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  1. Thank you OpusFmSPol for the very detailed report! I will fix the error for the next version of CorePatch! Thank you again! ;) goliath86
  2. The two bugs, reported by Schatten: Error in expression < _spawn = [] spawn {}; while {alive _uav} do { waituntil {waypointdescriptio> Error position: <_uav} do { waituntil {waypointdescriptio> Error Undefined variable in expression: _uav File CorePatch\CorePatch_UAV\data\scripts\uav.sqf, line 148 Error in expression <oints"}) exitwith {}; if ((count units _uav) > 1) then { [driver _uav] join grp> Error position: <_uav) > 1) then { [driver _uav] join grp> Error Undefined variable in expression: _uav File CorePatch\CorePatch_UAV\data\scripts\uav.sqf, line 128 Are related to a BI UAV Module not synced to any "uav" unit. It is not a code's bug but a mission's bug. Anyway I will introduce few changes on the script to terminate it in case a "uav" unit is not synced to module and a "hint" message that will advise user(s) of the error.
  3. Thank you Schatten for reporting! I will fix those errors ASAP
  4. Thank you for reporting OpusFmSPol! I have fixed the issue and will be included in next beta branch ;) Thank you again!
  5. Thank you malau! I've inspected the .pbo and it seems ok; there is no ACR dependency inside it. I've already uninstalled completely the ACR DLC and started A2:CO with you're corepatch.pbo file without any errors. Now I have to know which mod you use with A2:OA and if there is, somewhere, inside one of the A2 folders or any other mod folder, another corepatch.pbo file. Also, try to start A2:CO without DayZ mod and see if the error still there. Thank you!
  6. Malau please, can you provide me the corepatch.pbo file that you can find in your Expansion\addons folder? Thank you!!
  7. It should be ok now with the latest beta patch of A2:OA (as 10/04/2015) ;)
  8. Sorry SaMatra but I'm a programmer not a modeler. I have no idea how to modify a model, I'm very sorry :( ---------- Post added at 21:55 ---------- Previous post was at 21:52 ---------- I don't use these commands so I don't know if they stopped working but I am sure that CorePatch has nothing to do with them ---------- Post added at 21:56 ---------- Previous post was at 21:55 ---------- Same reply as for SaMatra: unfortunately I'm not a modeler so I have no idea how to fix models, sorry mate
  9. ArmA 2 OA Launcher by goliath86 http://www.deltalasertag.it/dlt/uploads/varie/Launcher_Goliath_1.jpg (115 kB) http://www.deltalasertag.it/dlt/uploads/varie/Launcher_Goliath_2.jpg (120 kB) http://www.deltalasertag.it/dlt/uploads/varie/Launcher_Goliath_Browser.jpg (181 kB) I want to share with the ArmA 2 OA community this my simple launcher. It is like any other ArmA 2 Launcher with some little differences: First it is fully compatible with Steam. It starts ArmA 2 OA with mods without the commandline -mods= but, instead, it write the selected mods directly in the ArmA2OA.cfg file as if you have activated the mods from the internal game menu Expansions. Then it has a window with many launch parameters (like you see in the second image above). And finally it has a fully working server browser for ArmA 2 OA. This still a WIP cause I have to implement some more functions but it works! It has a setup file because it is a ClickOnce application so it automatically updates itself, whenever an update is available, at launch. ArmA 2 OA Launcher It is tested under Windows 7 x64 In case of suggestions, bugs and or problems, use this thread to inform me! Enjoy goliath86 Credits: - betson at codeplex that provide the fantastic QueryMaster.dll library for the server browser - [TS] Tornado Squad Italia that provide me support and testing
  10. A newer version of CorePatch ( is available on first post: - Fixed few "Undefined variable.." remaining bugs - Fixed Bitter Chill mission lag (thanks to OMAC for support) - Changed Garbage Collector Module: now it doesn't automatically collect not alive objects when it starts, for default. If you want to activate the "auto-collect" feature you have to set the "auto" variable of the module itself (ex. BIS_GC setVariable ["auto", true, true]) If this version of CorePatch is stable (no more regressions), it will be included in the ArmA 2 OA Final Patch from BIS. Now I'm collecting all the name of people that helped me and/or that give me the permissions to use their mod/script/work in this addon. If someone does not want that their work/script/mod and/or name to be included in CorePatch before the release of the Official ArmA 2 OA Final Patch, please, contact me in private, thanks! All the names of the authors, that will be included in CorePatch, will also be present in the ArmA 2 OA Final Patch credits, as BIS told to me. There will be no more versions of CorePatch until official ArmA 2 OA Final Patch will be released or regressions will be found on this version of CorePatch. Thanks to all those who supported me in this project! goliath86
  11. Thank you OMAC for reporting! I'm resolving now this problem ;) Thank you ---------- Post added at 13:23 ---------- Previous post was at 13:19 ---------- Hi Markokil321! I've inspected those mentioned problems and it came up that they are related to dayz. I can't resolve bugs of dayz, sorry. Thank you again! ---------- Post added at 13:25 ---------- Previous post was at 13:23 ---------- Hi VoiceOfArmA! I don't think that this problem is related to a config change, so I can't resolve this bug cause I obviously don't have access to the engine source. Thank you!
