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  1. I would like to edit the weapons and equipment available in the rhib. Because even though i have description file with all the choices i get no players under the group heading so I can not choose them. I have narrowed it down to using mygroup=group this; which I need for a pick up. So I would like to have weapons options on the boat ride in. If anyone knows how to correct the above problem that would be better but i would settle for having the rhib be carring them. thanks
  2. Basically how do you use the custom squad? Im using the arma editing tool. thanks
  3. grimmmammoth

    using custom squad in arma edit

    srry I meant custom unit using the arma edito tool. But I figured it out .Thanks for the help.
  4. I have added a briefing and notes you can see them but under group it is empty. And the gear that i have added you cannot pick. The Respawning works like it is set in the description.ext. These things work in other missions i have created. So the one thing that is different is I used myGroup = group this; So did this change something? Or what could it be? The mission works fine but i want to be able to chose from the gear I've added
  5. Ok I have a Rhib come pick us up after a mission. I know how to have it wait until we all get in using  "in boat' in the condition and it works if all of us get in but if one or more die then it doesn't work because i it set to have all of us get in. So how can i set it so say the current team leader gets in and then it goes to the next way point. Or how do you set it so that if the remaining squad (no matter how many get killed)all get in it activate the next waypoint?
  6. Thanks guys it worked great!!!
  7. srry reading it agian you told me how to do it thanks. I will try that. will it get rid of the error message from fasad's script? Thanks again guys This is my second day at this and I'm learning alot
  8. ok where do i go to edit the init. im only saving this so far in user missions.
  9. Ok I tried that and it said ==: Type array excpected number ,string,object,group ..... Also do i need to name the group "myGroup" and does the boat have to be named "myvehicle' Thanks for the help I appreciate it.
  10. so for this example the code would look like ?
  11. I tried the code but it didnt work is the boat name simple "boat" or does it matter? And soes it need to be three lines or can it be one long line? Im new at this can you tell
  12. could you show me a specific script for this as an example please ?
  13. I know how to edit the Description file to allow respawns but when I save my mission to multiplayer there is no description file to edit. So I'm always in the Bird default. What am I doing wrong and how can I allow GROUP respawning to my mission? Thanks
  14. grimmmammoth

    Respawns in simple coop missions

    Thanks guys for the help using that tool you directed me to it's all going well. Plus the tip on the .sara and .intro helped, it would have taken me awhile to figure that out lol. Why .intro for rhamadi? oh well thanks
  15. grimmmammoth

    Respawns in simple coop missions

    this mission has a .sara tag Is there not a simple way to save multipler settings as basic a repawns?
  16. grimmmammoth

    Respawns in simple coop missions

    ok I know what you mean and i went there but none of the missions have a description file to edit even before I save it to mp .
  17. Hi guys where can I find tutorials or a teaching guide to learn how to script. I know absolutely nothing about it so I need to start with basics. Thanks
  18. grimmmammoth

    Where can I find a script learning tool

    Thanks alot I will check that out. It seems there is a lot of stuff for intermidiate type scripters but for raw newbies It seems hard to find the "see john run" start at the begining stuff . thanks again