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  1. Well i place them within the Natural Objects folder and then put them on the map... When they are close enough to each other they appear on the Map like on your second picture.

    Hope this helps...

    I think mine are close enough, but still they don't form a forest on the map :(

  2. Okay, maybe you misunderstood me. The forests in my map appear as made from single trees on ingame map, not like green blobs in any other map. So i read that this is how it works:

    Done automatically:

    a) as long as you place objects with Named_Properties 'tree'

    b) have enough vegetation next to each other

    Configuration in config:

    minTreesInForestSquare = 5;

    minRocksInRockSquare = 4;

    If forests work like this then i need to name all my trees?

    This is how it is now: http://i37.tinypic.com/2i0vey0.png

    and how it should be like: http://i36.tinypic.com/2621mix.png

  3. I'm new to map making and didn't know you need to name your trees to make them appear as forests in game map. Is there any way to name groups of already placed trees? Seems like you can only name objects one by one.

    Also the random object placer script doesn't copy over names from selected trees, so the only way to make forests is to copy/paste named trees?