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  1. harley 3 1185

    Rambo 4!!!

    Without the late Richard Crenna as Colonel Trautman, a Rambo film just isn't going to be the same.
  2. harley 3 1185

    Sniping-Jacks Mapfact Nogova2

    I just installed the island, then got this when OFP tried to load and CTDed; I removed all trace of the island from my OFP folder and still it keeps coming up with this. Any ideas as to why? I know for a fact that I'm not out of memory... Cheers,
  3. harley 3 1185

    The Middle East part 2

    I'm fully aware of the Balfour Declaration - Balfour, being a Tory happens to be one of my particular heroes. Â I'm sure you won't disagree when I say that the end result in 1948 certainly didn't live up to what anyone could have reasonably expected of it. The problem is there are alas far too many Israelis who would disclaim the British role in a) liberating Palestine from the Ottoman yoke, b) making a Jewish homeland a political if not a practical eventuality and c) conveniently putting down two major Arab revolts in protest against Jewish immigration which opened the way for the Jewish terrorist groups which provided a remarkably long-lived political and military cadre in the state of Israel. Must say I wasn't aware of Chaim Weizmann's claim to fame as a chemist. I new of him as a ranking Zionist in the lead-up to the formation of Israel, but i wasn't aware of his Cordite activities, which are very important due to my abiding interest in the WWI Royal Navy..
  4. harley 3 1185

    The Middle East part 2

    To Bernadotte, yes - we Brits left the Middle East in somewhat of a mess, but with good reason. The terror campaign waged against the Palestine Police, the Arab people and the British Army by the Jewish militant organisations (the Stern Gang, Irgun and Hagannah) pre-1948 was every bit as vicious and protracted as anything the United States Army has been facing in Iraq. I haven't read too many cases of the US Army HQs being demolished or US corpses being booby trapped. Face it - anything Hezbollah or sectarian fighters have been doing in the Middle and near East, the Israelis did it first. Having already put down two Arab rebellions in Palestine, and being emotionally blackmailed to create a "Jewish Homeland" in the wake of the holocaust, can you blame the British government for putting the matter before the UN? To Bordoy...Seeing as the FAA no longer has any Jets in active service, it would make sense that in the event of need the RAF would supply Harrier Jets for carrier service. I might check with someone to see whether FAA pilots are checked out on conventional Harriers...
  5. harley 3 1185

    The Middle East part 2

    It's interesting how the BBC stated that the <i>Illustrious</i> was armed with helicopters and "fighter-bomber" aircraft on her tour to the ME. Â Imaginary fighterbomber aircraft perhaps...of dubious use against real militants and/or the IDF. Edit: I see that in the few days since Illustrious was first slated to head to the Lebanon, the BBC has amended it's little "fleet" page to say that she <i>can</i> carry Harriers. Pity the RAF pilot who might be ordered to go aboard...
  6. harley 3 1185

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Royal Dutch Shell is one of the largest oil companies in the world, owns the rights to the Texaco brand and currently has its U.S. headquarters in Houston, Texas. It's the second most profitable oil company in the world, and you're saying it doesn't exist anymore? You are quite right however to complain about the vernacular involved in that "message from the President".
  7. harley 3 1185

    The Iraq thread 4

    Four people have died in the unrest around the crash site, including two children. An AFV and troops were targeted by Iraqis with petrol bombs. "A disturbing development" says the BBC. Disturbing, but not exactly unprecedented or unexpected.
  8. harley 3 1185

    The Iraq thread 4

    If the Army/Defence Department thought it was so important, I'm sure that they would have arranged a bigger showing than a Major-General in Iraq. It's the kind of thing which of any true significance would have been shown at a briefing in Washington, D.C. Sounds to me as if someone just slung it into a to-show pile rather than it being a conscientious attempt at propaganda.
  9. harley 3 1185

    OFP History?

    The 60th Anniversary of Operation Barbarossa. The German war with Russia lasted four years. Â OFP has lasted longer, and is slightly more fun. Have you tried Googling? Â It produces all kinds of interesting results (granted, some Elite info) when you type in "Operation Flashpoint history".
  10. harley 3 1185

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    It's a well-known fact that whilst being a good source of news, the Guardian is a true left-leaning newspaper. That's Left, not Liberal. To my mind, the former is the worse, whilst in the U.S. the latter term is affixed to anything on the left like a dirty word.
  11. harley 3 1185

    Rush Limbaugh arrested on drug charges

    Whose dirty laundry are you referring to? The Docherty and Snoop Dogg incidents occured in the UK, where the Crown Prosecution Service is lethargic at best. You have to admit, when some DA goes after somebody in the States, you know about it. Here, some penpusher will eventually make a recommendation and eventually something might make it to the courts. Imagine The Office with failed lawyers, and you have the prosecuting authority of the United Kingdom.
  12. harley 3 1185

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Senate in an appropriations tangle The Republican Party seems to be having a right old time in the Senate. They've forced nearly $2bn from the sum earmarked for Iraq to go towards improving Border Security. Somewhat more controversially they've also allocated nearly a billion dollars towards the relocation of a Mississippi railroad, even though the original line was repaired after Katrina for substantially less taxpayer money. The President is being petitioned to stem the tide of appropriations.
  13. harley 3 1185

    The Iraq thread 4

    As much as I would like to see George W. Bush and his entire cabinet resign, it's definately not going to happen. Â No precedent, and in an election year to boot. Not being critical, sarcastic, condescending or anything Walker, but how would you turn the situation around? Â The Coalition's war in Iraq is finally winding down, but there'll probably be a bloody anticlimax. Â A substantial force to train and equip the Iraqi forces is still needed in Iraq but will probably prove politically unacceptable to Democrats and Republicans, as well as Iraqis for that matter, alike. The problem is, what part will Iraq play should the situation in Iran play out? Â Will it be a "buffer" state to protect the so-called Moderate Arab oil states or will it be an almighty jumping off point for an incursion into Persia? Â The Bush Administration no doubt has something godawful planned on Iran in light of the upcoming UN Security Council meeting. 3 years on now since the invasion of Iraq, I was rereading my copy of "Colossus" by Niall Ferguson, analysing the "American Empire" and how Iraq fit into US foreign policy. Â Writing two years ago, not too long after the invasion, Ferguson wrote that America invaded Iraq and meant to leave as quickly as possible "and unlike every other power in history, America actually means it". Â What can I say? Â Mr Ferguson, a noted British historian now leaving in New York City, is a naive little ####. Â Sure the troops and the supporters at home may want to leave quickly, but they're not the ones giving the orders.
  14. harley 3 1185

    The Iraq thread 4

    No offense, but how the hell can a website created by a bunch of people devoted to helping Israel every which way they can be considered any less biased than the AP? Indeed, America's patience is growing thin. Except unlike Vietnam they have no strong puppet to blame - only their brave misguided attempts at creating a democratic government under fire which is not the best way to solve any problems. The United States, and Britain, should realise that any problems are Iraq are essentially of their doing, and that no amount of posturing with the new political leaders of Iraq is going to remove that responsibility. Iraq will either deteriorate or improve, commensurate with the level of aid and committment from Washington or London.
  15. harley 3 1185

    "Grad" ?

    Before the mods jump in, speak English!