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    New VBS1 videos

    To be honest, I don't think its so huge. Yes, BIS is going to create all new models for game2, a much higher polycount, far better and advanced texture techniques, far more detailed vegetation. But thats all artist work, I don't think the technical features of game2 will be really that different as in AA. They'll upgrade the engine so its state of the art when its released (newer dx maybe), but AA already includes all necessary features: A faster. more modern core (allowing more detailed models for example), new textures (normal mapping), new features for island making (the forests for example), probably new physics (for vehicles etc), and maybe Dynamic Destructable buildings. Thats all graphic or physics in the end, AA is never going to look as good as it could because BIS is not redoing all the models for islands, troops, vehicles, thats saved for game 2. Now that the graphics engine has been actually built resp. updated, BIS can start working on the artistic part and especially on the new mission system and AI for game2, which are obviously tightly connected. This new mission structure is the hard part of development I'd say, a completely dynamic war isn't easy to program, and that is going to be the really new thing in game2. The graphics engine of course will still be enhanced so its state of the art, but its core is finished, and combined with ofp1 it gives us AA. This is the reason why I believe AA will or at least could contain dds. I hope they'll at least provide us with the technology, the community will surely do some island remakes with dds for all buildings.
  2. esti_the_big

    New VBS1 videos

    I'm kinda confused now... I mean, the video with dynamic destruction is something being developed for vbs1. Now, it seems its going to be dynamic - so its pretty sure going to be a change in the core of ofp or vbs1. I now read theres already something seîmiliar in development by falklands mod. but that seems to be using setpos commands, its heavy scripting, but not really dynamic. So you cant compare that with the DDS in the videos. But why is it so impossible to include dds in AA? Why can't or won't BIS just simply replace the ofp building models with the new dds building models, that doesn't mean they have to replace every house or object in the island, theres enough ways to solve this pratically. I mean, AFAIK the forests in AA will also be "destructable" meaning the trees can now be overrun (so the forest objects have been altered and enhanced) so why is it so impossible to have enhance buildings as well? And when it comes to damage with the cars, maybe BIS is doing some practical solution, maybe allowing both types of vehilcles in the game. The included vehicles in AA already have improved damage models, the community addons that will all work in AA simply won't have them except the authors edit the vehicle so it can benefit from the new damage model... And as said correctly above, BIS wants to prepare with AA the community for game 2. That means they might even want AA addons to be game2 compatible, and game 2 will obviously have big changes in physics. Game 2 vehicles will pretty sure have a very improved visual damage system. So its quite possible AA will already have the new damage features of game2. For me game 2 won't be really the great leap in graphics and physics, in the core elements of the graphics engine. To me, the big engine improvements of game2 are going to be in AI, scripting and especially mission and campaign structure. Most of the work is going into those, enhancing the ofp engine with better physics and making it more modern in terms visual aspects isn't nearly as much work as actually changing the whole structure of gamplay (hell, its going to be completely dynamic, thats the big amount of work BIS has to do...) So really, is it so uneralistic that dds and vehicle damage are going to be implented in AA?
  3. esti_the_big

    Dynamic Destruction System

    Just wondering if theres any hint on this. BIs military sim is having it implented, and since AA seems to be an enhanced ofp with vbs features, why shouldn't it be implented in AA as well?
  4. esti_the_big

    Dynamic Destruction System

    Fact is, the engine does allow destructable building, theres even a proof video floating around. And I do think BI has enough resources to model new buildings, I don't think that thats that big a problem, porting models and textures to a new model format which allows dynamic destruction. After all, even vbs will have it in near future.
  5. esti_the_big

    Dynamic Destruction System

    Pics show its in OFP2/AA2 for sure. But its already getting implented on VBS1, which is ofp1 engine... so Its technically perfectly possible to implent it in AA.
  6. esti_the_big

    Vietnam: The Experience

    Are you guys going to include some standard napalm effects? It'd be great if it were officially included in the package to reduce the addon numbers needed for 3rd party missions for your mod. AFAIK shoguns napalm effects are the best I've seen up to now...
  7. esti_the_big

    OFP2 and "armed assault" - what's up?

    I thought i read something about a "DDS" system introduced in some promo video for a new vbs1 addon. DDS for dynamic destruction system like in red faction or soldner or the announced enemy in sight, meaning blowing up holes in walls etc. that would require a new engine... maybe something for ofpaa or unnames new game?
  8. esti_the_big

    OFP2 and "armed assault" - what's up?

    is it possible that assumin codemasters and BI have parted, that codemasters are developing OFP2 now with some other studio? The pics we've seen on flashpoint1985.com are from codemasters new game, ofp2, they have the rights for that name and thus for that homepage. BI was owner of ofp2 homepage with tv, they parted from codemasters, they made a new site for their new game that was in development, theirs an auto-link to the aa site. the new game is called armed assault, maybe it was meant to be ofp2 1 or 2 years ago, but then the problems with codemasters started and they then parted, codemasters kept the name and started to mske its own ofp. i posted this thread a year ago... http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=39883 unfortunately, noone believed me... a year is enough time for codemasters to start the development of a new game and to get the graphics done like in those ofp2 pics....
  9. esti_the_big

