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  1. Has the OP invested anything? Rented a server? Made a mod? Worked out how to turn his own crosshair off even? No. He'd just rather engage in uninformed whinging to the effect that it is up to BIS to force everybody to play as he would wish, what sort of reaction should he get?

    He probably expected something more than rambo missions with respawn to be played in a mil sim.

  2. That was when i just spent 50$ and trying to justify it.. Look at the numbers arma2 =dead... more people play bf2!

    Wow more people play a mainstream game. Incredible argument.

    ArmA2 won't die anytime soon. Not in the coming 5 years at least.

  3. Majority of the reviews from notable and respected reviewers are in the positive. Sorry.

    Majority of those reviewers never played ofp or any mil sim. Much like any of your notable reviewers having only played games released 2 years ago(anything older is considered old school and people who like those games are nostalgic) when they review any specific genre game. Sorry :(