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  1. 2 times, one when we lost all our weapons and fuel in vehicles and a hint message appeared "hacked by some group visit blablalba.com" and one where everyone in the server had a god mode and shit was exploding everywhere before the server crashed...

  2. So most of the servers are full of idiots now(same as with arma1 i guess), team killing, destroying everything, bulshitting and etc. I can only imagine what kind of impression this behavior gives to newcomers...

    So what are the best admined servers with most people working together you played on?

  3. 72;1308802']The reason it gets detected and shot down is because its too low in altitude' date=' but i tested telling it to go higher wich worked great until it "saw" an enemy on wich it started to descend by itself and wobble so i couldnt see anything and it got shot down as a result.[/quote']

    this setCaptive TRUE; this setCombatMode "BLUE"