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  1. Thanks Zaius. I will Brainstorm with it. See if I can get it to work with the Tow-Static or Heavy MG. Thanks and Greetings edo. Â
  2. Hello all. Do anyone no a good Deploy script for an Deployable Tow or heavy MG. The Tow or Heavy MG must be Deployable from an Jeep or an HMMWV or Car. And must be load-in and load-out of the car a couple off time's per mission. I have seen two scripts so far but they put a laggy thing to it. Â and lots of loops. So do anyone, none a GOOD Deploy script that is working fine. PLZ help me out. In front for any answer to it Really BIG Thanks. Â Greetings edo.
  3. Thanks AtStWalker  I have found 2 thing about it. GREAT GREAT and again GREAT. But there is a little thing with it. PLZ HELP ME OUT. I use now something New and this has a little Bug with it. The Loops will always go on even if you have deploy the MG. So I was wondering if this could be solved to? Do you have any Ideas on it.??? <span style='color:blue'>>>> The New script. Deploy <<<</span> The Deploy.sqs: Code: _truck = _this select 0 _someguy = _this select 1 _index = _this select 2 _pos = getpos _someguy _dir = getdir _someguy _truck removeaction _index titletext ["", "Black Out", 1] ~1 _mgun = "M2StaticMG" createvehicle [(getpos _truck select 0)-(sin (getdir _truck)*5), (getpos _truck select 1)-(cos (getdir _truck)*5), 1.05] _mgun setdir getdir _truck ~.5 titletext ["", "Black In", 1] #PackUp ~.1 ?(!alive _mgun): exit _truck = nearestObject [_mgun, "Truck5T"] ?(!alive _truck): goto "PackUp" ?_truck distance _mgun > 5: goto "PackUp" _load = _mgun addaction ["Load Machine Gun", "Load.sqs"] #Loop ?_truck distance _mgun > 5: _mgun removeaction _load; goto "PackUp" ?(!alive _mgun): exit ?(!alive _truck): _mgun removeaction _load; goto "PackUp" ~.1 goto "Loop" +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Load.sqs: Code: _mgun = _this select 0 _someguy = _this select 1 _index = _this select 2 _mgun removeaction _index _truck = nearestObject [_mgun, "Truck5T"] titletext ["", "Black Out", 1] ~1 deletevehicle _mgun titletext ["", "Black In", 1] ~1 _deploy = _truck addaction ["Deploy Machine Gun", "deploy.sqs"] #Loop ?(!alive _truck): _truck removeaction _deploy; exit ~.1 goto "Loop" +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The only problem I see is, those loops after the addaction will continue even after the action is used, Which means that if the MG-gun is Deployed and Redeployed continually there will be several of the same scripts looping, which may cause a slowdown. I am unsure on how to solve this at this point.??? Help, Help,Help. Do Some Of You have any Ideas on solving this issue on the loops problem. Or do exist there an better scripts for this thing???
  4. Hello all. ( I'm new here... Greetings to All) I have an question for you. And I’m really hopping that you can help me out with it. I’m building a new mission and stumble on one problem that I can’t fix. ( Because I don’t know how to do this. So help me out PLZ.)  The Problem: I want to place a MachineGun 12_7†static as cargo in to a Car or an Jeep or Hmmwv. This Machinegun stands on a tripod and haze to be handled with the mouse menu command [ Load out MG-Static] and [Load in MG Static]  till now it did end work. I read the bit on [ How to store Weapons in a Vehicle]  but this works only halfway. You can load out the MachineGun 12_7†But you cannot load the MachineGun 12_7†back in to the car. When you have to go to the next waypoint in the mission. I have skim most of the Ofp Forums about it. But there is almost nothing in there (Or I have mist it, it is really BIG) that explains this on how to do this. The only bit I have found so far is the bit on how to store weapons in a vehicle. And that is only working halfway. Now I’m hopping that some of you can help me out with this Problem. With Tips on it. And maybe some good links to site’s that it explains on how to do this. In front thanks and hopefully till hearings Greetings edo. and thanks again for any answer to it.
  5. edo

    Doolittle CTI

    Great work Doolittle But i have a wish, do you plan to make also an Single player version of it?? So that you can play against an enemy AI CO ?? (some what like CrCti or Mfcti) And can defeat the AI. in an game against the Pc it self. Instead of playing on the Internet. I'll hoop that you do. but if not so I'll keep wishing you someday do.
  6. edo

    Doolittle CTI

    Â euhm the download link is not working... How can you download this? you are already speaking of version 11. But I can't even download the first version of it. Can you give a link or something like that so that I can download it. ( And many others.) Or is this an closed version only? Well thanks in front