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  1. Quick XDF Introduction *Australian group established in 2003 (Search forums for history) *No ranks or titles *Mix of with and without military backgrounds Guidelines - Discord, Teamspeak, Arma3 Server *Don't be disruptive to others *No illegal content or actions *Arma3 server available for public use outside scheduled event times Events *Regular organised missions that involve teamwork *We are always looking for Huey pilots from other groups *If interested in a joint op with us, contact us on our Discord Recruitment *No formal training, instead a practical learn as you go approach *Youtube is a great tool when looking for a suitable group *If interested in joining, contact us on our Discord, direct message any member XDF Server Information *Arma3 - Name: XDF UNSUNG VIETNAM | Discord.gg/phKkcJm *Discord - Invite: https://discord.com/invite/phKkcJm *Teamspeak - Address: xtremedefenceforce.teamspeak3.com
  2. foxhound xdf

    ArmAlib v1.0

    Since 1.16 beta patch recieve error message on launch: "Game executable does not match any known checksum (0x243685d0)"