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  1. 24/08/2015 - New beta patch changelog released
  2. goliath86

    can't respawn

    Try to opt-in on beta branch of ArmA 2 & ArmA 2:OA..that problem has been resolved on steam beta branch
  3. My mistake! I've forgot to fix even on A2:OA warfare2.pbo! Thank you OpusFmSPol! :cool:
  4. Hi Schatten and thank you for reporting! The commander's light of BTR-60 is a bug from the previous release of CorePatch. Model of BTR-60 need to be fixed in order to get the light turn on/off correctly. The same for the commander's light of BTR-90 (HQ). For the distance of the camera in 3rd person view it is a simple config change. The ir laser of the M4A1 HWS is a my mistake cause these rifles don't have the AN-PEQ so while adding the flashlight I've forgot to remove the IR Laser config value. I think I will fix these bug for the next release! Thank you! For the commander's seat in BRDM-2 I will check if I can do something ;)
  5. 20/07/2015 - New beta patch changelog released
  6. Thank you Seljumnik! BTW are you using the addon version of CorePatch (eg. downloaded from Armaholic) or have you opted-in beta branch of A2/A2:OA? And no, I'm not part of the development team. I'm only a programmer that love the ArmA series and with a lot of free time (unfortunately because I'm without a work for now ). And I have to thank all the people of the ArmA community that help me finding and fixing bugs.
  7. I think you mean the respawn bug that also affect all the warfare missions, am I right? If yes, this bug is already been fixed with CorePatch
  8. Hi Foxyy! To change the NVG compatibility with some optics you have to add an OpticModes class like this: class M16A4; class M16A4_ACG: M16A4 { class OpticsModes { class ACOG { opticsID = 1; useModelOptics = 1; opticsPPEffects[] = {"OpticsCHAbera2", "OpticsBlur2"}; opticsZoomMin = 0.062300; opticsZoomMax = 0.062300; opticsZoomInit = 0.062300; memoryPointCamera = "opticView"; visionMode[] = {"Normal"}; // No NVG and no TI opticsFlare = 1; opticsDisablePeripherialVision = 1; distanceZoomMin = 100; distanceZoomMax = 100; cameraDir = ""; }; }; }; Then you can change the visionMode[] entry to change the NVG compatibility of that specific optic Cheers, goliath86 ---------- Post added at 11:37 ---------- Previous post was at 11:26 ---------- Hi Mirek! I think that probably ACR Lite will be included in the A2:OA final patch but it is early to say this. For the rest, I'm working on fixing ACR DLC bugs, config/script/model related. I don't think that I will implement new model (like the Iveco, as you said) cause I haven't good skill on modelling (I have to learn a lot of things before trying to create a simple model), I'm sorry. I'm trying to do all my best to fix all the fixable of ACR DLC Cheers, goliath86
  9. Hi Seljumnik! I'm aware of this annoying bug but I think it is engine related and not fixable with simple config changes, I'm sorry :(
  10. 13/07/2015 - New beta patch changelog released
  11. Thank you Opus for the report! I've applied the fix you've mentioned for the next A2 beta release!
  12. Thank you for reporting Groove_C! For: It is an engine limitation. The zeroing feature can be set for turret and not for every single weapon of the vehicle so if a weapon has 3000m as max zeroing distance and can fire at that distance but in the same turret there is a weapon that can fire at 2000m max, this last one can be zeroed at 3000m but its zeroing is set to default when passing 2000m.
  13. New beta's changelog updated: 23/06/2015 Beta Data Changelog
  14. Thank you! But I can't download the file from the link you send me. I can't read Russian :D
  15. Hi Dimon! In relation to the problem you mentioned, is it a problem only on MP? Beta or non beta patch related? Thank you! ---------- Post added at 20:01 ---------- Previous post was at 19:58 ---------- @Schatten: I've fixed the RPT spam related to AK_107_kobra class..thank you!
  16. @Schatten: can you send PM me the mission, please? Thank you! EDIT: don't worry, I've reproduced it ;) Thank you anyway
  17. It seems that your server isn't fully on beta branch. Make sure you have opted in beta branch even on A2 and not only A2:OA
  18. It is a "problem" with all the A2 vehicles: if the driver is not the leader, he can't switch to the commander seat ---------- Post added at 22:19 ---------- Previous post was at 22:16 ---------- I can't reproduce the "AK_107_kobra" RPT spam. If you can send me a test mission or repro steps maybe I can take a look on it. For the BTR-90 and BTR-90 HQ I think that there's a problem on memory points of the models.
  19. New beta's changelog updated: 15/06/2015 Beta Changelog
  20. Perfect..so we have to find a way to solve this gamebreaking issue for the A2 Warfare Module, if possible
  21. Outstanding report OpusFmSPol! So I'll wait for your tests to see if the issue is WF only related or not. If it is, maybe we can try to find some scripting workaround for the A2 Warfare module.
  22. Yes, I've saw it too and I've toned down the brightness for the next beta release ;) Thank you!
  23. The "Object not found" .rpt message is frequently spawned on OA when in MP environment. I'n not sure if those can be the culprit of the errors of A2 WF MP. Are you sure that the JIP error is only on warfare module of A2? Is it present even on A2 stable or only on beta? Thank you for your support OpusFmSPol! ---------- Post added at 15:35 ---------- Previous post was at 15:30 ---------- Hi PiZZADOX! Are you using some kind of sound mod? Does it happens only on a specific server or in every server you've played? Thank you!
  24. New beta's changelog updated: 05/06/2015 Beta Changelog
  25. Thank you Opus for this very interesting and detailed report! Does this happens only on A2 and not on A2:OA and A2:CO? Does this happens only on beta or even on stable branch?