.
  3. hypno toad

    The Undead Mod

    Not really the "help and support" section, but it seems the best place to ask. How can I activate/deactivate a particular zed spawner? I want to set up triggers that activate the spawn when you enter the proximity, and deactivate it when you exit the proximity. What command would I use? I tried the this setvariable ["CHN_UNDEAD_SM_ACTIVE",false,true]; tried "this" and tried using the modules name, but neither has worked. I'm a bit of a novice at the arma editor in general, so some help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. hypno toad

    The Undead Mod

    Holy s***! Man, this is what happens when I don't play arma 2 for 4 months. This is how you make a zombie mod. I'm download it now, but if its works half as well as it does in the videos, I'm going to have a lot of fun. I'm still unsure of how the mod works, but would it be possible to make circular trigger areas, and have zombies spawn inside them when players walk into the area? (and disappear when they leave it) because that'd be fantastic for an island-scale multiplayer mission.
  5. I want somebody to make me a Ross Kemp custom skin.. I have a funny video in mind.
  6. hypno toad

    VopSound 2.1

    Alright, here's how this should work: You go to this website and download FRAPS: http://www.fraps.com/ Now you go to this website: http://www.youtube.com/ and upload a freaking video of the soundmod. It's a fairly simple concept, I have absolutely no idea what I could be getting in this soundmod, so do everybody a favor and make a video. Sorry for being an ass, but I really, really tire of sound mods where the makers can't be bothered to make a video. It'd be like a mod that replaces every model in the game, yet there's no screen shots.
  7. I just came to request a mission/pitch an idea. It would require too much time and know-how for me to do. Basically, the idea is: There's two teams; Russians vrs Guerillas. (Or USMC/CDF vrs Insurgents) The objective of the Russian team is to hold all the set number of towns, and the Objective of the Guerillas is to do the same. Now, sounds pretty generic, right? That's where the conditions come in. The Guerrillas have no pre-set bases or spawnpoints. Basically, it goes as follows: - Guerillas start out in the woods, way far off from the Russian main base, all guerrillas start with makarovs, and must get their guns and ammo from crates. - Guerilla "engineers" can establish camps, containing basic tents as well as medical tents, spawnpoints, and ammo caches. - The world can be somewhat dynamic; In towns, there will be a small number of civilians walking/driving around. Throughout the playing area (maybe 1/4 of the entire map) Russian utility trucks (and their escorts) will be driving around. Guerrillas can ambush the convoys, and Hijack the trucks, and steal the cargo. They can also steal random cars off the street, and break into vehicle impounds (vehicle impounds could carry gun mounted, and armored vehicles) - There are a few guerrilla units in basic civilian clothes, so they can blend in with basic street civilians un-noticed. It allows for the Guerilla team to have an element of surprise, as civilian guerrillas can place landmines, and IEDs relatively unnoticed. Basically the Guerrillas have to get their own ammo, vehicles, and spawnpoints, but the upsides is that their movement and spawning location is largely unknown to the Russian team, making it more like an insurgency type gameplay. The russian team would apply to pretty generic spawning standards. They would have pre-set loadouts and respawning vehicles.
  8. hypno toad

    Resistance and Liberation - Realism WW2 mod

    Alpha 4 is out! 2 servers were full today
  9. hypno toad

    Resistance and Liberation - Realism WW2 mod

    The mod's coder, Andrew Ritchie, has been going through some submitted crash files, he has released a few waves up updated binaries. It has rolled around to the fourth, which is the most stable, and will be the last alpha 3 version. It should resolve most, f not all of the crash sources. Also, updating to this will fix the "server uses different class tables" issue. http://forum.resistanceandliberation.com/showthr....t103024
  10. hypno toad

    Resistance and Liberation - Realism WW2 mod

    Actually, it is running updated binaries, found here: They don't solve crashing, but they will help the developers pinpoint the crashing problems, for a hastier hotfix. http://forum.resistanceandliberation.com/showthr....t101817 Just follow the install instructions.
  11. hypno toad

    Resistance and Liberation - Realism WW2 mod

    I added a new video, this time in High definition, so pretty your eyes will bleed.
  12. hypno toad

    New voice system...

    I'm just mentioning this because, well, console gamers are stupid and shallow. Don't hate me for saying that, we all know it. And not very many will buy or like it if the voices are still robotic.
  13. hypno toad

    Resistance and Liberation - Realism WW2 mod

    Coming from somebody who doesn't know anything about mapping for the source engine, yet alone played the mod? Really, the only thing limiting your paths are hedges and building, which you can often go around. It seems to me you are assuming it is a realism based DoD: source, when the only thing the games have at all in common is World War 2. By the way, that video is not meant to be some epic debut trailer. That's something I made in 5 minutes, recording from the point where the round started, to the point where I died. It's gameplay, not a trailer to build a false impression of the mod. If you do want a trailer, here is one made 2 years ago, using outdated content. The maps were built off of picture data and satellite images. You get the same amount of paths as the 82nd airborne did. I'm happy that more people are not like you, because if it was the other way around, nobody would make mods because so many people would be so overly critical and unappreciative. Youa re not being charged for the game, you are not being forced to download it. So either try it, or shut your trap, because all you are doing is killing it for others.[/rant] -------------- As of now the game is a bit empty. It's still in an alpha stage, so the devs prefer to keep it on the down low (gee, I wonder why ) . But as I said, if you try and like the mod don't heistate to join the community. The dev team is also looking for experienced developers (namely animators) and they have openings for it. There is also another new and original feature I forgot to mention - A real time "moral system." That affects your steadiness of aim, and perception, and your overall combat effectiveness. Killing enemies and sticking with your squad mates improves you moral, though seeing a teammate die, killing a teammate, being fired at, and "lone wolfing" will reduce moral. This system rewards intelligent playing, and punishes stupidity.
  14. hypno toad

    Resistance and Liberation - Realism WW2 mod

    It's not a quantum game. You can only take one of the many paths at one time, silly. Which is why you registered it as point a to point b. The maps are large, and non-linear. So they have many paths to different objectives. It's more like point A, to point A1/2, to point C. After capturing point C, swing back with your squad to attack point B from behind, where bravo squad meets up with you, and you send fire team alpha to set up a machinguns at point C, after which fire team bravo moves to the left flank of point D, and the remaining troops attack point D from the front. The next round, the Germans are better prepared, and you have to re-think your attack plan. Maybe if you played it rather than judging a gameplay video, you would have enjoyed it. BTW, for those of you who actually tried it, and want to reduce the crashes, simply install this (follow the instructions) it helps to solve a lot of the crashes, and will make it easier for the developers to identify any that do happen. http://forum.resistanceandliberation.com/showthr....t101817
  15. 16v16 should be standard. A 360 cannot handle more than that. though BI dedicated servers should b able to have 32v32 and maybe 64vs64