  12. @LUMINAK: the error that you see is not dependant on CBA or any other addon. It is a script error and maybe not so important. To hide that "blank square", deselect the Show Script Errors parameters of the launcher and you should be ok! ;) ---------- Post added at 23:47 ---------- Previous post was at 23:42 ---------- You can deselect the -exThreads parameters because A2 OA can automatically detect the best value for your PC. The information of the pop up is grabbed from here
  13. Hi LUMINAK! Like DreadPirate said, you need to install the ACR MP Compatibility Patch (ACR Lite) in order to avoid that message with CorePatch. But is not a serious problem at all. For the CTD try to start ArmA 2 OA without any addons and using the steam shortcut to verify if it is a problem with mods or with the A2 OA installation. goliath86
  14. A newer version ( of CorePatch is available on first post. - Added CCP feature Nr. 63107 (thanks to defunkt for permission to use his Anzins mod): - Fixed BIS_MENU_GroupCommunication error on MP environment (thanks to Dimon): - Fixed BIS Garbage Collector Module error introduced with CorePatch (thanks to OpsuFmSPol): - Fixed some errors of MP Framework initialization with CorePatch: This is the last update of the CorePatch before the Final A2 OA patch. If someone encounter any bugs of this version of CorePatch, please report them in this forum ASAP so I can correct them. Thank you all guys for supporting this little project! :D Regards, goliath86
  15. @OpsuFmSPol: it was a problem with the Garbage Collector Module with auto-initialization enabled (introduced with CorePatch) that also was collecting empty group to delete them. Now I've introduced a Garbage Collector Module's variable that enable/disable the collection of empty groups for deleting them. For default now it is disabled to maintain compatibility with ArmA 2 Campaign and Missions. Thank you OpusFmSPol!! goliaht86
  16. Thank you OpusFmSPol for reporting! I will surely further investigate on this problem! Thank you again for your very detailed report!! ---------- Post added at 13:32 ---------- Previous post was at 13:06 ---------- @OpsuFmSPol: I think that I've corrected the problem right now. I will do some more testing then I will publish the next version of CorePatch! Thank you!! goliath86
  17. 1. To modify modules files, with CorePatch you have to insert in the mission even the relative CorePatch folder. In your example you've inserted the ca\modules\Silvie\data\scripts and with it you have also to insert the CorePatch\CorePatch_Silvie\data\scripts folder and modify the files you want. 2. Can you give me the mission, please? Thank you so much! goliath86
  18. Ok! I've solved the problem with the BIS_MENU_GroupCommunication on MP clients and some more errors! Thank you Dimon for your support!! :D goliath86
  19. To try to solve this problem I need a dedi server that I don't have :(
  20. CorePatch doesn't modify in any manner the BIS_MENU_GroupCommunication variable and/or its related functions. I've checked and rechecked many times today but I've found nothing. I've tested you're mission and it spam the .RPT with this messages (with and without CorePatch):
  21. You're right, Dimon. It was an error in the config.cpp of the MTVR introduced with latest version of CorePatch and not dependent from ACE. Now I've fixed it and tested even with ACE and all works fine (MTVR are still present!) Thank you for reporting!!
  22. Sorry Dimon but I don' really understand what is the problem. Can you provide me some more detailed informations and eventually a repro mission? Thank you very much! goliath86
  23. Do you have the A2:CO compatibility MP patch ( ACR lite ) installed?
  24. I'm not really sure that CorePatch will be included in next last patch of OA. I'm only sure that I will try to continue to fix as many bugs as possible ;)
  25. Thank you flyingpig! I'm aware of that problem and I'm working on resolving it for the next version! Don't worry ;)