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  1. Just cleared 14 messages, try again

  2. super best buddies nao!

  3. Arrrooooooooooooooo!

    Richard Nixon to the rescue!

  4. herp derp. That is all

  5. The world... we shall troll THE ENTIRE PLANET!

  6. My dad is french canadian, I don't really speak it myself.

  7. Thanks, I thought it was pretty suitable.

  8. any particular reason lol?

  9. foxxxxxxxxxxxers

    you contacted me?

  10. Get an avatar you punk

  11. this is why he got suspended:


    I believe he was trying to bypass securom on sprocket so he could play a day early. Was it worth it looooool

  12. where've you been bud, haven't heard crapshit from you!