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  1. The what kind of courses now? I only see 5...

    no idea, maybe there is no more courses in AA3, but as I remember in AA2, to play some maps (f.e SF Sandstorm), you had to pass additional courses (in this case Special Forces training).

  2. New patch and... new issues. :(

    The game now freezes while "LOADING TRAINING MISSION" or just after click "PLAY TRAINING" (Phase 1 - RED): link. Downloaded and patched via Steam (that AA3Deploy thing was a total failure).

    I could get it to work only once (training mission) and what can I say is the sounds, weapons and animations are amazing. :ok:

    I just tried it and explored a few of the levels. The graphics dont even come close to the first stalker but the frame rate is low and the game feels very jerky.

    Interesting. for me AA3 performance is excellent (got constant 60 fps with everything set to max). You probly confuzed America's Army with ArmA. :icon2:

    And 1 more thing - these stories of the AA Development Studio Closed is a total bullshit. They just expanded their studio and moved it to the other place: source. Besides they still work (on a next fixes), so dont spam the forum with dubious bullshit crap like this.

    I get kicked from most servers, but other than that it works good.

    Make sure you've passed proper courses (some missions may need a Special Forces or Advanced Individual training). Also check your PunkBuster (pnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe must be working and allowed for communication).

  3. I hope so. Jets are almost useless without CCIP (...) Its ridiculouse really, like having M16 rifles without sights on them. Somebody please fix this.
    There is no impact point on the HUD in arma 2 with mk unguided bombs

    if this is a truth I'm really disappointed. Hope somebody can implement it in the future.

    The target rectangle will change like with any guided missiles and you may release the bomb. 100% hit. :D Same applies to the russian FAB bombs.

    well, this is a greater news :) but still not exactly what i expected :(

  4. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=71514&highlight=CCIP


    CCIP (Constantly Computed Impact Point) is one of the bombing modes where pilot doesn't need to lock on target (clip1

    . It may be used with unguided bombs like Mk82/84 (USA) or FAB-250/500 (Russia). It was a cool feature in Falcon4
    , LockOn (clip), or even Battlefield 2
    , and I wonder if this is implemented also in ArmAII? :386:

  5. confirm. the sound of bullets flying near your head is amazing and may cause a heart atack. additionaly, your accuracy decreases, so you can't hit anything while under fire. this makes suppresing fire very useful, so the game is much more cooperative than arma.

  6. Sorry Mr Fenix you obviously accidenly posted this in this thread. No problem :)

    I lol'd here too. :D maybe he was just dozy... ;) nevermind. well argh9R, I understand you fine. there is a huge mouse lag in ArmA1, that sometimes (especially with the AI presence) makes the game almost unplayble, even if you have 100+ fps. it makes movement and aiming very hard and nasty. I dont know this is poor AI algorithms or lack of internet optimisation, but definitely something is wrong with ArmA engine. I haven't played ArmA2 (not released yet in my country), but I really hope the problem was resolved. if not, there is only 1 way... OFP2DR :) (sorry Maruk, live is brutal ;))

  7. If you are running ANY cpu be it dual or quad core,the game (...) is limited by the cpu speed, if like me you are running multicores @ 3.8 ghz per core, in reality the game (as it sees it) is using a single 3.8 ghz cpu.

    This is not true. There is a significant difference between 1, 2 and 4 cores. Look at this thread (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=73663&highlight=multicore):

    Ok, here is my next batch of results. This time the CPU is running at the intended 3.4GHz. I did only test at 2 and 4 cores, as those are the most common configurations anyway. As usual my test are run twice to avoid HDD loading lag. The result you see is the second run.


    CPU - Intel Core2Quad Q6600 @ 3.4GHz

    RAM - 4GB DDR2

    GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 (896MB VRAM)

    OS - Windows 7 x64 RC

    Resolution - 1680x1050


    2 Cores - 2537

    4 Cores - 4342

    This time I also made CPU utilization graphs. On 2 cores we get almost 50% usage (50% line marked in red):


    With 4 active cores the performance improves a lot. But as you see on the "CPU - Total" chart, the CPU utilization is not going much higher than 50% (marked again in red):


    As you can see, there is about 100% increase from 2 to 4 cores.