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  1. [PAC] VOY

    Insurgent group looking for PvP Events!

    Hi. PolPot if You guys still looking for PvP check - www.arma-mace.com PvP, teamwork, fight under command, dedicated roles... Cheers, VOY
  2. Hi. Skruis great idea and thx for work but... We (players) cant use it in PvP or Tvt battles becouse on Your map we can see all markers. I mean I can see a markers (positions) of another side. Its no fair game then :) Maybe You can fix it? Cheers, [PAC] VOY www.arma-mace.com
  3. [PAC] VOY

    How repair a object?

    Do you test this in ArmA editor? I see some error mass.: fatal error: damage car [#]=> 0.5 Maybe You can make me small simple mission?
  4. I dont remember how it was in OFP. Plz help ppl. If hospital ( H1 ) is destroyed how I can repair this? I remember: H1 setdammage 0 but how was firt line? ( H1 getdammage >0.5 ? ) Thx for help me.