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  1. So I'm good the way I am? Just wanted to make sure I wasn't supposed to be using an argument to a function, and I'm doing something that might break later.
  2. I'm new to this tool, blender AND python but I already managed to make an automated command line builder for generating 2000 different sized in game roadsign models! Kudos to Alwarren. I've got one question - the only way I could see in code to set vertex weight was by doing it through the window manager context prior to using distmass(), i.e. bpy.ops.object.mode_set(mode = "EDIT") bpy.data.window_managers["WinMan"].armaGUIProps.vertexWeight=100.0 bpy.ops.armatoolbox.distmass() bpy.ops.object.mode_set(mode = "OBJECT") but this feels a little "hacky" - I tried supplying distmass with the mass as a numeric argument, and while it didn't bitch, it didn't do anything at all. Am I doing it right, or is there a "proper" way of doing this? It's the only place in my code where I had to resort to using window_managers.
  3. I'd just like to chime in here and say CentOS 7 64 bit, CUPS terrain core and that's it. Same problems as you guys have been having, hanging just before selection screen in a mission. I tried the limits but it didn't change anything. Couldn't find anything anywhere with the same problems except on this thread. Is this all of the linux arma servers with CUPS? I had a similar issue just loading RHS. idk what on earth is going on, logs are all blank on this issue. I can confirm turning off BE on the server "fixed" it. But this isn't the best fix ever.. has anybody raised a ticket? Do we need to upvote something? :)
  4. gigglebok

    Linux Servers

    Hi, I already run a linux gaming server for arma3, are there any plans to make the Argo server binaries available for linux? Arma3's Steam app ID for linux is 233780 - can I use that with some hacks, or is there a new app ID planned?
  5. gigglebok

    Connection lost...

    I play co-op LAN games from time to time with a friend. Never had a problem with 1.85 - but after upgrading to either 1.90 or 1.91 we always get the dreaded "connection lost" syndrome. Re-installed OFP back to 1.85 by wiping clean OFP (pain in the backside - three CDs and getting all the addons back in) and guess what - everythings OK again. And it's nothing to do with any of the addons - even a plain vanilla resistance upgraded to 1.90/1 dies a horrible death on our LAN. 1.85 is fine. You tell me. I'm sticking with 1.85 until OFP2 come out - if it's true that 1.91 is as far as BIS go with OFP1! Both machines are running win98SE - could this be the common demoninator? (it certainly can't be a router issue - the packets aren't going anywhere except across the carpet!
  6. gigglebok

    Project ofp internals

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (der bastler @ Jan. 01 2003,19:13)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Problem of the format description I have: it's rather unprecise! It says terrain information is packed but it doesn't provide information about the type of compression. PCX-like? LHZ?<span id='postcolor'> I do not have a clue either about how the TERRAIN works at the moment, but Zwadar's docs are quite helpful about how the OBJECTS work, which is the bit we should look at. I've managed to tie together the docs by looking how wrpedit is adding objects and examining the before and after .wrp files. The object name list towards the bottom of the file is not encrypted - neither is the object placement list underneath that ( although after trying to decode those pesky X Y Z co-ordinates, you would think they were! ) It is fairly trivial to add to the object list, the wrputils program I mentioned in the previous post does just this. It may also give you a short term fix for foresting, but it sounds like you want the works really - roads, runways, houses, trees..... It is a tragedy that all the hard work done by OFPinternals on wrpedit has been thrown away, and an even bigger tragedy that the project was not open source on sourceforge or similar so we could *all* continue to improve it, as had happened in the past with other community written game editors like doom and quake. But also, if those guys could put together wrpedit, then why can't all of us OFP fans who can have a go at coding come up with the same thing, but better? Maybe we need to start rounding up a posse, it's something to do while we wait for visitor! l8r gigglebok
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    Project ofp internals

    Have you checked out wrputils? don't bother with the foresting stuff, because it still suffers from the hanging over the edge of gradients problem, but use the "throw rocks" feature instead. Once you have "thrown" 10,000 or so, go into wrpedit and replace the rocks (skala stuff) with SINGLE bushes/trees. Good point is that you can make a TIFF mask to only populate certain areas, i.e. no sea, below the tree line (make a screenshot in wrpedit showing contours then do a fill operation in paint!. Bad point is that the random seed generator appears to restart at the same point, so multiple iterations of the program double up the objects at the same coordinate. I'm a "C" coder with some GIS experience, so if you're thinking of making an open source project which we can all add to, let me know. I'll roll up my coding sleeves and get stuck in! The only wrp format docs I know of is the stuff done by zwadar back in October 2001. Do you know of any later, more precise documentation, or do we get stuck into the wrp files? l8r, Gigglebok