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  1. Hi Schatten! I'm aware of it..it happens because the ccp_at1.p3d model is not binarized..anyway I've solved it ;) Thank you for your support!! goliath86
  2. @OpusFmSPol: does it happens only on Warfare missions? Or even on other kind of MP missions?
  3. Hi DreadPirate! Can you point me out on a weapon with ACOG that actually works like you intended in game? So I can check those you mentioned ;)
  4. Thank you for reporting OpusFmSPol! I've found a dependency on OA modules.pbo inside the mission.sqm of "Manhattan" and I've fixed it but I can't find any reference at "uav_action.sqf" or "modules_e" script inside any of the files of the "Razor Two" mission folder. I will further investigate on it ;) EDIT: founded the errors and fixed for the next beta patch! ;) Thank you OpusFmSPol!!
  5. All these bugs are engine related and I can't do anything unfortunately :(
  6. Hi OMAC! It was at 1200m..but, for example, for the M230, according to this, the practical range is about 1500m..btw I've only changed the zeroing max distance, not the range of the weapon itself ;) Regards Goliath86
  7. New beta's changelog updated: 27/05/2015 Beta Changelog :cool:
  8. Updated first post with new beta's changelog (27/05/2015)
  9. Fixed for the next beta! THank you Opus! ;)
  10. Yeah, I've noticed it and already fixed for the next beta ;)
  11. Hi Groove! I don't think that the rangefinder can be added to those vehicles with a simple config change..but the zeroing function can be added
  12. All these bugs are now fixed on today beta release :cool: Thank you Groove_C!
  13. I've answered at your questions in red ;)
  14. goliath86

    The new 156mb Steam update.

    Like Opus said, I think you have to opt-out of beta branch and install the corepatch addon (download from armaholic or playwithsix). Otherwise you can contact one server admin or another player to give you the correct corepatch.pbo file and its relative signs. It's weird that some servers are on beta branch or adopts some addons without telling anything at players
  15. Hi ReconTeam! These beta patch is a collaboration between me, the community and BIS ;)
  16. Thank you OpusFmSPol! I will correct it ASAP ;)
  17. Thank you Schatten and Groove_C! I will check those errors! ;)
  18. goliath86

    The new 156mb Steam update.

    @malau: you are trying to join a server with an older version of corepatch (maybe the server is on an older beta branch than you) and corepatch does not require acr anymore so that pop-up error is due to server relying on an older beta branch or on an older corepatch.pbo
  19. Current A2 beta include all the fixed scripts of CorePatch. Now corepatch has only config fix and not more fixed scripts cause now they are in their correct original A2/OA .pbo file. Current A2 beta even include the first 4 Harvest Red fixed campaign missions! I'm aware of that error of warfare module on A2 beta. It is an error of the garbage collector. I will solve it for the next beta! Thank you! @Schatten: the corepatch link on the first post of this thread is dead cause I've deleted the .zip file on my dropbox because I needed more space on it. If you want to use it, you have to download corepatch from armaholic or playwithsix. Remember to use it only if you're not on beta branch of A2:OA!
  20. @OpusFmSPol:: Hi OpusFmSPol! Thank you for the fix for the Server_SupportUpdate.sqf file. I will implement it for the next beta branch! Regarding this http://forums.bistudio.com/showthrea...=1#post2934285, if the fix is not too complex and it does not insert new bugs, I would be really happy to implement it :D Thank you again Opus! @Schatten: Thank you for reporting Schatten! I've only a problem downloading that image: if I try to download it as a "Free User" on Mega, nothing happens :(
  21. Thank you Snake Man for reporting! I will surely investigate on it ;)
  22. Hi ReconTeam! Like Dwarden said to you some time ago: So I can't solve it, sorry. goliath86
  23. Thank you Schatten for reporting! Most of those errors are related to missions of the campaign. The only way to solve them is to debug and recompile the entire A2 campaign at once.
  24. Thank you Dimon for reporting! I've inspected the fn_findExtreme file and I don't see any script error. The error you have posted here, is attributable to the mission that use the BIS_fnc_findExtreme() function without any array passed as first parameter to it: This is from the fn_findExtreme.sqf: /* File: fn_findExtreme.sqf Author: Joris-Jan van 't Land Description: Returns the minimum or maximum value in an Array. Parameter(s): _this select 0: Array (array) _this select 1: Scalar (mode) 0: minimum 1: maximum Returns: Scalar (extreme) */ private ["_array", "_mode", "_extreme"]; _array = _this select 0; _mode = _this select 1; _extreme = _array select 0; ...... so if the array _array is not defined then the function throws the error that you've posted here. In conclusion, it is not a script error. Thank you again Dimon!! goliath86