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  1. And the steam method is just buy the game again to get unbanned. It's not ment to stop hackers but to get more money.

    And what do you consider a good method, ban for 6 hours and then let them hack again?

    That's one of the strong points of VAC, you get caught and you get banned forever.

  2. I'm disembarking the witchhunt train now and'll return to other things...  pistols.gif

    IGI posted a preview including these lines:

    Quote[/b] ]

    IGN.com: For fans that absolutely loved the hardcore nature of the first game, then yes, I'm told there's a difficulty mode where one bullet can indeed ruin your life.

    Regarding realism and OFPs true nature they speak for themself

    That makes it sound like the game is gonna be arcade but with some hardcore mode for "few fans who loved ofp"...

  3. Floating zone is totaly useless and its better to disable it. It offers nothing... I think it might be useful in VBL (for training) but in a game it just makes it difficult to play.

    Not really. It's extremely useful when you play with crosshairs disabled as you can look through your sights without blocking any view by moving the gun down in a low ready position.

    You always know where the center of your screen is and you can make kills without crosshair.

    Floating zone takes ages to turn and makes it feel strange, compairing to everyother FPS games.

    Thats your main problem, ArmA is not your everyother FPS game and you should not expect it to be.