    ECP 1.075...The countdown begins.

    is it possible to disable certain effects like the bullet shells coming out of the mg's?
  10. esti_the_big

    ECP 1.075...The countdown begins.

    is it possible to disable certain effects like the bullet shells coming out of the mg's?
  11. esti_the_big

    Invasion 1944 Info Thread

    those screenshots look incredible:O I hope you're effects will look as great as well! Are their going to be new animations?
  12. esti_the_big

    Vietcong Soldiers

    looks great! I do hope though that you implent dense jungles in the island with a lot of ground vegetation (not just tress, but bushes within the trees, smaller plants etc where vietcong can hide). They should be able to be hidden well in the vegetation!
  13. esti_the_big

    Winter Island

    will the island release include a mission?
  14. esti_the_big

    Unsung - updates

    do you have some newer jungle pics?
  15. esti_the_big

    Meekong Delta - The first Non-Alpha!

    I like the island, but there are some things that could imho be changed: First, I dont like the road textures. Its pavement, I think dirt roads would fit better into the vietnam island. And If you would change the roads to dirt roads, also make the forests tighter. It shouldn't look like if trees were cut down to make space for the roads. secondly, the trees in the forest dont have any collision model or similiar. I can walk through them with any soldier. I think you metioned it in the readme, but it's strange anyway.
  16. esti_the_big

    What are the best flying/piloting missions?

    check out the "ari training" mission on mapfact.net. Its under classic maps. Its wonderfully scripted, but the the thing that makes it special that theres no real shooting in the mission. Its training mission embedded in a story with a lot of unexpected things happening and even a system with highscores etc... its got a pretty high replay value as well!
  17. esti_the_big

    Unsung - updates

    that jungle looks fantastic! With the atmospheric sky and those ruins it might even surpass the Tonai jungle! Are there any bigger and higher trees on the island as well? (the three pics only show low trees...) And another question: How big is the island? I hope you didn't exagerate with poly and objects count such as happend with Tonai island? I appreciate that you keep to show us the progress of the mod... Keep it up! final question: The Unsung mod... is there any cooperation together with the old sebNAM Pack (I mean does it include the old sebNam units) or will it contain completely new material? I ask 'cus I loved the SebNam Huey, its my favorite even about 2 years after its release!
  18. This quote was taken from a big german games mag, they had it in their E3-report. It was an article about the "big" games that were missing at the E3 (Duke Nukem, GTA san andreas, gothic 3 and NFS2 Underground were also in the article): It's german, here's the translation: (PcGames Mag, issue 07/04 june) page 78, "star search topic") Well, german PC Mags are known to be the most objective and best made mags in any country at all (this aint a lie, its true, especially companies like the german mags for their objectivness. Germany is the 2nd largest PCgames market in the world, and the mags have an excellent reputation in the gaming industry & community and a lot of connections to companies). It's just a rumour, but it explains the absence of OFP2 at E3, the secretkeeping and the lack of information pretty well. And as I said above, german mags have a lot of connections because of their good reputation...
  19. esti_the_big

    New vietnam campaign

    I'm still a big sebNam lover.. I'm happy about every mission released!
  20. esti_the_big

    Ofp 1.5 join in progress "jip"

    I'd pay a 100 bucks for the graphics addons in OFP xBox and some new content from vbs1, especially the new islands...
  21. esti_the_big

    Ecp released!

    Hmmm... I've been away for some time now, I don't know how the ecp mod has been going along. Maybe a small question concerning the mod: How are the enhanced explosion effects now? Are they the same as in GMRs explomod, or are they only "similiar" or are they even completely different now? And if they're different, is there any possibility to run ecp together with GMRs explomod so I can have those explosions and debris effects instead?
  22. esti_the_big

    Unscripted war: vietnam pack

    Yep. It was rather still here for a while... Does anyone have a lifesign of the addon?
  23. esti_the_big

    Unscripted war: vietnam pack

    Wonderful screens. But I thought the island was to be relased on november the 30th. Now it's january, and not any news. Hows i going on with the island, when will it be released?
  24. esti_the_big

    Marine assault pack

    I can't getting the soldiers work with the bloodmod. I use the gmr mod with a blood mod bin-config, and I'm playing the game with 2 mod folders, one for the gmr explo mod and one for the USMC soldiers. target path of exe OperationFlashpoint\FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE -nosplash -mod=@USMC;@GMR_exploMOD if I start the exe and shoot down normal soldiers, they bleed. But if I shoot down a USMC soldier, he doesn't bleed. The pbo file of the blood mod is located in the GMR_exploMOD folder...
  25. esti_the_big

    Marine assault pack

    They don't care about that. Imho maybe you should add some own content to make them even a bit more unique... maybe some bigger intros, or something similiar. Are you guys going to release a SP mission pack for the soldiers. And whats the booster pack that wasn't included, as mentioned on your site?