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  1. So before you attack.... take a step back and tell me what I am doing wrong or what I should be doing... because I am taking every precaution like sneaking up on them to using sniper rifles so I am far far away and its almost instant death from fire coming from the skies. Its not Fade I have a legal copy. I know that this is a very realistic simulator and have played this type of game for many years. But fair is Fair.

    It's because the AI cheats, nothing blocks their view, they know where you are everytime you fire a shot.

  2. This question is useless, simply get two games and play them both :yay: The player should choose which game to play, it's more about personal preference. You can't even compare ArmA 2 and OFP2.... OFP2 simply uses the fame of the name Operation Flashpoint, after the BIS released the first game. It's like asking "What does DCS Black Shark have that BF2 doesn't?" :pet1:

    That's exactly why i choose ArmA 2, because BIS always stayed true to the orginal. Look how many sequels are for money making these days and have nothing in common with the originals(Rainbox 6, Ghost Recon , Fallout, etc...).

    And then CM decides to make Battlefield: Dragon Rising and call it Operation Flashpoint...

  3. Evidently Codemasters' racing pedigree runs thick in the blood across its studio, as the automotive analogy is extended. For less skilled players there are a series of assists that work much the same as driving aids work in a racing game: this way, the AI – one of the game's strongest suits – is never compromised and instead players are given more tools to deal with the headstrong opposition. Masochists, of which this genre seems a magnet, need not pain themselves for fear of the game's dumbing down; for Operation Flashpoint's hardcore fanbase, it's possible to play with assists off, the interface reduced to a minimum with even the crosshair absent.

    Doesn't seem like Battlefield after all.

    Or in english: The game is focused on arcade and those few idiots who liked the original can play with their "hardcore" mode.

  4. I have a feeling that this game will be not so succesful.

    Just look at their forums, it will be successful. This game is what all the BF2 and CoD players wanted and they got it. Some even visit BIS forums and start asking about a fucking DLC or to make a new physics engine in a patch for Christ's sake...

  5. Texture Detail - Normal

    Anisotropic Filtering - Low

    Terrain Detail - Normal

    Objects Detail - Normal

    Shadow Detail - Normal

    PostProcess Effects- Low

    Fillrate - 100%

    Res 1680x1050

    C2D E8200 @ 3.2ghz


    4gb ram

    XP 32

    Score: 3088.2

  6. Thanks for more FLIR images, have you tested to see if this is a logic or part of the vehicle by default by chance? And could we by chance get some FLIR imagery of vehicles? (I loves me some FLIR)

    It's a logic - UAV. You place MQ-9 in flying position, then an UAV terminal from warfare buildings and yourself as a player, then synchronize everything to the module. Then get near the terminal and choose UAV from action menu.