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  1. gandalf the white

    OFP videography

    Break your OFP discs, now . Pierre, looks great! hope you'll find a way to make the (for example) landing of the choppers a bit more extreme (setvelocity maybe? to compensate for the AI's unnatural "tidy" landings) . EDIT: Also, if you need some "more human" shots I keep myself reccomended for online acting .
  2. gandalf the white

    Last mission in OFP(capture Guba) What did you do?

    I killed guba in UAZ because he was a triator and coulnt accomplish simple task - wipe out americans. Then as you know there was nuclear missle launch that destroyed everyting on those forsaken islands. After that WW3 starts and everybody is happy. nicked the Hind and used sir Guba as a free falling bomb on the SCUD, ironicly, he lived, after wich I pounded the damn thing with the rest of my men, mission failed.
  3. gandalf the white

    Last mission in OFP(capture Guba) What did you do?

    hey look! another thread about the last mission !
  4. gandalf the white

    FDF Mod - UAV Training.

    It had to do something with the object ID of the gate. this was multiplied somewhere, or changed. either way: easy way to fix this is for SOMEBODY to dePBO the mission, change the object Id in the trigger, and re-pbo it. ...pity for you guys I am working on something else now .
  5. gandalf the white

    Statistical Recording System Of Some Type

    Wouln't work. Why? OFP also has missions that dont involve killing (Ie racing) , or have coop missions where you have to lie in ambush for ten minutes or something. Plus, we don't use respawn in allot of (coop) missions. In short: OFP is too complex to find a way of measuring how "good" you are. Plus, there is no reason why you cannot pick up a anti-tank rifle. the point is that YOU have to learn to use it, not your ingame muppet. good example of this is learning to use grenade launchers, or new AT weapons. etc.
  6. gandalf the white

    OFP videography

    What's that boring dude? This guy spent more than 30 days 5 hours a day to make this movie, with no offense...I'm not sure that 'boring' would be quite enough to argue about your point of view. Regards TB84 Even if he spend four years developing that movie my judgement would still be thesame: to me it was over five minutes of setacctime 0.2 / explosions, it just got boring after awhile . Ofcourse, Pierre can do with it whatever he wants, allot of people like his videos, so maybe it's just Breaker and me .
  7. gandalf the white

    Armed Assault trailer

    This trailer was something for a zcech studio, I doubt Bohemia planned to release it all over the world. I wouln't even call it a trailer, more like a teaser. like those short pre-OFP movies.
  8. gandalf the white

    OFP videography

    five and a half minutes of looking at slowmotion special effects... not special. with the exeption of the AAA tracer scenes, wich I liked because they reminded me of a different movie! (RA2yr intro), wich I am sure wasn't your goal . all in all: boring.
  9. gandalf the white

    Armed Assault trailer

    About the waves not appearing in the water: On a screnshot (scanned from the magazine) I can also see the waves at the sea stopping suddenly (at about 300 meters). so I think it has got to do with drawdistance. Btw, anybody noticed something "different" from the way the corpses fall when the tank explodes? (video) . they're thesame, yet a bit more.. I don't know, shaky? maybe it's the animations redone, maybe it's hardcoded that the "death" animations make some small random movements . No ragdoll though.
  10. gandalf the white

    Armed Assault trailer

    this program is perhaps better if you dont want to install software: just drag / drop any media file to the player.exe and you're done .
  11. gandalf the white


    FDF's smoke script + a chopper always made my pain go away . Would love to see something nice implemented
  12. gandalf the white

    Desert-Rat Addons

    Then do a V1 with basic config ( Philcommando will be jumping for joy to help out I think), and see if you ever make a V2. Good luck!
  13. gandalf the white

    StarWars Addons by Acacyn

    Looking like it's supposed to: great . I have developed my own concept for "space" in OFP. i'll contact you or Specop (or Philcommando) tomorrow . EDIT: just one thing: If you can spare it: some snow textures on the concrete base of the structure .
  14. gandalf the white

    dynamic optics

    It is semi-possible for OFP craft to have dynamic indicators on the "sight". why semi-possible? well, DKM did it, here's how (as far as I could see) They made the "V" sight simply zoom the screen IN a bit (like with the jeep MG) , so it looked trough the accurately modelled and working HUD.
  15. gandalf the white

    OFP videography

    if Smer4 is anything it's confident . So for clarification, anybody can participate, and we have... how many weeks time?