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  1. goliath86

    FFUR/SLX 2007

    I've installed the FFUR/SLX mod and the first thing i've saw is that AI is less smart than the previous version of the mod.AI soldiers take a lot of time to aim at you (they slowly look around in standing position in search of you even if you are standing in front of they in an open field at 20 meters from they and even if you are shoot at they).I understand that this give you longer battle but it's a little unrealistic. I prefer the AI of the previous version of this great mod.
  2. I can't convert config.cpp by williams1 to bin..i used cpp2bin found in ffur2007 but it gaves to me some errors..williams, can you post the bin file please???
  3. Hi guys! Anyone can tell if SLX can run with the new ffur 2007? I've tried but without success...if anyone can help me please.....
  4. goliath86

    FFUR 2007

    Hi guys!! Great work TB!! FFUR 2007 is amazing!! but i have a question...is it possible to use SLX with ffur2007?...it gives more realism to the already good gameplay of ffur2007....